Saturday, 24 December 2011


Class IV3 dancing to the sound of Old Lang Syne

Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Story telling

We were in front of the entrance into the Cursed Mountain. Legolas, Gimli and me, Aragorn, the son of Arathorn, the rightful owner of Gondor's throne. It was the summer of the year 3182.

The mountain is called Cursed because deep inside lies an army of outbreakers, long dead, living a cursed spiritual life. I was there to hold them to their oath given to my ancestors. They had sworn that they would fight on the side of men a long time ago, but now I come to make them fulfill their oath and release them from the curse. 

While walking through the halls, we saw some bones on the floors and in the walls. We entered a room filled with ghosts. At the end of the room, there was a door, the one that led to the throneroom where lay a king of the army long dead. When we stepped into the room, our eyes were shocked at what they saw: the floor was covered with bones. Some spirits flew into the bones. 'The spirits are bringing ancient bones to life!' said Legolas. He was right. Some skeletons rose up and attacked us. The fight wasn't long. We  defeated them easily. I entered the throneroom. 'Who dares to disturb my rest?' asked the dead King. 'The one that shall hold you to your oath!' I answered. 'The dead do not owe the oath to anybody!' yelled he. He tried to pull out his sword but Legolas was faster. An arrow flew towards the King, then through him, and didn't even scratch him. He charged towards me, but my sword was elvish and it easily broke the King's sword. 'We shall fight for you,' he said. 'The dead shall fight on the side of Gondor!'

And so now an army long dead commands the fate of those not born. 

Rastko Zamurović, VIII2, 1 December 2011

Sunday, 4 December 2011

What a day! (stories)

When I was eight years old, my family and I were on holiday in Montenegro. The weather was nice and the sun was shining all the time. We stayed in a beautiful hotel for ten days. Every day we went to the beach. We were swimming a lot, going scuba diving, sunbathing and playing beach volleyball. 
One day, my parents met some local people. They invited us to go night fishing. It was common for them to catch fish at night. We were pleased, so we accepted.
That night, at eleven o'clock, the boat was waiting for us to go aboard, and we started our night adventure. It was very dark. We could hardly see anything. There wasn't any light.
The fishermen were telling stories about their adventures. Suddenly, we felt a strange hit on the back of the boat. One fisherman took out a stick for sharks and tried to catch the fish. It was scary because they shouted, 'A shark, a shark!' But, there weren't any.
It was a nice experience after all. We felt happy and satisfied.
This adventure was very exciting and I will never forget it. 

Emil Savanović, VIII5, 1 December 2011

Friday, 2 December 2011

Meet me (letters & articles)

Write a short text about yourself. Describe your hobbies, your favourite school subjects, your best friend and family, and things like that. 

Hi. I'm the only Chinese in our school. So, you want to meet me. It's so easy.
I'm thin and short. I have long black hair.
I come from a big family. I have father, mother, brother and grandmother. My father, mother and I are in this town. We moved here a few months ago. My brother is in China with my grandmother. I have a good family. I love them dearly.
I like playing computer games. Every day I watch movies. I like shopping, too. I think every girl wants to be pretty. Me too.
Back in China, I have a lot of friends. We went to school together. On Sunday we used to go shopping or to the park. We have always had a good time together these years. I will remember them all. In this town, I have friends too. They are very friendly. I think they like the Chinese very much. So, I'm very happy.

Miao Jang, VIII2, 1 December 2011

My name is Igor. I'm thirteen years old. I'm a student of primary school.
I come from an ordinary family. I have an older brother and a dog.
I have short brown hair and blue eyes. I'm not tall but not short either.
I'm reliable and honest. If I promise something I always do it. I like jokes and sometimes I make fun of the others.
I have some bad sides, too. I'm not patient and I don't like when someone makes fun of me.
My largest hobbies are fishing and riding a bike. Every Saturday I ride 20-50km. A lot of children play computer games and so do I. My favourite computer game is WOW. I can play it all day long. I like sports of all kinds, but I prefer swimming. I have a training ten times a week.
I dont know what my friends think about me but I hope it is something good. I feel good when I'm with my friends and I like being around them.

Igor Pavlić, VIII2

My name is Nevena. I’m 13 years old and I’m a student in primary school. My family is small. I live with mum, dad, sister and grandpa.
I have big blue eyes and full lips. My hair is fair and straight. I’m very tall.
I’m a friendly person and also stubborn. I like honest people. Sometimes, I can be shy.
I have been training judo for 7 years. I want to be a professional judo coach and I also want to be a fashion designer.
My hobby is drawing, dancing, listening to music, watching movies, etc. I like tinsels and everything that sparkles and shines.
My friends say that I’m smart, pretty, funny and stubborn. I believe my friends and I think they are right.

Nevena Grubišić, VIII1

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Friends (articles)

Friendship is one really important thing. When you grow up, you will be separated from your family, but your friends will always be there for you.
I have lots of good friends, but I'll choose the craziest of them to introduce. His name is Marko Čarapić, but we usually call him Čaki.
He is really tall, has got dark hair and black eyes. He is really good at basketball and we train together.
Čaki is, as I said, really silly. He always has a smile on his face, no matter what kind of situation it is. He is also really funny and has a good sense of humour. He is one of the persons that you always have fun with.
Čaki and I have so much in common. We like almost the same things. We are good as a team and one look is enough for making that decision.
For all these reasons, Čaki is one of my best friends.

Aleksa Konstantinov, VIII2, November 2011

Friendship is something we can't afford to lose. It's something that makes our lives easier. Without it, we would be stuck playing 'Sims' for hours.
My best friend (or BFF) is Jelena Mirkov. She is tall and thin. She has blonde wavy hair and a smile that turns a sad face into a happy one.
Jelena has a good sense of humour. Once she was telling me a joke while I was drinking juice. I laughed so hard that I could hardly swallow the juice.
Her interests are animals, especially cats. Jelena's hobbies are watching Anime, listening to Fairytales (that's a music group) and drawing Anime. She likes playing sports with me and Jovana. Jelena's lifetime wish is to become a famous Anime drawer. With her dream and my support, she'll be the next one to rock the Anime world.
Jelena is my best friend because we totally understand and support each other,

Milica Marić, VIII2

Friendship means a lot to me. A true friend is there for you, knows you best, all your good and bad sides, but still loves you for who you are.
My best friend is Daniel. He goes to the same class with me. He has short blonde hair. He has greenish-blue eyes. He doesn't have a clear face.
We spend a lot of time together. I love to play games with Daniel very much.
Daniel is a good friend. He likes to help and I trust him. But, he can be lazy at times. and that's bad.
Daniel is amazing and I hope we will be friends forever.
Friends are hard to find but easy to lose.

