Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Easter 2014

My youngest pupils simply love playing games, drawing and singing. And, what other way is there to talk about Easter in English-speaking countries than through games and songs?

As a warm-up, we revised the Easter words we already know. I brought a basket, a bell and some stuffed toys (bunny, duck, egg). They immediately saw the connection. We also went through some flashcards (chick, flower, eggs, chocolate, different colours) and slides. Their task was to draw a big circle in the middle of their notebooks, write Happy Easter inside and draw 5 Easter things (basket, bunny, chick, chocolate and flower). I asked them about the colours and checked if they remembered the words.
After that, we watched a short film about the inside of an egg. We revised the colours, shapes and sizes. Then, we talked about Easter customs and I introduced them to popular children's games, Easter egg hunt and Easter egg roll. We helped a boy and a girl find their hidden eggs in the garden and revised prepositions of place along the way. That is when I asked them to choose the big half of a paper egg from the basket and try to find the small half of the same egg hidden somewhere in the classroom. It looked like a lot of fun, since they smiled and talked excitedly. Then, they coloured the paper eggs and glued them into their notebooks.

In the second half of the lesson, I introduced them to the well-known song of Humpty Dumpty. I showed them the picture of a castle, asked them who lived there (a King and a Queen), how the King got around his land (on King's horses), who looked after the King since he was a very important person (King's men) and who entertained him (King's fool). My pupils enjoyed the animated version of the song and tried to sing along. I also played them the karaoke version, which was a bit faster.



Then, we played some more games, sang the new song and revised the Easter words. Finally, I gave them the cut-outs to colour, cut along the lines and make a basket and eggs.  

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Favourite Sports

My favourite sport is tennis. It is a very interesting sport. Unfortunately, I don't play it very often. Also, I don't play it professionally, but I train every day.
I usually play tennis with my friends during the summer holiday. From time to time my friends and I play it in front of our building, on the children's playground. We act like professional players.
Everybody has a personal uniform and a racket just like on a great tournament. During that game I feel like a big star like Novak Đoković. It's my dream to be a popular tennis star. But i think that is just a dream, because I don't play tennis professionally. I mean, yet.
So, I like tennis and I play it always when I don't have much homework.

Anja Živić, VI3, 11 April 2014

My favourite sport is tennis. Tennis is a lot of fun.
My favourite tennis player is Novak Đoković. 
Tennis can sometimes be a dangerous sport because you can sprain your wrist.
For tennis we need a ball, tennis racquet and tennis court. 
I love playing tennis with my friends. Maybe we don't have a tennis court, but we enjoy playing it anyway.
I love tennis so much because it's interesting.

Ninoslava Marinkov, VI1, 11 April 2014

Saturday, 12 April 2014

A Journey to Remember

Write a letter to your friend describing your journey. The following questions might help you:
Where were you?
Who was with you?
What was the weather like?
How long did your journey last?
How did you travel?
What did you see?
What were the best/worst things that happened?

Don't forget the opening and closing remarks!

Dear Jane,
I hope you're OK. 
Last summer I was at the seaside in Greece. I went with my mum, dad and my brother. We travelled by bus. It took us thirteen hours to get there. 
The days were sunny and warm.
The hotel was wonderful. It had a balcony overlooking the beach. 
Every evening we walked round the city, visited the fortress and watched the sunset.
Our holiday lasted only a week, but it was the best one in my life.
What about your holiday?
Best wishes,

Tijana Mesaroš, VI4

Hi, Jovan,
Hope you're OK. Guess where I spent my holiday! I went to Rome. It was amasing. I saw a lot of attractions. 
The Colosseum is great. It is so big and beautiful. There were a lot of old buildings nearby. I saw Casear's photo and a lot of shops. 
There were a lot of people and they were all very friendly. 
Rome is a really exciting city. You must visit it one day.
Write back soon.

Dušan Bačkuljin, VI1, 11 April 2014

Monday, 7 April 2014

HIPPO 2014 Results

Here are the results of the second HIPPO International Competition that took place on 15 March:

Kosana Jakonić VI4 (58 points - 97%),
Julijan Cimerman VI4 (57 points - 95%),
Lazar Turudija VI1 (55 points - 92%).

By the way, all of my pupils competed in the HIPPO 2 category this school year.