Friday, 14 November 2014

Greetings from abroad

Imagine that you're writing a postcard/letter from abroad. Where are you? What have you done or seen so far? Have you tried any local dishes? What haven't you done but are planning to? Don't forget the opening and closing remarks! 

Dear Teodora,
I'm writing from Budapest. It's the capital city of Hungary. I have booked a room in the Turing hotel in the middle of the city.
I have already visited a lot of famous places. A few days ago I was walking across the bridge called The Bridge of Lions when the guide told me about the many legends related to this bridge. But, what surprised me most was its architectural style.
The main street is called Vaci. There is the most famous restaurant called Gerbeaud in that street.  I've tried their famous cake with the same name.
You can try their traditional dishes like stew, goulash or meat with a lot of spices. We've also tried the famous chocolate cake Rigo Jancsi.
Greetings from me and my family.
See you soon!

Nevena Milovanov, VII3

Hi Billy,
Greetings from Istanbul. This is the biggest city in Turkey. It's an amasing and historic city. I can't wait to visit the beautiful Topkapi Palace from the 15th century. We were thrilled when we saw the Bosphorus Strait, which separates Europe rom Asia. I have been to a Turkish market. People usually sell spices and handyworks there. I will show you what I have bought when I get back. 
There are so many specialities to taste. My favourite sweets are baklava, Turkish delight and halvah. I have tried a dolma. For me, it isn't tasty. But, Turkish tea is a nice drink. I haven't tasted Turkish coffee, because I am not old enough. 
Unfortunatelly, we haven't visited Hagia Sophia. 
Have you ever been to Turkey?
See you soon.

Tijana Varađanin, VII2

Dear Ana,
I have just found some time to write to you.
Paris is an amasing city. My brother and I have been here since Monday. We have done lots of exciting things. We have visited the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum and Arc de Triomphe. A few days ago, we got stuck in the subway, but we asked for help and finally got out. We haven't visited the Paris Catacombs, yet. 
We have also been to a restaurant. we have eaten steak tartare with caviar, carpaccio with pesto and especially the crispy chicken. For dessert we have eaten a brilliant sweet made of several types of cream, ice cream and candied fruit. 
I have bought lots of souvenirs!
If you haven't been to Paris, you must do it!
See you soon.

Ivana Varađanin, VII2

Dear Stella,
I have just found some time to write to you. 
Paris is fabulous! My parents and I have already visited some of its landmarks. We have visited the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. We have been to Disneyland too, ridden on a huge rollercoaster and even shaken hands with Minnie Mouse. We haven't tried any traditional dishes or visited any shops so far, but we are going to tomorrow. 
Paris is anything but boring and you should visit it.
I'm having the time of my life!
If you haven't been to Paris, be sure to put it on your list of places to visit.
See you in two weeks.

Anja Vučić, VII2

Dear John,
Greetings from Vienna. This is the most wonderful city I have ever been to. I have had the most beautiful time of my life. So far, we have visited The Twins. They are two same buildings which have some interesting historical monuments. We have walked through the gardens of Schönbrunn and have been to the castle itself. We haven't visited Albertina yet. Tomorrow we are going to the Imperial chamber.
I have bought a magnet with the Austrian symbol. 
Have you ever been to Vienna?
Write back soon!

Marko Dejanović, VII4

Dear Alissa,
Greetings from Macedonia. This is the most wonderful country I have ever been to. So far, we have visited Vrutok, the source of the river Vardar. We've also visited a bridge called Deer jump. We have walked to the Millennium Cross. 
Macedonia is known for Lake Ohrid. We have swum in Doiran Lake and people say its water is very healing. 
We've eaten a lot of delicious dishes, but the most beautiful is Malidžano cream salad. 
We haven't visited the Canyon Math which has the most beautiful view of Prespa Lake. 
Tomorrow we're flying from Skopje to Belgrade by plane, because there's no airport in Kikinda. I'm very excited because this is my first time to travel by plane. 
See you in a few days. 
Elena :)

Elena Brkanlić, VII2

Dear Andrea,
Greetings from Platamon in Greece. This is the most amazing beach resort I have ever visited. I'm having such a great time!
So far, my parents and I have visited some remote sandy beaches and swum there. We sunbathe a lot. At night we walk through the old town and have already tried some local dishes. I love sweets, but I still haven't tried any traditional Greek desserts. I will definitely try baklava tonight. Have you ever tried Greek gyros and Feta cheese? 
All beach resorts in Greece have plenty of gifts and souvenirs for my friends and family. I've found very cute fridge magnets and T-shirts. 
Have you ever visited any beach resorts in Greece? You really should!
Write back soon!

Emilija Mijandžić, VII4

Dear Nikola,
Greetings from Prague in the Czech Republic. This is the most wonderful city I have ever been to and I'm having the time of my life! So far, we have visited the Prague Castle and taken a long walk across the Charles Bridge. It's marvellous. 
I have tried lots of local dishes. They are delicious. 
We haven't visited the Museum of miniatures yet. 
I hope you are having a nice time too. See you soon,

Nikolina Adamov, VII4  

Thursday, 6 November 2014


My younger pupils just love drawing and making things. You can imagine their excitement when, after the warm-up talk about Halloween symbols and the famous Incy Wincy Spider song, I gave them the cut-outs for a Halloween mobile.