Wednesday, 13 June 2018

World Book Day

In order to  encourage children to explore the pleasures of books and improve reading skills, I decided to become a partner of a teacher from Scotland on the eTwinning project celebrating authors, illustrators, books and reading. Since 20 February, 27 other teachers from Italy, Poland, Greece, UK, Slovenia, Romania, Croatia, Slovakia, Finland, Spain and Turkey have joined us with their students and shared different interesting activities.

This is just a glimpse of what we've done at school:
Made with Padlet
Our final activity was playing a Kahoot game:

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Stories Behind Traditions

With a Romanian colleague, I started a project for 8-14-year-olds where they would share the information about their countries, hometowns, schools, culture and traditions. Since December, 13 other teachers from Italy, Greece, Poland, Turkey, Georgia and Portugal have joined the project and shared interesting videos, tasty recipes and lovely photos of their traditional costumes.
Made with Padlet
Class VI1 even had a Skype meeting with their peers from Lubny, Ukraine. Although we had some technical problems, they enjoyed it a lot:

Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Fun characters

The moment I found out about Cambridge's competition calling learners aged 6-12 to create a character, draw their house and write what they like or don't like, I decided to print the templates and share them with my imaginative and artistic younger students.
Anja II2
Jovana II2
Lara II2
Leona II2

Luka II2
Mila II4
Milana II2
Vanja II4

Winning designs will be turned into illustrations by real artists and the authors will use them in the stories.

Monday, 7 May 2018

Story Competition

Two of my older students have taken part in the Cambridge Story Competition. They wrote and illustrated their stories hoping that it will be published online or in a book and shared with the children around the world.
Aleksandra Bajić VI1

Nemanja Vujin VI4

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Happy birthday!

Children like celebrating their birthdays, mostly because of the party and presents. With the children from Bulgaria and ex-Yugoslavia republics, my Class II1 joined the eTwinning project and made some birthday cards, sang songs and played different games.
I've even created an app to learn and/or revise birthday vocabulary.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

HIPPO 2018 Semi-finals

My Class 6 student Aleksandra Bajić took part in HIPPO 2 semi-finals in our school on 17 March. She tried to do her best at reading and writing tests, including the essay about the film she has recently seen, but they were too challenging for her to make it to the finals (Reading 36 + Writing 30 = 66/85).

Friday, 30 March 2018

My Dream School

My Class 2 pupils have taken part in this year's national contest My Dream School organised by Novi Logos, Klett and Freska.

First, we talked about schools, different subjects and classrooms. I asked them to share with the others what their dream school would be like. Then, in pairs or individually, they have drawn a room in their dream school.

Finally, we organised the drawings on large pieces of kraft paper, 1 for each class.



As I have been informed, all the works impressed the jury, but the board game of Class II1 won the extra prize - a blue bag with a green T-shirt, a notebook, a green pen and a diploma for each child.