Siniša Danić, VIII1

I didn't realise what the word 'friendship' really means until I met Dragana. When I realised that she would do anything for me, I knew that we would be best friends forever. Also, she knows that I'll do anything for her too. We have had our fights, but after all we are still BFFs.
Dragana is fun, a bit stubborn at times, just like me, and she loves animals. She is my age, but seems a little older than she really is. We love to hang out together.
Gaga has brown hair and dark brown eyes. She is one tall girl. She's got chubby cheeks and a nice smile. She's got wide shoulders, long eyelashes and light skin.
Her best characteristics is her sense of humour. She loves to help all of her friends.
The bad side of her aharacter is that she is stubborn at times.
Anyway, we have a lot of things in common. We love walking through the snow, making jokes and watching movies.
Gaga is the sister that God forgot to give me, but that hasn't stopped us becoming best friends. She is always next to me. When I laugh, she laughs with me, and when I cry, she is always there to make me feel better. As time passes, she's only closer to my heart and she'll always be there. Dragana is my biggest support in all situations. She is the kind of a friend that you meet once in a lifetime, so I'll never wanna lose her. And if I really do somethinh stupid and lose her, life without her would never be the same!

Teodora Stankov, VIII1

True friends are a real gift. Friends should respect each other, get along well and be team members. Between friends there should be no lies, they should always be there when you need them.
My best friend is Anita. She is a cute girl with very interesting looks. She’s got dark eyes and light brown hair. She’s not tall. She’s got a nice smile and she’s a good dancer.
Anita is a kind of person who loves laughing and singing. When we are together, we always have fun.
One day, we were dancing and there was one move when I had to lift her up, but I dropped her. We started laughing. And that was just one of many moments that I have had with her.
On the other hand, Anita sometimes gets quiet and separates from the group with no reason. When we ask what’s wrong with her, she rejects us in a very rude way.
I think that friends are a real treasure. You just have to find them.

Nevena Grubišić, VIII1

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Teen problems (letters of advice)

Write a letter of advice to your friend on how to deal with the situation. You might follow this plan:
P1: express your sympathy, state the reason for writing
P2: write your advice and support it with possible results
P3: express hope that things will get better  
The following  expressions might help you:
- to give advice: If I were you, I'd..., You should(n't)..., It would be a good idea if..., The best thing to do is..., Why don't you...?, Have you thought of...?
- to give support/result: This will mean that..., Then,..., This/That way..., If you do this, you will... .

Dear Lindsey,
After reading your letter I realized that you have the same problems as the other teens. Every teen has problems with social and love life. Don't worry! There's always a cure.
If I were you, I would join some school clubs. This way, you'll meet new friends and build your self - confidence.
Another good idea is to invite your new friends for a sleepover. There, you will talk about everyone and everything.
You should also visit some cafes, or go out more often. If you do like this, you'll have new friends in no time.
Put a smile on that sad face and hope for the best.

Milica Marić, VIII2, November 2011

Dear John,
I'm sorry to hear other people are making fun of your hairstyle. You shouldn't worry because lots of teens have similar problems. I'll give you some advice. This will make yourself feel better, I hope.
First of all, you should find people who like you the way you are. This will make you forget about your hairstyle and they could also help you fix this problem. You can also change your hairstyle if you don't like it. This way you will gain more self-confidence and it would be much easier to find new friends.
I hope these few pieces of advice will help you. Let me know how it goes.

Aleksa Konstantinov, VIII2 

Thursday, 24 November 2011

Thanksgiving Day

In our English lessons, we talk about different holidays celebrated in English-speaking countries. This week we've read some stories about Thanksgiving, talked about what we're thankful for, made some fortune tellers, and things like that. 
Daniela Marton & Natalia Sakal, IV6
Daniel Silađi & Timea Kovač, IV6

Tuesday, 22 November 2011

My favourite star

Madonna is my favourite singer.
She gets up at seven o'clock every morning. Madonna has breakfast at eight o'clock. In the afternoon, she runs and she sings. She likes the stars. She goes to bed at eleven o'clock.
I like Madonna!

Elena Brkanlić, IV2, November 2011

Vlado Georgiev is my favourite singer.
He gets up at seven o'clock every morning. He has breakfast at eight o'clock. In the afternoon, he plays the guitar and he sings. In the evening, he visits friends or he goes to the gym. He goes to bed at eleven o'clock.
I like Vlado Georgiev! He's a great singer!

Ivana Varađanin, IV2

Katy Perry is my favourite singer.
She gets up at seven o'clock. She has breakfast at eight o'clock. In the afternoon, she sings. In the evening, she visits friends or she watches TV. She goes to bed at eleven o'clock.
I like Katy Perry! She's a fantastic singer! 

Tijana Varađanin, IV2

Novak Djokovic is my favourite sportsperson.
He gets up at six o'clock. He has breakfast at seven o'clock. In the afternoon, he has his training. In the evening, he rests for the next working day. He goes to bed at ten o'clock.
I like Novak Djokovic! He's a great tennis player!

Kristian Balaž, IV2

My favourite sportsplayer is Novak Djokovic. He has blue eyes, dark hair and a nice smile. He plays tennis. He is number 1 tennis player in the world.
Novak gets up at six o'clock every morning. He has a shower and then he has breakfast at half past six. Novak plays tennis with his partner at seven o'clock. He has lunch at noon. In the afternoon, he watches films or listens to music. In the evening, he visits his friends or takes his dog for a walk. He goes to bed at ten o'clock.
I like Novak Djokovic. He is fantastic!

Anđela Tomić, IV5  

Friday, 11 November 2011

We're Having Fun! (kids singing)

Here's another lively song performed by my class IV6:

And the lyrics are:

We are sailing on the lake,
On the lake, on the lake,
We are sailing on the lake,
We're having fun!

