Friday, 21 March 2014

Superlative Serbia

I've asked my pupils in Class VI5 to write about 'superlative' places in our country, and here's what they've found:

Belgrade is the biggest city. About 2 million people live there. (Miška)
Đeravica is the highest mountain. It is 2,656m high. (Timea)
The Great Morava is the longest river. It is 185km long. (Daniel)
Đerdap is the largest lake. It spreads over 253km2. (Violeta)
Vršac is the windiest place. Winds can blow at the speed of 48m/s. (Andrea)
Sjenica is the coldest place. The lowest temperature measured there was -36 degrees Celsius in 1954. (Natalia)

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