Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Knowledge Fest 2015

For this year's Knowledge Fest, on 26 January, we prepared some interesting board games, such as memory games and dominoes, puzzles, interactive games and quizzes. 

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Future Schools

In my opinion, life will change for the better in 100 years' time. I believe we will live more easily and maybe have robots to do all the work.
Students will go to school in a spaceship because the school will be on Mars. They will use lifts to go to the classrooms. The board will be electronic. Children will not write anything. Robots will do everything. They will do the tests, written paper and homework. After school, children will go to the playground. In the afternoon, they will return back to the Earth. While students are at school, their parents will work at factories where they will control the robots.
All in all, to me, the future will be a better place for everyone.

Jožef Horvat, VII5, 16 January 2015

I believe that life in the future will change. I think that everything will be better.
Schools will be bigger than now. Students will have laptops and do their homework on them. They will leave their books in the classroom. Students will not have schoolbags. They will only carry their laptops to school. It will be super! When students get a mark, their parents will see it on the internet. But, students will do their tests on paper. The teachers will be better than now. 
Children will not have a snack at school. They will not have holidays, just one in a year.
In my opinion, children will not like that life in the future.

Daniela Marton, VII5

Modern schools will be fun and exciting. Children will learn gladly. Going to school will never be boring. There will be smart boards, Internet connection, smart phones and tablets in every classroom. Texting, using Facebook and Skype will be okay. Teachers will teach lessons by using Skype and ask students to send their homework by using e-mail. Students will no longer use notebooks, pencils and books. Snack will be served by robots and all students will be able to choose what they want to eat or drink. High-tech schools will be exciting. I am sure all students will learn with pleasure.

Emilija Mijandžić, VII4, 16 January 2015

How will school change?
Firstly, students will carry notebooks to school, but will write on their tablets. Secondly, there will be a digital table in the classrooms. Finally, the lessons will last 30 minutes.
How will homework change?
Firstly, when students come home from school, they will do their homework on their computer. Secondly, homework will be sent to the teacher via e-mail. Finally, the teacher will review the homework and return it corrected via e-mail.

Andrea Ružić, VII4, 16 January 2015

Twenty years ago kids walked more than ten kilometres to get to their school. Many years have passed and today most kids go to school by bus, car or bike. 
Kids used to use ink and a quill to write on paper. Kids today use modern pencils and paper with more quality, so I think that a lot of things will change in twenty years.
Kids in the future will use a self-driven cars or bikes. Students will not use any more pencils and paper, but instead, they will work on tablets or modern laptops. Teachers will use a video-beam to give their lectures. Even more, in the future, students will use special glasses to turn their lessons into virtual reality, and teachers will use video beams sensitive to the touch.

Stefan Vujić, VII3

Friday, 16 January 2015

Life in twenty years

I think that in twenty years everybody will be using new technologies. Everything will be done using computers. We will no longer be sending letters, but everything will be done electronically, through laptops, phones and smart devices.
I believe most people will be using robots. Time travel will be possible, too. Students will be using tablets at school and at home. All lessons will be held with the help of computers. Children will only play games on phones, computers, tablets and consoles, and use the Internet to communicate. Life in twenty years will be very exciting.

Emilija Mijandžić, VII4, 15 January 2015

Life in the future will be very difficult. We will not have time for celebrating.
People will work from mornings until evenings. We will have robots that will do all the housework. The children won't have toys, they will play video games on the computer. 
Schools won't have teachers. Robots will teach children. 
We will have flying cars and buses. Trees and plants will not exist, because we will have some machines that will make oxygen. We will have animals just in the zoo, but dogs and cats will live in our houses.
The future is not as pretty as we imagine it. If we continue to pollute our nature, our lives will be hard.

Natalia Sakal, VII5

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

My life in 20 years

My students took part in the international HIPPO warm-up writing contest last December. Their task was to describe their life in 20 years in no more than 100-120 words.
I am proud to say that the winning essay in HIPPO 3 category was written by my Class 7 student Anja Vučić.

I hope that the future will be good for all of us and the world will be a better place to live.
In twenty years I see myself as a pharmacist. I think I will have twins, two girls, and a wonderful husband. We will stay in Serbia, but maybe move to a bigger city. We will live in a beautiful house or in a big flat. I love animals, so I will probably have two cats. I hope our neighbours will be friendly, so we can hang out with them.
In the future technology will improve, so my house will be full of interesting appliances.
All in all, the future will be interesting.  

Anja Vučić, VII2, 19 December 2014

In my opinion, life in 20 years will be more different than the one we live now.
The Earth will be polluted because of too many electrical appliances, but people will live better than now. We'll have flying cars and robots instead of maids. At schools, kids will be using tablets instead of notebooks and books. They'll do their tests on the internet and get their marks immediately. In my opinion, kids will spend too much time playing computer games instead of playing outside with their friends. More people will donate money and food to people in Africa and make their lives easier.
I wish people didn't forget their friends and replace them with robots.

Anja Berić, VII2, 26 December 2014

My life in 20 years will probably be very interesting.
I will be living in a big house in London, with a pool, a garden and a white fence. I will be working as a lawyer and will have a husband and two children.
My day will start very early, at  eight o'clock. I will wake up my kids and prepare them for school. I will then go to work and when I get home I will prepare dinner for my family and go to sleep.
With a loving husband, adorable children and a dream job, my life in 20 years will probably be great and peaceful.