We are swimming in the sea,
In the sea, in the sea,
We are swimming in the sea,
We're having fun!

We are playing in the snow,
In the snow, in the snow,
We are playing in the snow,
We're having fun!

We are running in the park,
in the park, in the park,
We are running in the park,
We're having fun!

Saturday, 5 November 2011

My favourite café (reviews)

Write a review of your favourite café. 
P1: name, address
P2: decor, service, waiters, dishes, prices
P3: recommendation/opinion
Try to use different adjectives to make your description more interesting. 

My favourite café is 'Siesta'. It's in the centre of the town.
The atmosphere there is relaxed and on the walls of the room there are the posters of famous film actors and singers. They play great and popular music. The service is amazing and quick. You can eat tasty pancakes and pizza there. It's not expensive to eat there, but it's worth it.
In my opinion, 'Siesta' is a café that everyone should visit, because there are a lot of pleasant and friendly people there.

Aleksandra Terzić, VIII3, November 2011

I think that the best café is 'Siesta'. It is located in the centre of Kikinda.
The service is fast, the waiters are very polite. They serve a very delicious pizza and have all kinds of ice cream. I like it very much there and I like the pizza they serve. If you come to Kikinda, come by 'Siesta' and have a pizza. Pizza is my favourite dish, but in 'Siesta' it's more than that.
PS I like pizza!
PPS Have I mentioned that I like pizza?

Filip Ivetić, VIII3, November 2011

My favourite café is 'Siesta'. This café is in the centre of town.
There are the posters on the walls, the posters of  popular singers and characters. The chairs are very modern. They prepare very nice food. My friend and I go to 'Siesta' every weekend and I eat pizza every time. The name of my favourite pizza is Capriciosa. We listen to music, talk and eat pizza and drink juice in 'Siesta'. They play very relaxing music and I feel very pleasant there.
'Siesta' is a café that everyone should try at least once in their life. Their food is great and so is the atmosphere.

Vanja Urošev, VIII3, November 2011

In my town, the best café is 'Macchiato'. It's in the centre of town.
The decor is modern, service friendly and fast, the prices reasonable. The food is excellent.
'Macchiato' offers wonderful cakes and ice cream, so I recommend everyone to visit it and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere there.

Branko Radujko, VIII3, November 2011

My favourite café is 'Siesta'. It's in the town centre.
The food there is very yummy. They offer all kinds of food, but I prefer pizza. The prices are fair, so you won't be spending much money. The waiters are very friendly, so you won't have any problems.
I recommend this café because of its delicious food.

Dejan Kovačević, VIII2, November 2011

'Siesta' is a very good café and it's in the centre of the city.
The decor is modern. There's a big TV on the wall. The service is excellent, the waiters are friendly and dishes tasty. The prices are reasonable.
'Siesta' is very popular, so go there and enjoy the great food and atmosphere.

Andrea Kiš, VIII5

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

My favourite restaurant (reviews)

Write a review describing your favourite restaurant. What is its name? Where is it? What does it look like outside and inside? Add your opinion of its service, staff, dishes and prices. Don't forget to recommend it!

My favourite restaurant is called 'Graveyard'. It has a special place in the town - it's in the centre.
The decorations are scary, but children love going there. The food is delicious and in all kinds of shapes: spiders, webs and so on. The waiters are fast but creepy too. Some of them are dressed like vampires and the others like witches. It's a little expensive, because every time you go there you put your life at stake - it's one bite per person. The real price is 15-30 euros. 
'Graveyard' is a really scary restaurant but you should go there. And don't stay too long. Maybe you won't get out.

Ratko Stanković, VIII1, October 2011 

My favourite restaurant is called 'Cataclysm'. It's in the City of New York.
The decorations are really fantastic. The waiters are fast and well-dressed. The food is delicious. The prices are not expensive. They range from 15 euros for a child to 30 euros for an adult.
In the restaurant there are some computers where you can play online games.
'Cataclysm' is very popular with people, so don't miss going there.

Nikola Crnogorac, VIII1

My favourite restaurant is 'Lovac' (Hunter). It's outside of Kikinda, towards Mokrin.
The decor is traditional and you can see some stuffed animals from our environment there.The food is great and really tasty. Most of it are local dishes. The service is really fast and waiters are very friendly and helpful. Also, the prices are reasonable so you won't harm your wallet.
In one word, it's a really good restaurant and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Aleksa Konstantinov, VIII2

My favourite restaurant is 'Two Sticks'. It's at 288 Marko Street.
The decor's very beautiful. On Monday evenings, you can listen to rock music. The cooks and waiters are very friendly. The restaurant's famous because the Chinese make their specialities there. People can eat fish, meat, poached ice cream, rice, potatoes or pizza. The prices are reasonable. They range from 10 - 20 euros for lunch and 30 - 40 euros for dinner.
'Two Sticks' is very popular with people of all ages. Make sure you're really hungry, too, because the servings are huge.
Everyone should try this restaurant at least once in their life.

Jovan Kovačević, VIII3

My favourite restaurant is 'Black Jack'. It's at 19 Serbian Street and it rocks.
The decor is modern. They have all the new technology. They give the best food, which is also prepared in the best world restaurants. The service is kind of slow, but the waiters are really friendly. Also, there are many kinds of dishes, Chinese, Italian and others. Every day, they play cool music. I would give them 4 stars, because their expensive price takes off one star.
This place is really popular and one of the best in this city. I would recommend everyone to try it. I always go there, 'cos 'BJ' rocks!

Vanja Rajtarov, VIII3

My favourite restaurant is 'Bela Vila'. It's in Svetosavska Street and it's beautiful.
The decor is very old-fashioned. The food is tasty. The waiters are friendly. The serving is huge, but the prices are reasonable.
'Bela Vila' is a very popular restaurant. I love it because of the delicious food and good prices.

Ninoslava Popović, VIII3, November 2011

My favourite restaurant is 'McDonald's'. It's a fast food restaurant, but it's in Subotica. Kikinda doesn't have one.
The decor is modern. There is an excellent service, friendly and helpful waiters, and delicious dishes. There are a lot of dishes to choose from, such as hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries, etc. The prices are for every family.
'McDonald's' is very popular with young people. The food is great, and if you visit it, you won't make a mistake.

