Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas bookmarks

As usual, in our last lesson of the 1st term my younger pupils and I talk about Christmas and sing some of their favourite songs.

This year I also prepared some cute bookmarks for them to colour, glue to a cardboard piece and draw anything that reminds them of Christmas on the other side.
representatives of Class III2
representatives of Class III3

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Home is Home!

This is yet another song with a catchy tune, sure to be this year's hit:

We've got a basement 
Under the floor.
It's got brown stairs 
And a purple door.

Home is home, home is home,
In a city or a village,
In a house or a flat.
Home is home!
It's where it's at.

I've got a lift,
It goes up and down.
From my balcony,
I can see the town.

Home is home ...

Upstairs, downstairs,
One floor or two.
We live here,
What about you?

Home is home ...

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

We've got toys!

This is the first song my younger pupils learned this school year. It's perfect for revising toys, talking about possession and actions in progress:

I've got an old bike
And I'm riding it.
He's got a big kite
And he's flying it.
She's got a small car
And she's driving it.
We've got toys!

I've got a fat doll
And it's talking. (I'm happy!)
He's got a robot
And it's walking.
She's got a new ball
And it's bouncing. (Oh, no!)
We've got toys!

I've recently noticed that my pupils feel more confident when I don't film them.

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Trevor's Monster Challenge

My younger pupils have taken part in this school year's Trevor's Monster Making Challenge. They've created their own monsters using only recycled materials, mostly toilet paper rolls and plastic bottles.

Vukašin III4
Tanja & Mihajlo R. III4

Milana III3
Sanja III3
Elena III3
Nevena III3
Marko III3
Luka M. III3
Jovana III3
Igor III1
Luka S. III3

Nikolina III3
Anja III3
Ognjen III1
Staša III1
Ratka III1
Aleksandra S. III1
Jelena Z. III1
Vanja III1
Andreja III1
Dijana III1
Maja III1
Milica J. III1
Tijana III1
Veljko III1
Tamara III1
Una III1
Nemanja III3
Nemanja III3
Uroš III3
Nađa III3
Violeta III3
Aleksandra III3
Elena III3
Tanja III4
Mihajlo R. III4

Drago III2
Marina III2
Miloš III4
Marija III4
Ana III4
Nataša III4
Robert III4
Ognjen III4
Anastasija III4
Gabrijela III4
Anđela III4
Saša III2
Dragana III2
Nikolina III2
Nikolina III2
Nikolina III2
Nikolina III2
Luka III4
Ivana III4
Boris III4
Nina III4

Aleksandra I. III1