Thursday, 28 September 2017

European Day of Languages 2017

This year we've decided to celebrate the European Day of Languages in a slightly different way. With the exchange of postcards between my students and the children around Europe, and a video greeting my students made as part of an eTwinning project, pupils and teachers from several schools had the opportunity to emphasise the importance of learning foreign languages at the central event on 26 September in our Regional Centre for Professional Development.

The programme was filled with songs and music. There were also some interactive games for the audience who showed a good knowledge of Internet slang and European languages.

As usual, the activity is in the Council of Europe's Calendar of Innovative Events. Voting is open until 20 October.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

Being a Good Classmate

My youngest pupils from Class I2 took part in the national contest organised by Novi Logos and OUP and won the first prize for their creative work! 

The whole class can't wait to go on a surprise trip and get their backpacks with readers.

Monday, 24 April 2017

Saving the Planet

My Class V3 pupils have taken part in the national contest organised by Novi Logos and OUP.  They've done a 3D poster on Saving the Planet.

Friday, 14 April 2017

HIPPO 2017 Semi-finals

Two of my Class 5 students Marko and Luka took part in HIPPO 1 semi-finals in Zrenjanin on 1 April. They tried to do the reading and writing tests, including the essay on free time, the best they could but, since the level of difficulty of all the questions was one level higher than the one in the preliminary round, they did not make it to the finals.

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Easter Picture 2017

This March, my 7-year-olds have participated in the 4th edition of the International Art  Contest called The Most Beautiful Easter Picture with English Wishes 2017. The contest is a part of the eTwinning project started by Polish teachers in 2014. 
The pupils' task was to draw an Easter card on A4 paper and write a short wish in English.
Milana I2
Lara I2
Jovana I2
Marina I3
Iva K, I2
Anja I2

Jovana I3
Ana I2
This year, children aged 6-12 from 11 different European countries have shared their Easter wishes. 

Saturday, 25 March 2017

HIPPO 2017 Results

Here are the results of the 5th HIPPO International Competition in English Language that took place on 4 March in our school:

Marko Mićić V3 (Reading: 40 + Listening: 30 = 70/70 points), semi-finalist,
Luka Mićić V3 (Reading: 39 + Listening: 30 = 69/70 points), semi-finalist,
Boris Vukov V4 (Reading: 38 + Listening: 30 = 68/70 points),
Milica Jovanović V1 (Reading: 38 + Listening: 30 = 68/70 points),
Ratka Sokola V1 (Reading: 38 + Listening: 30 = 68/70 points),
Aleksandra Došen V3 (Reading: 36 + Listening: 30 = 66/70 points),
Stefan Rajkov V2 (Reading: 40 + Listening: 25.5 = 65.5/70 points),
Nađa Blažić V2 (Reading: 36 + Listening: 27 = 63/70 points),
Nataša Đuričin V4 (Reading: 31 + Listening: 30 = 61/70 points)

All of my pupils competed in the HIPPO 1 category this school year.

HIPPO International English Language Competition is organised by Global Input and Global Hippo Associations.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

HIPPO 2017

Nine of my Class 5 students took part in the 5th International Competition in English Language HIPPO on 4 March. 

This year, the exam consisted of 2 parts (30 minutes each): reading (40 multiple choice questions, 1 point each) and listening comprehension (20 questions, 1.5 points each). The writing test has been removed.

As usual, our school hosted the preliminary round and also welcomed more than 20 students from other primary schools.