Teodora Plavšić, VIII1, November 2011

My favourite restaurant is ‘Ungar Grill’ in Vienna. It is at 61 Jakobstraße and it’s very beautiful.
The décor is traditional. There are old pictures and music instruments on the walls.
The restaurant is famous for its excellent service, delicious dishes and friendly waiters. Prices are reasonable.
‘Ungar Grill’ is a very popular restaurant in Vienna. Servings are huge and you will not be hungry.

Dejan Škorić, VIII1

My favourite restaurant is 'Mojo Club'.
The decor is modern and colourful. There are posters of some of the famous music groups, like the Tolling Stones, Hallowe'en, Grin Rieper, the Grave digger...
The service is fast and excellent. The waiters are very friendly. The dishes are delicious and tasty. There are lots of pizzas, like the pineapple surprise, lots of pastas and Italian food.
The prices aren't so high, so stop by whenever you're hungry.

Milica Marić, VIII2

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Cake Day 2011

Here are a few recipes:

You need:
0.12l of water,
0.2kg of sugar,
half of the butter,
50g of chocolate,
300g of ground biscuits,
3 chocolate bananas.
Boil the water, sugar, butter and chocolate. Add the ground biscuits and stir. Then, divide into two parts. Roll each piece. Cut three chocolate bananas and wrap them in rolls. 

You need:
300g biscuits,
50g cocoa,
150g sugar,
half the butter,
a bit of rum,
coconut powder.
Whisk everything, make balls and roll them in coconut powder.

Tanja Lugonja, VIII3, October 2011

You need:
200g ground walnuts,
200g powdered sugar,
200g grated chocolate,
2 tablespoons cocoa powder,
2 tablespoons rum,
1 egg,
coconut powder for decoration.
Stir the walnuts, rum, egg whites, grated chocolate and cocoa powder. Form a ball. Roll the ball in coconut powder.

Mirjana Ivanković, VIII3


120g of flour,
100g of broken chocolate,
2 tablespoons of cocoa,
1 baking powder,
a teaspoon of baking soda,
1 egg,
100g of sugar,
125g of margarine for cooking,
300ml of yoghurt.
1. Mix flour, sugar, cocoa, baking powder and soda.
2. Add broken chocolate, egg, margarine and yoghurt and then whisk with mixer.
3. Pour the mixture carefully into muffin moulds.
4. Bake in the oven for about 20 minutes on 180 degrees.

Aleksa Konstantinov, VIII2  

Saturday, 15 October 2011


Dear Mum and Dad,
It's cold and windy here in Russia, but I'm wearing my green jacket, white boots, blue jeans and purple hat. I'm skiing with my friends.

Elena Brkanlić, IV2, October 2011  

Dear mum and dad,
It's hot and sunny here in Šušanj. I'm swimming in the sea and I'm drinking lemonade. I'm playing with my friends, too. We're looking for shells on the beach. It's so nice here.
Love and kisses,

Anja Vučić, IV2, October 2011

Dear Tamara,
It's sunny today here in Soko Banja. I'm wearing my white T-shirt, pink skirt and shoes. I'm having fun with mum and dad.
Lots of love,
your sister Tijana

Tijana Varađanin, IV2, October 2011

Dear Grandpa and Grandma,
We're having fun here in Herceg Novi. It's hot and sunny today. I'm wearing my hat and my sunglasses. My Mum and Dad are sitting on the beach and drinking cold Coca-Cola. I'm eating ice cream. We like it here!

Anđela Tomić, IV5, October 2011

Dear Mum and Dad,

It's windy in Belgrade. I'm wearing my pink shirt and blue jeans. I'm drawing.



Daniela Marton, IV6, October 2011

Dear Mum and Dad,

It's sunny and windy here in Subotica. I'm wearing my blue T-shirt and gray shorts. I'm sailing on Palić lake and watching Daniel. He's sitting on the beach and eating ice cream. Everyone's having fun here!

Love and kisses,


Jožef Horvat, IV6, October 2011

Dear Mum and Dad,

It's snowing here in Zlatibor. I'm wearing my jacket because it's cold. We're going shopping for our parents. Andrea and I are having fun.

Love and kisses,

Natalia Sakal, IV6, October 2011

Dear Mum and Dad,

We are having fun here in Igalo. It's hot and sunny today. I'm wearing my T-shirt and my blue hat. Joži is making lemonade! Edvin is drinking orange juice. We like it here.



Daniel Silađi, IV6, October 2011

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

It happened to me (stories)

Think of something unusual that has happened to you. Write a story. You might follow this model:
P1: set the scene: Who was/were the main character(s)? When/Where did the story take place? What was the weather like?
P2: describe the events in the order they happened, leading to the climax event: What was the event before the climax event? What was the climax (main) event?
P3: What happened in the end? 
P4: How did the character(s) feel?
Don't forget to use time connectors to show the sequence of events: as, when, after, later, while, suddenly, immediately!

This summer my sister and I finally convinced our parents to let us go to the mountains, to our aunt’s, on our own.
We had a complete freedom to do whatever we wanted. Every morning we would walk, go downtown, and we even climbed the top of the mountain for 3 times.
One day, we decided to explore the woods, which was behind our aunt’s house. We prepared everything for that: small axes for bushes, then food, torches and so on.
We were breaking through the bushes, making a free way, when it started getting dark. We turned on our torches and continued walking. Suddenly, my sister fell over the rock and dropped her torch. It started rolling down the hill. We started chasing the torch. It led us to some old lake. My sister and I hid behind a tree and watched some unknown people with some strange masks on their faces. They were dancing around the fire, while the drums were getting louder and louder. The atmosphere was very weird and we got scared. We decided to go back. But, when we turned around I accidentally stepped over some branch and fell. Someone from the masked group heard us and started chasing us. We were running as fast as we could. The man lost us of his sight and we finally got out from the woods. When we got back home, we told our aunt what had happened. She told us that the masked group was a sort of a secret union.
That experience we will never forget.

