Monday, 24 March 2014

My Neighbourhood

Write an email to your English friend and describe your neighbourhood. Write about what it is like, what shops there are near your house, what the people are like, how you like it  and things like that. Don't forget to start your email with some opening remarks and  'Hi' or 'Dear' and end with  some closing remarks and 'Yours' or 'Love'.

Dear Mary,
I live in a very busy street in Kikinda. It's called Zmaj Jovina. The traffic's very heavy. There are a lot of buses and lorries. But, I love living here. Everything's near, the school, the centre...
We have a clothes shop, a car service, a building materials shop and a bakery.
My neighbours are very friendly. There are a few children of my age. We play together a lot. My first neighbour's a girl, named Mia, and she's a very good friend of mine.
What about your neighbourhood? Do you like it?
Write back soon.
Best wishes,

Robertina Tornji, VI5

Dear Tina,
I hope you're fine. You asked me where I live. Well, I live in a very busy street in Kikinda. On the corner of my street there's a bakery. On the other side of the street there's a florist, a cafe, a fast food restaurant and a supermarket. A few houses away there's a car wash.
Where do you live? Write and tell me about your street,

Natalia Sakal, VI5

Hi Jane,
I hope you're OK. I know that you're coming to Kikinda and I hope you'll like it. 
I live in a bright orange house. Down the street there's a shop and two corners farther there's the firehouse. 
The neighbours are curious and make a lot of noise. There are a lot of children in my street. 
I can't wait for you to come.
Write back soon,

Tijana Mesaroš, VI4

My neighbourhood is a very quiet place. There's a playground and two markets. There's also a green area with bushes where stray dogs always come. One of my neighbours has got chickens and a rooster. The rooster crows at six in the morning and wakes up the whole neighbourhood. It bothers me that some naughty boys have broke the carousel at the playground and burned almost the entire ground and now there's nowhere to sit. 
All in all, my neighbours are honest and noble people always willing to help.

Elena Brkanlić, VI2

Friday, 21 March 2014

Superlative Serbia

I've asked my pupils in Class VI5 to write about 'superlative' places in our country, and here's what they've found:

Belgrade is the biggest city. About 2 million people live there. (Miška)
Đeravica is the highest mountain. It is 2,656m high. (Timea)
The Great Morava is the longest river. It is 185km long. (Daniel)
Đerdap is the largest lake. It spreads over 253km2. (Violeta)
Vršac is the windiest place. Winds can blow at the speed of 48m/s. (Andrea)
Sjenica is the coldest place. The lowest temperature measured there was -36 degrees Celsius in 1954. (Natalia)

Monday, 17 March 2014

HIPPO International Competition

Three of my students in Class 6 took part in the 2nd English Language Competition on 15 March. The exam consisted of 3 parts: reading, listening and writing (description of a neighbour). 

This time we went to Zrenjanin and spent a lovely time later on.

Monday, 3 March 2014

My Favourite Sport

Think about your favourite sport. Then, write about why you like the sport, how long you have played it, where you play it, what equipment you need, what its good and bad sides are, how it makes you feel and things like that.

My favourite sport is football. For this sport you need to have football boots, pads, a jersey and a ball. Mostly boys play football, but some girls like to play it too.
The downside of football is that the injuries can be terrible. The good side is that it is a team game.
I like football, but I prefer watching it.

Tijana Mesaroš, VI4

My favourite sport is ice-skating. For this sport you need skates and fancy clothes. I enjoy watching it on TV. 
The good sides of this sport are competitions where you can win a gold medal. The bad sides are the injuries. You can get hurt badly. This sport is also very expensive.
I'd like to train this sport but we haven't got an ice rink in Kikinda. And, I'm not five years old which is the best age to start training ice-skating. 

Natalia Sakal, VI5

My favourite sport is handball. 
It is a very dangerous sport, because you can hurt very easily. 
It's also very exciting, because it's a lot of fun to work in a team. It's challenging because if you mess up, you lose a point, not set. You compete all the time, so it's never boring. Teams sometimes travel to different countries where they compete with the others.I always try to be the best in my team.
For training you wear: shorts, T-shirts, shoes and pads. 

Elena Brkanlić, VI2