Thursday, 25 June 2015


Kosana, Dunja, Ivana, Emilija & Nikolina, VII4
My older pupils, mostly girls, have taken part in the state contest organised by Klett, Belgrade. Their task was to make a guidebook-presentation in English, following the model from Messages 3 student's book. 

They all got their diplomas for taking part in this interesting contest.

Friday, 12 June 2015

Cold and Windy

This is the last song we've learned this school year. It also involves a lot of acting, snapping fingers and things like that.  It's great for revising clothes and practising WAS/WERE.

I first focused my pupils on the pictures illustrating the song. I told them the song was in the past and then asked them a few questions about the pictures (What can you see? Was it a nice day? What was the weather like? Were grandpa and grandson happy?) Since there were a few pictures in the song instead of words, I asked my pupils to match them with the given words. Then, they listened and checked their answers and finally I asked them to stand up, show and repeat the song.

Here are the lyrics:
Hat, coat, sweater and scarf,
It was cold and windy in the park, cold and windy...

It was grey and cloudy,
There wasn't any sun,
There weren't many children,
It wasn't much fun.


There wasn't a rainbow,
There wasn't any snow,
Grandpa and I were ready to go.


Back at home,
It was much better,
With a hot drink,
And my big red sweater.


Thursday, 11 June 2015

What can I see?

Here's another song with a lot of movements invented on the spot. It's great for practising comparative adjectives. 

As for the introduction, we played a guessing game to name the animals in the pictures around the text. Then, I asked my pupils to pretend that they were in the jungle and mime different actions, including their reaction when they faced wild animals.

And the lyrics are as follows:

I'm walking,
I'm walking.
What can I see?
I can see a lion and it's bigger than me.

I'm swimming,
I'm swimming.
What can I see?
I can see a shark and it's uglier than me.

I'm standing,
I'm standing.
What can I see?
I can see a snake and it's thinner than me.

I'm hiding,
I'm hiding.
What can I see?
I can see a bat and it's smaller than me.

I'm sitting,
I'm sitting.
What can I see?
I can see a monkey and it's naughtier than me.