Nevena Grubišić, VIII1

One sunny day I was walking through the woods and I was just enjoying the nature. Then I saw a beautiful bird. I followed it through the forest for a long, long time. All of a sudden, I found myself in a totally different part of the woods. At first, I was confused but eventually I found my way back home. The next morning I decided to go into the woods again and see the same bird. I was walking shortly and then I saw it again. I came to the conclusion that I had never seen this kind of bird in my life so I decided to call an expert, someone who knows the nature and birds better than me. When my friend Garry came and saw the beautiful, coloured bird, he said that the scientists thought that this species was dead. And that day I became an explorer who discovered that special species. My family was proud of me, even though I think I’ve done what every curious human would do.

Dobrila Bokan, VIII1

My cat likes to dig holes. One day I fell into one of these holes.
When I fell, I saw a lot of monster cats. They were so scary and they had swords. When they saw me, they started after me. They wanted to expel me from their holes because they wanted nobody to know that they existed. I was frightened and I ran as fast as I could, away from them. Finally, I found a huge room where I hid. The cats have long been searching for me, and soon one of them found me. When they caught me, they asked me why I had run away. Fortunately, their leader said he had examined me and let me go immediately, provided that I would never speak about their hiding place.
I’m very happy about this adventure, which was very tense and I hope that my cat will no longer dig holes.

Dejan Škorić, VIII1

Not a true story!
Aaah. Travelling. So not my thing! Especially by plane...
I was about to travel to Germany... I felt so weird while going through that airport. Scary did I feel. All those checks and all... But, to cut the story short, I sat next to the window, and as soon as we took off, something went wrong. Like, only after a 10-minute ride, the aeroplane started having ups and downs and there was panicking and some signals, and some masks got out. I put one on and the rest... I don’t remember. All black.
A few seconds later... I woke up and I was on the plane, alive. Everything was normal, but the following 2 hours on the plane were the scariest ones in my life.

Anđela Kovljenić, VIII1

It all happened one summer day when I was at my grandma and grandpa’s in Mokrin. My old routine was to take my dog Mrvica for a walk every evening. However, one evening everything changed, While I was walking Mrvica, a group of children waved at me and I waved back to them. The next second I looked at Mrvica, but she wasn’t there. Her collar fell off and she got away. I started looking for her, calling her... but she didn’t show up. After an hour I returned home. At the gate someone was sitting and waiting for me to come back. It was Mrvica. I was relieved. I thought I’d never see my lil’ doggie again.

Milica Marić, VIII2

A few years ago I had an experience that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.

I went for a walk with my friends and we came up with an idea to visit one house that’s called by the people of our town ’the haunted house’.

As we went closer to the house, it became colder and colder. We stopped in front of the house and the front door opened itself. We were all frightened, but we still had the courage to take the first step through the door.

It was dark and very cold indoors. The house had two storeys. We went to the second floor and there, in the corner of the dark room, there was a man with long gray hair. He was intimidating at the first look. Suddenly we heard a noise that was coming from downstairs. I felt like the whole house was hit by a tornado. A moment later we heard an awful scream. I think that it was a woman’s voice, a scared woman. We were just standing there, looking at each other. We couldn’t move. We felt some presence near by. We ran downstairs and there we saw a painting on the floor. We ran outside.

We figured that in that house something unexplainable exists and we knew that we’ll never come back to that horrible house again.

Denis Nastovski, VIII2

One day, when I was in the first grade, something strange happened after school. I was on my way home when I saw an unusual animal. It was like a dog, but got the head of a dinosaur. He roared at me and suddenly attacked me. I tried to run but he caught me and bit me. I was in hospital for 3 months with the infection from his bite. I was relieved I survived it.

After two years I saw that creature again, but I avoided it in the street. One rainy day, I was going to my tennis lesson and around the corner I saw that monster eating something. I thought it was a human, but it appeared that it was a dummy from a boutique.

I shared this story with my friends but they didn’t believe me. I tried to find the monster again and take a picture of him so I can prove my amazing experience. Unfortunately, I had no luck.

Filip Smiljanić, VIII2

I still remember the story about the present for my mother on her birthday. I was a little girl and my favourite play was to sneak into my mother’s room, find something of hers, like her make up and go to a secret place. I often opened up the closet and enjoyed the beautiful colours and wonderful scents.

That day, my father came home with a nice bunch of flowers and a little shine glass bottle of perfume. I wondered what the fragrance of the perfume was. My curiosity was so strong that I went to my secret place to try it out. But, when I tried to get hold of the bottle on the top shelf of the closet, I knocked it down and smashed the bottle. Suddenly, the room was filled with wonderful fragrance. The more the room was filled with scents, the more I cried. My tears were falling on the floor like rivers. Finally, the door opened and two heads peeped to see what had happened. Mum quickly came up to me and hugged me, and my dad tried to calm my deep sighs. In the end, dad took us both to the store, where he bought two new bottles of perfume, one for mum and one for me.

It all ended well. I got my first perfume and the room had a nice fragrance for a long, long time.

Anastazija Petkov, VIII2

Two years ago my friends and I went on a school trip to Fruška Gora. It was a beautiful day in May.

Four of my friends and I were taking a walk through the woods. The grass looked very nice that day. However, the path was not straight and there were some dangerous holes on the way. While we were crossing one of the big holes, I suddenly heard a scream behind. Immediately, the four of us turned around and were shocked to see our friend Jelena with her both legs in the large hole. All my friends and I ran to her and pulled her out of the hole. She was a little afraid that her leg was broken. We helped her to walk on one leg until we got to our Biology teacher. She looked at Jelena’s leg and examined it. She decided that the leg wasn’t broken, but the ankle was twisted and Jelena felt a little pain. The teacher told her not to move any more that day and that everything would be fine when we got home.

In the end we all felt really proud, because we helped our friend that day.

Dimitrije Bačkuljin, VIII2

Tuesday, 27 September 2011



We've got some ice cream but we haven't got any sausages. There is some mustard in the fridge but there isn't any juice. We haven't got any rice but there is some milk. We've got some tomatoes but we haven't got any chicken. Can you get some?


Petar Tesla, IV5, September 2011


We've got some hot dogs but we haven't got any French fries. There is some ice cream in the fridge but there aren't any eggs. We haven't got any juice. Can you get some?


Miona Vujošević, IV5, September 2011 


We've got some rice but we haven't got any apples. There is some orange juice in the fridge but there aren't any eggs. We haven't got any water. Can you get some?


