Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Friends (articles)

Friendship is one really important thing. When you grow up, you will be separated from your family, but your friends will always be there for you.
I have lots of good friends, but I'll choose the craziest of them to introduce. His name is Marko Čarapić, but we usually call him Čaki.
He is really tall, has got dark hair and black eyes. He is really good at basketball and we train together.
Čaki is, as I said, really silly. He always has a smile on his face, no matter what kind of situation it is. He is also really funny and has a good sense of humour. He is one of the persons that you always have fun with.
Čaki and I have so much in common. We like almost the same things. We are good as a team and one look is enough for making that decision.
For all these reasons, Čaki is one of my best friends.

Aleksa Konstantinov, VIII2, November 2011

Friendship is something we can't afford to lose. It's something that makes our lives easier. Without it, we would be stuck playing 'Sims' for hours.
My best friend (or BFF) is Jelena Mirkov. She is tall and thin. She has blonde wavy hair and a smile that turns a sad face into a happy one.
Jelena has a good sense of humour. Once she was telling me a joke while I was drinking juice. I laughed so hard that I could hardly swallow the juice.
Her interests are animals, especially cats. Jelena's hobbies are watching Anime, listening to Fairytales (that's a music group) and drawing Anime. She likes playing sports with me and Jovana. Jelena's lifetime wish is to become a famous Anime drawer. With her dream and my support, she'll be the next one to rock the Anime world.
Jelena is my best friend because we totally understand and support each other,

Milica Marić, VIII2

Friendship means a lot to me. A true friend is there for you, knows you best, all your good and bad sides, but still loves you for who you are.
My best friend is Daniel. He goes to the same class with me. He has short blonde hair. He has greenish-blue eyes. He doesn't have a clear face.
We spend a lot of time together. I love to play games with Daniel very much.
Daniel is a good friend. He likes to help and I trust him. But, he can be lazy at times. and that's bad.
Daniel is amazing and I hope we will be friends forever.
Friends are hard to find but easy to lose.

Siniša Danić, VIII1

I didn't realise what the word 'friendship' really means until I met Dragana. When I realised that she would do anything for me, I knew that we would be best friends forever. Also, she knows that I'll do anything for her too. We have had our fights, but after all we are still BFFs.
Dragana is fun, a bit stubborn at times, just like me, and she loves animals. She is my age, but seems a little older than she really is. We love to hang out together.
Gaga has brown hair and dark brown eyes. She is one tall girl. She's got chubby cheeks and a nice smile. She's got wide shoulders, long eyelashes and light skin.
Her best characteristics is her sense of humour. She loves to help all of her friends.
The bad side of her aharacter is that she is stubborn at times.
Anyway, we have a lot of things in common. We love walking through the snow, making jokes and watching movies.
Gaga is the sister that God forgot to give me, but that hasn't stopped us becoming best friends. She is always next to me. When I laugh, she laughs with me, and when I cry, she is always there to make me feel better. As time passes, she's only closer to my heart and she'll always be there. Dragana is my biggest support in all situations. She is the kind of a friend that you meet once in a lifetime, so I'll never wanna lose her. And if I really do somethinh stupid and lose her, life without her would never be the same!

Teodora Stankov, VIII1

True friends are a real gift. Friends should respect each other, get along well and be team members. Between friends there should be no lies, they should always be there when you need them.
My best friend is Anita. She is a cute girl with very interesting looks. She’s got dark eyes and light brown hair. She’s not tall. She’s got a nice smile and she’s a good dancer.
Anita is a kind of person who loves laughing and singing. When we are together, we always have fun.
One day, we were dancing and there was one move when I had to lift her up, but I dropped her. We started laughing. And that was just one of many moments that I have had with her.
On the other hand, Anita sometimes gets quiet and separates from the group with no reason. When we ask what’s wrong with her, she rejects us in a very rude way.
I think that friends are a real treasure. You just have to find them.

Nevena Grubišić, VIII1

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