Monday, 3 March 2014

My Favourite Sport

Think about your favourite sport. Then, write about why you like the sport, how long you have played it, where you play it, what equipment you need, what its good and bad sides are, how it makes you feel and things like that.

My favourite sport is football. For this sport you need to have football boots, pads, a jersey and a ball. Mostly boys play football, but some girls like to play it too.
The downside of football is that the injuries can be terrible. The good side is that it is a team game.
I like football, but I prefer watching it.

Tijana Mesaroš, VI4

My favourite sport is ice-skating. For this sport you need skates and fancy clothes. I enjoy watching it on TV. 
The good sides of this sport are competitions where you can win a gold medal. The bad sides are the injuries. You can get hurt badly. This sport is also very expensive.
I'd like to train this sport but we haven't got an ice rink in Kikinda. And, I'm not five years old which is the best age to start training ice-skating. 

Natalia Sakal, VI5

My favourite sport is handball. 
It is a very dangerous sport, because you can hurt very easily. 
It's also very exciting, because it's a lot of fun to work in a team. It's challenging because if you mess up, you lose a point, not set. You compete all the time, so it's never boring. Teams sometimes travel to different countries where they compete with the others.I always try to be the best in my team.
For training you wear: shorts, T-shirts, shoes and pads. 

Elena Brkanlić, VI2

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