Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The Future Schools

In my opinion, life will change for the better in 100 years' time. I believe we will live more easily and maybe have robots to do all the work.
Students will go to school in a spaceship because the school will be on Mars. They will use lifts to go to the classrooms. The board will be electronic. Children will not write anything. Robots will do everything. They will do the tests, written paper and homework. After school, children will go to the playground. In the afternoon, they will return back to the Earth. While students are at school, their parents will work at factories where they will control the robots.
All in all, to me, the future will be a better place for everyone.

Jožef Horvat, VII5, 16 January 2015

I believe that life in the future will change. I think that everything will be better.
Schools will be bigger than now. Students will have laptops and do their homework on them. They will leave their books in the classroom. Students will not have schoolbags. They will only carry their laptops to school. It will be super! When students get a mark, their parents will see it on the internet. But, students will do their tests on paper. The teachers will be better than now. 
Children will not have a snack at school. They will not have holidays, just one in a year.
In my opinion, children will not like that life in the future.

Daniela Marton, VII5

Modern schools will be fun and exciting. Children will learn gladly. Going to school will never be boring. There will be smart boards, Internet connection, smart phones and tablets in every classroom. Texting, using Facebook and Skype will be okay. Teachers will teach lessons by using Skype and ask students to send their homework by using e-mail. Students will no longer use notebooks, pencils and books. Snack will be served by robots and all students will be able to choose what they want to eat or drink. High-tech schools will be exciting. I am sure all students will learn with pleasure.

Emilija Mijandžić, VII4, 16 January 2015

How will school change?
Firstly, students will carry notebooks to school, but will write on their tablets. Secondly, there will be a digital table in the classrooms. Finally, the lessons will last 30 minutes.
How will homework change?
Firstly, when students come home from school, they will do their homework on their computer. Secondly, homework will be sent to the teacher via e-mail. Finally, the teacher will review the homework and return it corrected via e-mail.

Andrea Ružić, VII4, 16 January 2015

Twenty years ago kids walked more than ten kilometres to get to their school. Many years have passed and today most kids go to school by bus, car or bike. 
Kids used to use ink and a quill to write on paper. Kids today use modern pencils and paper with more quality, so I think that a lot of things will change in twenty years.
Kids in the future will use a self-driven cars or bikes. Students will not use any more pencils and paper, but instead, they will work on tablets or modern laptops. Teachers will use a video-beam to give their lectures. Even more, in the future, students will use special glasses to turn their lessons into virtual reality, and teachers will use video beams sensitive to the touch.

Stefan Vujić, VII3

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