Anja Vučić, IV2, September 2011


We've got some bread but we haven't got any eggs. There is some salad in the fridge but there isn't any chicken. We haven't got any lemons. Can you get some?


Elena Brkanlić, IV2, September 2011


We've got some burgers but we haven't got any lemons. There are some oranges in the fridge but there isn't any rice. We haven't got any apple juice. Can you get some?


Tijana Varađanin, IV2, September 2011


We've got some ice cream but we haven't got any salad. There are some eggs in the fridge but there isn't any milk. We haven't got any orange juice. Can you get some?


Daniela Marton, IV6, September 2011


We've got some rice but we haven't got any eggs. There is some fish in the fridge but there isn't any salad. We haven't got any juice. Can you get some?


Natalia Sakal, IV6, September 2011


We've got some apples but we haven't got any peaches. There are some eggs in the fridge but there aren't any potatoes. We haven't got any ice cream. Can you get some?


Robertina Tornji, IV6, September 2011


We've got some bread but we haven't got any ice cream. There are some hot dogs in the fridge but there aren't any burgers. We haven't got any apple juice. Can you get some?


Mihalj Vaštag, IV6, September 2011

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Short messages

John has invited Sean to his birthday party. Write Sean's short email in which he: apologises for not being able to go to the party, explains the reason why he can't go and wishes John a happy birthday. Write 50-60 words.
Hi John,
Happy birthday!!! I hope you have a fantastic day. I'm really sorry I can’t make to your big birthday party. I'm going camping that day. I got you something really amazing, what you really want! You'll see it next week. Well, have a successful birthday party, enjoy it and have fun!
Lots of love,

Anđela Kovljenić, VIII1, September 2011

Dear John,
I’m sorry but I won’t be able to make it on your birthday. You and my mother have a birthday on the same day. Hope the present I sent you will be there on your big day.
Best wishes,
Your Sean

Teodora Stankov, VIII1

Dear John,
I’m very sad that I won’t be able to celebrate your birthday with you, but I have to travel to Australia, because my aunt has a wedding.
Best wishes,
Your Sean

Nevena Grubišić, VIII1

Dear John,
Happy birthday! I hope you have a great day.
I’m sorry but I can’t come to your party because I have a soccer game. I play on the first position and my team needs me. I’m so sorry, but I hope you’ll like the present I’m sending you. I wish you a wonderful day, full of surprises and may all your wishes come true.
Lots of love,

Dejan Škorić, VIII1

Dear John,
I'm so sorry, but I won't be coming to your birthday party because I'm travelling to Paris. I've sent you a gift. Hope you'll like it. Have a great day and happy birthday!

Dejan Kovačević, VIII2

Dear John,
Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day!
I'm very sad that I won't be able to celebrate it with you, but I have to travel somewhere. I hope you like the present I sent you.
Have a great day!
Lots of love,

Andrea Kiš, VIII5

Saturday, 18 June 2011

Head and shoulders (kids singing)

Watch my Class III3 singing the all-time favourite song:

Thursday, 16 June 2011

I can... (kids singing)

My pupils love singing and doing songs most of all. 'I can...' is a perfect example:

I can play the piano,
Piano, piano.
I can play the piano,
And you can play with me!

I can sing and I can dance,
Sing and dance, sing and dance,
I can sing and I can dance,
And you can dance with me!

I can run and I can jump,
Run and jump, run and jump,
I can run and I can jump,
And you can run with me!

I can fish and I can swim,
Fish and swim, fish and swim,
I can fish and I can swim,
And you can swim with me!

And, here's my class III6 singing the song:

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Love & Kisses (postcards)

Dear Mum and Dad,
It's cloudy today. I'm wearing my black shoes and a white and black T-shirt. Yesterday I was on the beach. I'm eating a hamburger now.

Matija Kozić, III3, June 2011

Dear Mum and Dad,
The weather is cloudy and rainy today. I am in room 214. I am wearing a jacket, jeans, shoes and a T-shirt. I am eating sausages.

Stefan Vujić, III3, June 2011

Dear Dad and Mum,
It's cold today. I am wearing my blue jumper, jeans and black boots. I am eating a hamburger.

Milanko Bilić, III3, June 2011

Five fat sausages (kids singing)

This is one of the funniest songs for my young learners.

Here is how class III5 performed it in June 2011:

Thursday, 9 June 2011

I like hamburgers (kids singing)

Here's yet another song about food from the book we used, performed by my class III1:

Monday, 6 June 2011

Can you swim like a fish? (kids singing)

I have to say that this song has marked the whole year. In fact, as soon as we learned it, we simply had to sing it over and over again, not only at the beginning but also at the end of each lesson.

And the lyrics are: 

Can you swim like a fish? 
Can you run like a rabbit? 
Can you jump like a kangaroo? 
He can, she can, 
You can, they can, 
And I can, too! 

Can you sing like a bird? 
Can you walk like a cat? 
Can you climb like a monkey in the zoo? 
He can, she can, 
You can, they can, 
And I can, too! 

This is how my classes III4, III5 and III6 performed the song in June 2011:

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Keeping wild animals as pets (pros and cons essays)

Can you imagine yourself keeping a wild animal as a pet? It sounds exciting but is it right to keep one at home?

There are certain advantages in keeping wild animals as pets. Firstly, if it is one of the endangered species, we can save them and help the species live longer. Secondly, we can learn a lot about them.

On the other hand, there are certain drawbacks in keeping wild animals as pets. First of all, our house is small for them. Also, when they grow up, they can be dangerous.

But, although this idea looks exciting, and many people want to have a wild animal as a pet, it isn’t a good idea. We don’t know how exactly to take care of them.

I hope that people won’t have wild animals as pets, because they should live in their natural habitats.

Teodora Plavšić, VII1, 19 May 2011

Friday, 20 May 2011

Life in the future (opinion articles)

Hi, my name’s Aleksa and I’ll tell you what I think about the future.

In my opinion, the future will be a better place to live. Firstly, scientists will find many cures for dangerous diseases. Also, there will be no ozone holes and we won’t have any problems with global warming. Lots of national parks will be formed for endangered species. There won’t be any hungry people because politicians will find the way too share food with the parts of the world where famine rules. We will inherit some new kind of fuel that will not pollute the air. With new technology, we’ll have a new generation of robots and every rich house will have it, so we’ll have more free time. There also won’t be any crisis and we will live without any bigger money problems.

