Saturday, 23 May 2015

My Favourite Restaurant

Think about your favourite restaurant. Why do you like going there? 
P1: name, location, frequency of visits
P2: outside/inside description
P3: service, staff, dishes, prices
P4: recommendation (atmosphere, food...)

My favourite restaurant is 'Belavila'. It is in the centre of our town. I usually go there with my mum when she feels lazy and doesn't want to cook. 
This restaurant is modern and furnished really nice. It is small, the tables are big, and on the left side of the restaurant there's the kids' play area. 
I love going there because people who work there are kind to their guests, always smile and think positive. The dishes are always different. It depends on the day of the week, so it's always different. My favourite meal there is pasta with meat in mushroom sauce. The prices are sometimes low or high, which depends on how much the food costs. 
My mum is not a really good cook, so I love going there. The food is so tasty, the atmosphere is great and people smile all the time. It's the most perfect restaurant I have ever been to.

Ninoslava Marinkov, VII1, 13 May 2015

My favourite restaurant is the 'Big ship'. It is located in Koper, on the Adriatic coast. I go there with my family every time I am in Koper.
The restaurant is designed as a ship, inside and outside. The waiters and all the staff are dressed like sailors. They smile and they are kind. The food is delicious. I have tasted a lot of tasty dishes, but the most beautiful ones are seafood and calamari.
The atmosphere is beautiful and relaxing at the 'Big ship'.

Teodora Volarov, VII1, 13 May 2015

The place where I often go with my family is called Slap in Serbian. In English, we can call it Waterfall. It is a pizza house, located in Nikola Francuski Street.
I really like going there so much because both the interior and exterior are well-decorated. Inside, there are a lot of leather dining boots and mirrors, so it looks more spacious than it really is. Outside, there is a  wonderful garden with beautiful flowers. 
The service is fine. The staff are kind and hospitable. The dishes are tasty and the portions are large enough. The prices are acceptable.
I gladly recommend visiting Slap because it is the best pizza house in our town. 

Emilija Mijandžić, VII4, 20 May 2015

My favourite restaurant in Twenty. The restaurant is located at the square of Kikinda. Every day a lot of people visit the restaurant. Lots of tourists and celebrities visit it when they come to Kikinda.
Outside the restaurant is a large garden full of flowers with tables and chairs. The garden overlooks the square full of various plants, birds and smiling children. Inside the restaurant, there are beautifully set tables of different sizes and shapes with decorations on them.
The dishes are always tasty and interestingly served. The staff are friendly and polite to guests. The dishes are delicious and the prices low.
I recommend that you go to this restaurant and try all of the dishes but pizza is a must!

Andrea Ružić, VII4, 20 May 2015 

My favourite restaurant is Bela Vila. It is located in the main street of Kikinda, Svetosavska.
The restaurant has a lot of visitors. The outside of Bela Vila is very beautiful. There is a small area where guests can sit during the summer. Outside, there are also a lot of flowers covering the restaurant. The inside is very big. The walls are covered with a lot of beautiful paintings. 
The service is quick. The staff are really polite and friendly. The dishes are tasty and the prices are very low.
I recommend Bela Vila to you because it is a perfect restaurant when you want to go out for lunch with your family.

Kosana Jakonić, VII4, 20 May 2015 

My favourite restaurant is called 'Santa Maria'. It is located in the Ovčar-Kablar Gorge. It is a fish restaurant.
It is an often visited place because of the delicious food and a nice view. The restaurant is placed on a wooden raft on the river side. It has a roof with a blind on the terrace. The restaurant is painted dark green and bright yellow. 
Inside the restaurant, there are a lot of flower pots with colourful flowers. There is a model of a sailing ship and stuffed fish.
The staff are friendly and polite. There are a lot of fish dishes at affordable prices. 
I would recommend this restaurant because of the good view on the mountains and tasty dishes.   

Marko Dejanović, VII4, 20 May 2015 

When I was on holiday in Sokobanja with my parents, I visited the most beautiful restaurant I've ever seen, the Cave restaurant.
It's very interesting because it's located in the suburbs, in the forest, not in the centre of the city. A lot of tourists visit this restaurant every year.
All the tables and chairs are made of wood and they are under a rock, at the entrance to the cave. A narrow shallow river flows nearby and the visitors can cross it over a wooden bridge. What a wonderful view!
People usually drink coffee and juice there. They mostly eat different types of meat, soups, salads and desserts. But, the best-selling and the tastiest dish is fresh trout. Most dishes have reasonable prices, but some are more expensive. The staff are kind and pleasant.
The Cave restaurant in Sokobanja is my favourite restaurant, because I enjoy the nature. It's beautiful and relaxing to have lunch in the forest and listen to the birds and the ripple of the river.  

Tijana Varađanin, VII2, 22 May 2015

My favourite restaurant is Macchiato. It is in the centre of the city. I went to Macchiato every day in the winter, but now I go there once a week.
It is big and you can sit downstairs, upstairs and outside. The walls outside are yellow. The inside walls are purple and it is dark.
The service is very good and the waiters are fast. The prices are very low.
The food is very tasty. Pizza is the tastiest in Macchiato. It is always full of guests and there we can listen to music or watch a match on TV.
I like eating in Macchiato.

Anja Berić, VII2, 22 May 2015