Tuesday, 1 November 2011

My favourite restaurant (reviews)

Write a review describing your favourite restaurant. What is its name? Where is it? What does it look like outside and inside? Add your opinion of its service, staff, dishes and prices. Don't forget to recommend it!

My favourite restaurant is called 'Graveyard'. It has a special place in the town - it's in the centre.
The decorations are scary, but children love going there. The food is delicious and in all kinds of shapes: spiders, webs and so on. The waiters are fast but creepy too. Some of them are dressed like vampires and the others like witches. It's a little expensive, because every time you go there you put your life at stake - it's one bite per person. The real price is 15-30 euros. 
'Graveyard' is a really scary restaurant but you should go there. And don't stay too long. Maybe you won't get out.

Ratko Stanković, VIII1, October 2011 

My favourite restaurant is called 'Cataclysm'. It's in the City of New York.
The decorations are really fantastic. The waiters are fast and well-dressed. The food is delicious. The prices are not expensive. They range from 15 euros for a child to 30 euros for an adult.
In the restaurant there are some computers where you can play online games.
'Cataclysm' is very popular with people, so don't miss going there.

Nikola Crnogorac, VIII1

My favourite restaurant is 'Lovac' (Hunter). It's outside of Kikinda, towards Mokrin.
The decor is traditional and you can see some stuffed animals from our environment there.The food is great and really tasty. Most of it are local dishes. The service is really fast and waiters are very friendly and helpful. Also, the prices are reasonable so you won't harm your wallet.
In one word, it's a really good restaurant and I'd recommend it to anyone.

Aleksa Konstantinov, VIII2

My favourite restaurant is 'Two Sticks'. It's at 288 Marko Street.
The decor's very beautiful. On Monday evenings, you can listen to rock music. The cooks and waiters are very friendly. The restaurant's famous because the Chinese make their specialities there. People can eat fish, meat, poached ice cream, rice, potatoes or pizza. The prices are reasonable. They range from 10 - 20 euros for lunch and 30 - 40 euros for dinner.
'Two Sticks' is very popular with people of all ages. Make sure you're really hungry, too, because the servings are huge.
Everyone should try this restaurant at least once in their life.

Jovan Kovačević, VIII3

My favourite restaurant is 'Black Jack'. It's at 19 Serbian Street and it rocks.
The decor is modern. They have all the new technology. They give the best food, which is also prepared in the best world restaurants. The service is kind of slow, but the waiters are really friendly. Also, there are many kinds of dishes, Chinese, Italian and others. Every day, they play cool music. I would give them 4 stars, because their expensive price takes off one star.
This place is really popular and one of the best in this city. I would recommend everyone to try it. I always go there, 'cos 'BJ' rocks!

Vanja Rajtarov, VIII3

My favourite restaurant is 'Bela Vila'. It's in Svetosavska Street and it's beautiful.
The decor is very old-fashioned. The food is tasty. The waiters are friendly. The serving is huge, but the prices are reasonable.
'Bela Vila' is a very popular restaurant. I love it because of the delicious food and good prices.

Ninoslava Popović, VIII3, November 2011

My favourite restaurant is 'McDonald's'. It's a fast food restaurant, but it's in Subotica. Kikinda doesn't have one.
The decor is modern. There is an excellent service, friendly and helpful waiters, and delicious dishes. There are a lot of dishes to choose from, such as hamburgers, cheeseburgers, French fries, etc. The prices are for every family.
'McDonald's' is very popular with young people. The food is great, and if you visit it, you won't make a mistake.

Teodora Plavšić, VIII1, November 2011

My favourite restaurant is ‘Ungar Grill’ in Vienna. It is at 61 Jakobstraße and it’s very beautiful.
The décor is traditional. There are old pictures and music instruments on the walls.
The restaurant is famous for its excellent service, delicious dishes and friendly waiters. Prices are reasonable.
‘Ungar Grill’ is a very popular restaurant in Vienna. Servings are huge and you will not be hungry.

Dejan Škorić, VIII1

My favourite restaurant is 'Mojo Club'.
The decor is modern and colourful. There are posters of some of the famous music groups, like the Tolling Stones, Hallowe'en, Grin Rieper, the Grave digger...
The service is fast and excellent. The waiters are very friendly. The dishes are delicious and tasty. There are lots of pizzas, like the pineapple surprise, lots of pastas and Italian food.
The prices aren't so high, so stop by whenever you're hungry.

Milica Marić, VIII2

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