Wednesday, 30 October 2013

My favourite superhero

Who is your favourite superhero? Where does he/she live? What does he/she look like? What special powers has he/she got?

My favourite superhero is the Invisible Woman. She is a member of the Fantastic Four. Her real name is Susan Storm. Together with her brother Johnny, scientist Reed Richards and friend Ben Grimm, Susan goes into space. There they get exposed to cosmic rays and get special powers. They become superheroes. Susan gets the power to make herself invisible.
She is my favourite superhero because she is brave and has the power to become invisible.

Tijana Mesaroš, VI4

Monday, 21 October 2013


Think of a festival which takes place in our town / country and describe it. Write the name of the festival, the place, date and reason why people celebrate it. Write also what people do during the festival.

Pumpkin Days

Every year in the second week of October, people in Kikinda, Serbia, celebrate the Pumpkin Days. The festival lasts four days.
A  lot of people come to see the contest for the largest pumpkin. They can also taste delicious pumpkin pies. Children dress up in costumes and put on masks and then walk in a parade around the town. 
In the centre of the town there is a small fair where children can buy sweets and toys. 
The festival is very big. Everyone can enjoy the music all day long.
I like Pumpkin Days because this festival is a lot of fun.

Jožef Horvat, VI5, October 2013

Sunday, 20 October 2013


Design your own superhero. Decide where he/she lives, what he/she does, what special powers he/she has got.

Slobodan Bakić, VI3
Nikola Grujić, VI3
Milanko Bilić, VI3
Benjamin Buš, VI3
Teodora Trukić, VI3
Marko Mijić, VI3
Branislava Laković and Anabela Varga, VI1
Jožef Horvat and Daniel Silađi, VI5
Natalia Sakal, VI5

But, the most unusual one was a whole book of superheroes made by Stefan Vujić from Class VI3. I've decided to reward this effort with a book.