I think that the future will be a better and healthier place to live. I hope it will all come true one day.

Aleksa Konstantinov, VII2, 19 May 2011

Every person in the world thinks about his or her future. Also, the kids today are thinking about the future, but in a more colourful and interesting way.

Sometimes we wonder about the way our life will be as we grow older. Will it be good, or are we going to have a bad life? I think that the life in the future will be more modern, that there will be some new technologies that we can’t even think about now. I also think that if we don’t take care of the biggest problem of the whole planet, ecology, we will live in a filthy world and a planet full of garbage.

I’m optimistic, because I think that people will take care of their environment and that we will take care of it until we pass our assignment to the next generations.

Denis Nastovski, VII2, 19 May 2011

Soon, we will run out of all natural resources. We can use renewable energy, such as solar power, but in the further future, that won’t be enough.

We will develop the technology that uses far more powerful energy than solar energy. We could use nuclear energy, but what if we cause a nuclear disaster, so big that it destroys our whole planet. Where will we go, how could we escape, when the nearest Earth-like planet (Gliese 581c) is almost 20.3 light years away? The answer is: ANTIMATTER. Antimatter produces no radiation and one drop could power up a city of millions of people.

But, there is a down side. Antimatter is very difficult to create. To create five grams, you will need the biggest particle accelerator in the world, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Also, because antimatter is the opposite of matter, when they come in contact, they create a devastating blow. That one drop could destroy Kikinda and kill us all. Because of that, it needs to be held in vacuum all the time.

Antimatter could be used for energy in the future, but in the wrong hands, it could be a devastating weapon.

Filip Ivetić, VII3, May 2011

I think that life in the future will be more interesting.

It will be much better, because people will not have to do any manual labour. Robots will replace people in difficult jobs. There will be more fun and cooler toys.

But life in the future will be worse, too, because some people want this planet only for themselves. It will lead to the battle of good and evil, like it is fought now, only it will be much more dangerous.

Milan Reljin, VII3, May 2011

Life in the future is a big dream. But if the scientists worked hard, then our dreams would come true.

First of all, we will have greener sources of energy. Cars will have hydrogen power motors. They will not pollute our air, but the coolest part is they will fly or just hover. Secondly, computers will be so life-like we won’t know who’s a human and who’s a machine. Then, our house will communicate with us and it will insure that everything is running properly. The games will be in 3D. It will be so real that we won’t tell them apart from reality. Our phones will be made with nanotechnology. They will be self-cleaning, self-powering, they will have 3D buttons on the screen and they will even be able to tell us what not to eat.

Well, that dream may be far away, but the future life is just around the corner.

Čaba Kurunci, VII5, May 2011 

Ever since I read one of my first books, I started to adore Jules Verne and his stories about the future. And so some of his books have inspired me to write this article.

There are a few modifications like flying cars and stuff like that, but let’s start from the beginning...

First we will lose the space to build our houses, so we will build floating towns run on solar energy. Then, the spendable resources will get banned or melted, so in search for other resources we will explore other planets. The traffic will be moved to the skies. There will be flying cars and other floating vehicles, since the traffic will not be possible on the ground, because of the population of humans.

And that is why I adore the future.

Rastko Zamurović, VII2, May 2011

Thursday, 19 May 2011

A letter of application for a job

Choose one of the job advertisements. Write your letter of application. Try to include the answers to the following questions:
- Who are you writing to?
- Why are you writing the letter?
- Where did you see the advert?
- Who are you? What are you studying?
- Have yu got any work experience?
- What are you like?
- When are you available for an interview?
Dear Mr and Mrs Venables,
I am writing to apply for the part-time job in the Village Store.
My name is Emma and I am interested in serving customers and putting things on the shelves. I am fifteen years old and still in my secondary school. Although I have no work experience, I am a very tidy, polite and well organised person. I have all As and Bs at school and I am excellent at physics and maths. I think these are suitable qualities for the position.
I am available for an interview tomorrow at 6pm. Thank you for your consideration.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Emma Watson

Anđela Kovljenić, VII1, May 2011

Dear Mrs Harris,
I am applying for the position of a dog walker.
I am thirteen years old and I go to primary school. I love dogs and I am a friendly and kind person. I have no work experience, but I think that this job is perfect for me.
I am available for an interview in the evenings. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Nevena Grubišić

Nevena Grubišić, VII1, May 2011

Dear Mrs Smith,
I am writing to apply for the position of a part-time bookshop assistant.
I am a seventeen-year-old student of secondary school. I am friendly and like to meet new friends. Although I have no work experience, I am a well organised, honest, careful and hardworking person.
I am available for an interview on Saturday at nine o’clock. Thank you for your consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Aleksandar Petrović

Aleksandar Petrović, VII1, May 2011

Dear Mr Jones,
I am writing to apply for the position of a pizza delivery boy. I have a driving licence for motorcycle and for car too. I am a very reliable and friendly person. I would prefer to work in the evenings.
I am available for an interview in the afternoons. Thank you for your consideration.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Filip Smiljanić

Filip Smiljanić, VII2, May 2011

Dear Mrs Harris,
I am writing to apply for the position of a dog walker as advertised in ‘Saturday’s Gazette’.
My name is Dejan Kovačević and I am fourteen years old. I am a very good student in my primary school. My favourite subjects are Maths and English. I think I will be good for the job because I love dogs. I am a very responsible and reliable person. I think these are suitable qualities for the position.
I am available for an interview in the afternoons. Thank you for your consideration.
I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Dejan Kovačević

Dejan Kovačević, VII2, May 2011

Dear Mrs Sharp,
I am writing to apply for the position of a hairdresser’s assistant.
My name is Igor Pavlić. I am a hardworking student, currently studying at primary school. I am thirteen years old. I expect to do well in both English and Maths. Although I have no work experience, I am really patient, honest and friendly. I also like telling jokes. I am really good at making tea and coffee. I think these are suitable qualities for the position.
I am available for an interview in the afternoons. Thank you for your consideration. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Igor Pavlić

Igor Pavlić, VII2, May 2011

Sunday, 15 May 2011

CD reviews

Avril Lavigne is a Canadian singer and a songwriter. Her career started in 2008, and she is still number 1.

Avril is a famous singer with a voice that rocks. Her music is a mix of pop and rock and the lyrics are dedicated to love, so she will be famous for a long time.

The most popular album so far is ‘Goodbye Lullaby’ and the most popular songs from the album are ’Girlfriend’ and ‘My Happy Ending’.

Rating: 5 stars

Milica Marić, VII2, May 2011

Rihanna is a popular singer all around the world. Her songs are on top of the music charts on MTV and Vh1 music channels.

She became popular with her album called ‘Good girls gonna go bad’ and the most famous song on the album ‘Umbrella’. The chords make you want to sing and the rhythm is awesome.

I think that Rihanna is an amazing singer and she should keep up the good work. I can’t wait for her next album to come out to learn some new lyrics.

Teodora Stankov, Dobrila Bokan and Dejan Škorić, VII1, May 2011

‘Labyrinth’ is the latest music album by Van Gogh, a popular rock band from Serbia. Their music is well-known all around Serbia. The lead singer in group Van Gogh is Djule. Djule is the singer’s nickname. He is a talented singer and song-writer. His music is powerful and fun.

The album contains eleven songs, including two ballads. The most popular song on the album is ‘Move Your Body’.

Van Gogh is the best rock band in Serbia and they are sure to be around for a long time!

Srđan Sić, VII3, May 2011

My favourite CD is ‘Never mind’ by Nirvana. ‘Never mind’ is an album to remember. It was once on the top of billboard charts.
Unfortunately, Nirvana no longer exists because the singer Kurt Cobain died in 1994.

Singer Kurt Cobain, guitarist Krist Novoselić and drummer Dave Grohl were inseparable friends and fantastic artists. They left a lot of hits for us to enjoy. My favourite song is ‘Smells Like A Teen Spirit’. I love them because they were different from the other angry rock stars. Kurt Cobain was a kind of a rock star never seen before or after. He is more an anti rock star than star celebrity.

The group will be remembered in the history of rock music for its good music and fantastic hits.

Ninoslava Popović, VII3, May 2011

‘Dark House’ is an album by the popular group Nickelback. The singer of this group is a very talented and successful person. His voice is amazing and perfect. The music is powerful and the lyrics are exciting. The songs have catchy tunes.

You can listen to Nickelback’s three hits on this album. The most popular and the best song is ‘If Today Was Your Last Day’. The album is sure to be on the top of the music charts!

Rating: five stars

Don’t miss Nickelback! They are perfect!

Andrea Kiš, VII5, May 2011

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

My younger pupils took their chance and sang their favourite songs on Valentine's Day:

final rehearsals

If you're happy and you know it

Sing a rainbow
photo taken by my colleague Dubravka Puc

Thursday, 10 February 2011

If you're happy... (kids singing)

This is one of my class III rehearsals for Valentine's Day:

Friday, 4 February 2011

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Picture dictation

Let's draw a monster. Draw his head. Colour it orange. Draw his hair. It's yellow. Draw four eyes. They're blue. Draw five eyes. They're red. Draw a nose. It's pink. Draw his mouth. It's purple. Draw seven teeth. They're green. The monster's happy!

Now, draw his T-shirt. It's white. Draw his shorts. They're brown. Draw his shoes. They're black.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

My hometown (emails)

Dear Jimmy,

I’ve got your e-mail. Thanks.

How’s it going? I haven’t seen you for 3 months. Hope everything’s alright.

So, how was your football tournament? Did you win an award?

As you already know, I live in Kikinda. It’s in north of Serbia, in Vojvodina. It’s not a big town, so everything’s close at hand. There are plenty of cultural sites and monuments in our town, like a theatre, cinema and others. The best attraction in the town is our mammoth, Kika.

You can find a lot of entertainment, too. If you’re a party person, you’ll like our clubs, cafés and discos. Or if you enjoy peace and quiet, you’ll like our Big park and Old lake, where you can go for a walk or relax.

I hope I’ve thrilled you and you can’t wait to see what else our town hides and how this beautiful place looks like. You need to know, you’re always welcome.

Best wishes,


Aleksa Konstantinov, VII2, December 2010

Dear Wanja,

Hi! How’s everything going? Thanks for your email and the lovely pictures of your place. Now it’s my turn to write you something about my hometown.

The name of my place is Kikinda. Kikinda is in the north of Northeastern Serbia. There are not many impressive sights to see here. We only have our theatre and the Kikinda museum. But, there is one thing we can be proud of. In 1996, a great archaeological discovery was made. The well preserved remnants of a half-a-million-year-old mammoth were discovered on the outer edge of the town area. We call her Kika.

I guess you think of Kikinda as a boring old town, but my friends and I can always find some fun things to do. Why don’t you come and stay with me for a few days, or even a week?

Write back soon!

Take care,


Filip Ivetić, VII3, December 2010

Dear Alex,

Hi! How’s everything going?

My hometown is Kikinda, and it is in Northern Banat, in Serbia. There are many sights to see, such as the Museum, Theatre and so on.

There are many shops and banks. We have a bank at every corner. In our museum is Kika, the mammoth, our biggest treasure. In the theatre, we have many beautiful shows. Our town has the oldest library on the Balkans. Every Friday pupils from the fifth to eighth classes from all schools have a party in disco ‘Paun’ which is in the hotel ‘Narvik.

I would like you to come to Kikinda, and I hope we will see soon.

Write back!

Take care,


Teodora Plavšić, VII1, December 2010

Dear Daniel,

My hometown is Kikinda. I have been living here since I was born. And I think that it is beautiful.

We have a museum and inside it is a mammoth named Kika. There is an old lake. The people are nice and the water tastes like tea.

There are lots of fun and old things like the old mill. So, it’s my Kikinda. You won’t regret it if you visit it.

Lots of love,


Sintija Gabor, VII5, December 2010

Dear Jack,

My hometown is Kikinda and I think that it is great sometimes, and here is why I think so.

There are lots of fun places like the pool, the Old Lake and the central park. There are lots of schools and mine is called ‘Sveti Sava’. There are two churches.
The bad thing is that there are a lot of banks and Chinese shops. Some people are mean and the water is brown. It is gross.

If you want to visit, bring some bottled water.

Your worst enemy,


Čaba Kurunci, VII5, December 2010