Kosana Jakonić, VII4, 26 December 2014

In twenty years I see myself as a programmer in a stable company, with a great wage. If I turn out to be rich, I won't spend much and will invest in charities. I'll have lots of friends. Nobody knows when I'm going to need their help, or they mine. I'll make sure my children follow moral standards.
As computer technology is becoming dominant, I can't imagine the future, really. In our early beginnings, we were constantly fighting for food, but now obesity's become a bigger killer. Although I can't do much about it, I'd like those dearest to me to be aware of it.
That's what I think, but can we really know the future? The most unexpected things might change our lives.

Kristian Balaž, VII2 (shortened version)

In 20 years I see myself as an programmer working for an stable company. I will have a great wage and will be able to maintain my family. I will have children, but the number of them depends on the economic situation of the family. If I do turn out to be rich, I won't spend a lot and will invest in charitable donations. I will have a lot of friends who i trust. I will maintain connections with them, as nobody knows when I'm going to need help, or somebody mine. I will assure that all family members follow standard morals and behave correctly in public.
But I don't see the future made out of sugar, spice and everything nice. As computer technology is becoming dominant in the present, I can't imagine the future. These times are so strange that in our early beginnings we were constantly fighting for food, but now obesity has became a bigger killer than hunger. Even thou there's not much I can do about it, I would like those dearest to me to at least be aware of it.
That is how I think of my future, but can we really ever know the future? Maybe the most unexpected things will change our lives.

Kristian Balaž, VII2 (original), 20 December 2014

When I grow up I want to finish medical college, become a physiotherapist and help the injured players. I really love soccer and in twenty years I will still be playing it, but in an amateur league.
I will live in a big city like Frankfurt, Germany, with my wife and two children. It is hard to find friends in big cities, but with friends from my soccer team, I will not have that problem. My family and I will be very happy and spend a lot of time together.
The world will change a lot. Planes, cars, phones, tablets and other digital gadgets will improve. I think I can live with the changes around me.

Luka Važić, VII2, 18 December 2014

In 20 years I will be a designer of LEGO bricks. Since LEGO doesn't have themes and programmes like WW1, WW2 or Napoleonic Wars, I'll live in Denmark and design LEGO bricks and figures from WW1 and 2.
I'll have a big house in a plain in Denmark and will have a family there. I will also have a dog, a black Labrador, and he will be named after my first dog.
I'm planning to study architecture to be able to work as a LEGO designer. Before I go to Denmark I'll have to learn German or English to understand them.
This is my future life and I hope it will come true.

Marko Dejanović, VII4, 19 December 2014

There are so many different jobs, like risky or desk jobs, but the most important thing is to match your personality with the appropriate job. I prefer desk jobs, because I'd like to be a programmer.
I hope the world will be a better place to live in. People will have better jobs and they'll be more satisfied. I see myself as a programmer in a giant company. I think that I'm imaginative, skilful and a hard working person, so in twenty years I'll be able to design new programmes that will make life easier and more interesting than today.
I know that my job will pay off and it'll give me a personal satisfaction.

Marko Radanović, VII3, 22 December 2014

I close my eyes and see another world, the world in twenty years.
People still have computers and surf the net. They're noticed only if they use famous and expensive brands. The real communication between people has disappeared. They only send messages that you can't tie with a bow. Romance and great love have gone digital. The new century demands to be practical, not romantic.
But I fight back. I don't allow  robots to do the work I love. I'm a successful vet. I find new species of animals, heal them and help them to find their home.
Having experienced it all, I get back to reality. I have a whole life ahead of me and should plan well.

Milan Jakšić, VII2, 26 December 2014

In 20 years, I see myself as a business woman. I live in a big city where I work for a company that deals with computers. I live with my husband and our children. I spend most of my time at work while my children are at school. When they are at home I try to be with them. At weekends I go to shopping malls with my children and husband. We spend summer and winter holidays travelling. We are a very happy and satisfied family.
That is how I see myself in 20 years, although perhaps it will not look like it at all.

Milica Vesin, VII2, 18 December 2014

I think life will be different in 20 years.
Cars won't have wheels, but will fly a few feet above the ground. Houses will rotate and robots will take the place of policemen.
Schools will change, too. It'll be enough for children to read a text and they'll know everything. Lessons will last only two hours and there won't be any homework.
People won't do anything, because different machines will work for them. Children won't have real friends. They will be replaced by programmed toys.
All diseases will be cured, but there will be too many people on the planet and it'll be in danger.
We should enjoy our lives, because we don't know what the future holds. 

Mina Vidović, VII1, 22 December 2014

In twenty years my life will change a lot.
I'll have finished medical school and get married. I'll live in Barcelona, Spain, and work as a sports doctor or physiotherapist. My husband will be a football player playing for Barcelona. We'll have two children, a boy and a girl. Our house will be huge, dark yellow, with a swimming pool and a beautiful garden.
Life will be much easier than it is now. We'll travel the world and see its wonders. The kids and I will often watch my husband's matches. Our son will also play football and our daughter will train volleyball. Our family will be very successful.
I hope my life will be like that in the future.  

Tijana Mesaroš, VII4, 26 December 2014

I think that in the future our lives will be easier and more contemporary.
I will be a programmer. My sister and I will programme robots which will take the place of shop assistants.
My partner will be very intelligent. He'll be a doctor who will find cures for serious diseases. We'll have a big zoo in our house. There will be elephants, zebras, monkeys, snakes, dolphins and other wild animals. They'll be very tame and smart.
I won't have a car to go shopping with my friends. Instead,  we'll fly to the shop.
All these things sound funny, but we can never be sure of what life will be like in the future, can we?

Tijana Varađanin, VII2, 18 December 2014