Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Teen problems (letters of advice)

Write a letter of advice to your friend on how to deal with the situation. You might follow this plan:
P1: express your sympathy, state the reason for writing
P2: write your advice and support it with possible results
P3: express hope that things will get better  
The following  expressions might help you:
- to give advice: If I were you, I'd..., You should(n't)..., It would be a good idea if..., The best thing to do is..., Why don't you...?, Have you thought of...?
- to give support/result: This will mean that..., Then,..., This/That way..., If you do this, you will... .

Dear Lindsey,
After reading your letter I realized that you have the same problems as the other teens. Every teen has problems with social and love life. Don't worry! There's always a cure.
If I were you, I would join some school clubs. This way, you'll meet new friends and build your self - confidence.
Another good idea is to invite your new friends for a sleepover. There, you will talk about everyone and everything.
You should also visit some cafes, or go out more often. If you do like this, you'll have new friends in no time.
Put a smile on that sad face and hope for the best.

Milica Marić, VIII2, November 2011

Dear John,
I'm sorry to hear other people are making fun of your hairstyle. You shouldn't worry because lots of teens have similar problems. I'll give you some advice. This will make yourself feel better, I hope.
First of all, you should find people who like you the way you are. This will make you forget about your hairstyle and they could also help you fix this problem. You can also change your hairstyle if you don't like it. This way you will gain more self-confidence and it would be much easier to find new friends.
I hope these few pieces of advice will help you. Let me know how it goes.

Aleksa Konstantinov, VIII2 

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