Thursday, 28 February 2013

Foreign languages competition

My 5 English language students in Class 5, Kosana Jakonić V4, Petar Tesla V3, Kristian Balaž V2, Julijan Cimerman V4 and Marko Radanović V3, took part in the 1st Foreign languages competition in Regional centre for professional development on 27 February 2013. Their knowledge was tested in a slightly different way and everyone did well.

 Kosana and Petar were awarded with diplomas and readers for the 1st and 2nd places while the others received the thank-you notes for attendance. 


After the official part of the competition, the children socialised in playing the game of associations and karaoke. They also tasted some homemade chocolate muffins.

The competition was organised by foreign language teachers from Kikinda and surrounding villages. A hundred students aged 11 - 13 and 18 teachers took part.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013


What's the weather like in our town today? Where are you? What are you doing? Write an e-mail to a friend.

How are you? I'm fine. It's raining, I'm playing computer games. My sister's reading. My dad's relaxing, mum's cooking.
Hope you're OK

Lazar Turudija, V1, 22 February 2013

Hi, my dear friend,
How are you? I'm not very well. It's sunny but not very hot. I'm doing my homework. My older brother's playing computer games and surfing the Internet. My younger brother's playing in his room. He's very noisy. My mum's cooking lunch. My grandma's watching TV. 
Hope you're OK.

Vlatko Vranjin, V4, 25 February 2013
Hi, Jelena,
How are you? I'm at home now. It's sunny outside. I'm doing my homework. Mum's cooking lunch. Dad's laying the table. 
Hope you're OK. Any plans for Sunday?

Kosana Jakonić, V4, 25 February 2013

Hi, Vlatko,
How are you? I'm fine. It's sunny but not very hot. I'm playing a computer game called Rome total war. My mum's cooking my favourite food. My dad's shopping at the market.
Hope you're OK. See you,

Marko Dejanović, V4, 25 February 2013

Monday, 25 February 2013

My pet (articles)

Write about your pet. Use these words to help you:
I've got a ... . His/Her name is ... and he/she's ... years old. 
He/She's got ... . 
He/She is ... . He/She likes/eats ... . He/She can ... .
He/She is special because ... .

I've got a pet. It's a dog. Her name's Alice. She's two years old.
Alice is big and white with blue eyes. Her ears are long. 
Alice is noisy and naughty, but sometimes very sweet. She likes meat and playing with me. Alice can jump and run fast. 
She's special because she is as gentle as a lamb.

Borislav Sabo, V2, 18 February 2013

Hi! I have one dog. Her name is Ambra. She's two years old. 
Ambra has white fur and large brown eyes.
She loves eating and playing with her ball. She loves playing with my friends too. She likes eating everything. She loves wearing her vest and jacket in winter. 
Ambra sleeps in her bed. She visits my grandfather and grandmother.
Nataša Urošev, V3, February 2013

I have a pet. It is a dog and his name is Elvud. 
He has got black fur and a long body. He's got a small tail and and long legs. He has got small ears. 
He likes meat and dog food. His house is in the back garden. 
He likes to play football with me. Every morning he jumps at the balcony of our house. I give him a biscuit. When he is happy, he moves his tail.
I like to play with Elvud very much. He likes playing in the snow. He looks like he drives in the snow. When it's sunny, he sleeps in the shadow of our tree.
I'm proud of my pet.

Marko Dejanović, V4, 22 February 2013

There are lots of pets in the world. I've got a pet too. Her name is Tea. 
She's white and brown. She's got a beautiful body. She's very big, with a big head and big teeth. She's got two brown eyes and a small nose. She's got a big mouth and a long neck. Her fur is thick. She's got a long tail and long legs with sharp claws. 
She likes eating meat and playing with me. 
I love my dog very much.

Milan Jakšić, V2  

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Amazing Animals (project gallery)

Marko Dejanović and Luka Čubrilo, V4
Ivana Mršić, Emilija Mijandžić and Andrea Ružić, V4

Vanja Gavrančić and Mateja Škapik, V4
Bojana Groza, Miroslava Golušin and Tijana Mesaroš, V4

Andrea Zugnar, Timea Kovač, Jožef Horvat, Daniel Silađi,
Daniela Marton and Violeta Lazar, V5

Natalia Sakal, Robertina Tornji, Danijel Sekrenj,
Anabela Đuranki and Mihalj Vaštag, V5
Marija Kovačević, V4
Taša Talijanov and Branislava Ludajić, V4

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Wild Animals (drawings)

Rhino by Luka Simić, I3

Giraffe and crocodile by Ognjen Rajkov, I3
Tiger and snake by Uroš Ćirić, I3
Giraffe and snake by Anđela Mičik, I4
Snake and monkey by Nađa Kovačević, I3
Lion and tiger by Marko Mićić, I3
Wolf, eagle and snake by Luka Mićić, I3
Rhino, flamingo and penguin by Drago Kecman, I2

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

After several weeks of rehearsals, my youngest pupils were ready to perform their favourite song "We Are Family".

Listen and watch one of the rehearsals: