Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My family (secret diary)

Write a secret diary about your family. Who are the members of your family? What are their names? How old are they? What are they like? What can they do?

My mum's name is Snežana. She's 43 and a psychologist. She's very kind and friendly. She can cook excellently.
My dad's name is Zoran. He's 45 and a specialist for planes. He can play the guitar. Fishing is his hobby.
My aunt's name is Katarina. She is 40. She's funny and clever.
I'm proud of my family. I love them all.

Marko Dejanović, V4, 17 November 2012

The head of my family is my father, Darko. He is 37. He is strong and hardworking. My dad is strict but caring. He loves computer things. He fixes computers too.  That is his hobby. 
My mum's name is Milena. She is 36. She is really funny, caring and smart too. She is really fond of reading books. She cooks really well. I like when she makes chocolate cakes.
My sister's name is Teodora. She is 13. She is really a good and clever student. She looks to look pretty. Her hobby is collecting napkins. I like talking with her.
We like spending time together. Our new member is a puppy, Bianca, and we love her very much.

Lazar Turudija, V1, 23 November 2012

I have got a mum, dad, sister, brother and grandpa.
My mum's name is Dana. She is forty-four years old. She can cook and is caring and kind.
My dad's name is Ivica. He is forty-one years old. He likes football and is patient.
Mina is my sister. She is ten years old. She can sing and is friendly and funny.
Aleksa is my brother. He is sixteen years old. He can play football and is cool.
My grandpa's name is Milan. He is sixty years old. He is kind.
My name is Andrea. I am eleven years old. I can swim and am friendly and kind.
I love my family.

Andrea Ružić, V4, 26 November 2012

My family has four members. I live with my mum, dad and younger brother. Our house is near the centre, in Zmaj Jovina Street. 
My mum and dad work every day and I prefer spending my weekends with them, but most of all, I like playing with my brother. This is my close family.
My extended family consists of my grandparents whom I love very much. I often go to play at their place.
I love my family and I like spending time with them.

Anđela Tomić, V3, 26 November 2012

My mum's name is Nedeljka and she's thirty-one. She's kind and friendly. She's slim. She's got long hair and she wears glasses. She can speak Russian and Hungarian. She loves rock music.
My dad's name is Arpad and he's forty-four. He's clever and patient. He's plump. He's got short hair and long, unusual beard. He can speak German, English and Hungarian.
My name's Kristian and I'm eleven. I'm clever but lazy. I'm plump and wear glasses. I can speak English and Hungarian. I love playing tennis.

Kristian Balaž, V2, 28 November 2012

My mum's name is Sanja. She is thirty-nine years old. She is a teacher and she is very clever. My father's name is Dragan. He's forty years old. He is a technician and very hard-working. My sister's name is Minja. She is nine years old. Playing with a doll and dancing are her hobbies. She is very caring.

Milan Jakšić, V2, 28 November 2012

My family is small and there are four of us.
My mother is small and has got brown eyes, long brown hair, a small mouth but a big smile. She is funny and likes music. My mother has got a pet. It's a parrot called Pera.
My father os big and plump. He has got a small mouth, short black hair and small brown eyes. My father is funny and loves jokes. He likes riding his bicycle and running.
My sister is short and sweet. Anđela is nine years old. She likes watching TV. She has got small brown eyes and  a small mouth. Her hair is short and brown.
I like my family. It is small but sweet.

Teodora Volarov, V1, 28 November 2012 

Saturday, 24 November 2012


After I told my pupils the story about Thanksgiving, how it all started, and invited them to guess about different things along the way, I asked them to draw their own hands in their notebooks and write what they were thankful for in each finger.

Lazar Turudija, V1
Kristian Balaž, V2

Thursday, 22 November 2012

My house (articles)

Write a short article about your house. What is it like? How many rooms are there? What is there in each room? What is outside your house? What do you like about your house?

My house is really big. It's gray. My house has a small, but nice yard. There are three rooms downstairs. The upstairs rooms are still not finished.

Lazar Turudija, V1, 26 October 2012

My house is semi-detached. It is in a street near the centre of my town. 
Downstairs there is a kitchen, a dining room, a living room and a bathroom. 
The living room has two sofas, an armchair and a big TV. My family always watches TV together at the weekend. There are also two big windows. 
In the dining room there is a table with six chairs with soft cushions. 
Upstairs there are three bedrooms and a bathroom. 
All the rooms have got large windows with fantastic views. Each bedroom has a bed and a wardrobe.
There is a garden at the back of my house. There is also a wooden dog house and a garage.
It is a big house. It makes me happy.

Marko Dejanović, V4, 16 November 2012

Saturday, 17 November 2012

My bedroom (articles)

Write a short article about your bedroom.
Here are a few tips:
  • What is it like? Is it big/small? What colour is it? 
  • What furniture is there? Where is it exactly? 
  • Do you like it? Why?

My bedroom is beautiful! It's big, blue and I have everything I need.
I've got a big bed, a desk, a chair, a wardrobe and a bookcase. The bed is next to the wall. My desk is in front of the window. There's a lamp, globes and a microscope on my desk and I've got lots of books in my desk. I've got a TV, DVD and SONY PLAY STATION. My room is decorated with warplanes and I've got my fish Edward. Next to the desk, I have some toys and my tennis equipment. On the door of my room I've pasted some rules that must be respected.
I love my room very much.

Kristian Balaž, V2, 9 November 2012

My bedroom is small but really nice! There are just a few pieces of furniture but I have a lot of toys. The walls are painted white. On the floor there is a round carpet. I have one blue desk next to my bed. The wardrobe is next to the desk. Under the desk I keep my schoolbag. I haven't got a TV in my bedroom. In my bedroom there is a lot of natural light because of the large windows that my bedroom has. On the walls there are lots of posters of singers and football players. I have a lot of diplomas and my paintings decorating the wall as well. I love my bedroom. I spend most of my time there. 

Lazar Turudija, V1, 14 November 2012

My bedroom is small, but very nice. It is pink and purple.
In my bedroom, there is a blue wardrobe, a pink table, a blue bunk bed, a black computer, a pink bookcase, a blue chair and a big white window. I have got two pillows, a lot of books and a lot of toys. My computer is on the table, the pillows are on the bed and the books are in the bookcase.
I like my bedroom very much! 

Tijana Varađanin, V2, 14 November 2012

My bedroom is great! Everything is yellow.  
I have got a lot of furniture. I have got a small bed and a big sofa. My small bed is blue. I have got a table. On the table is my keyboard and my computer. In the desk is my skateboard, puzzles, videos, CDs and my figures. On my other desk are some books, sweets, homework. Under my window is a bookcase. On my wall there is a big poster of Italy and a small poster of the world and the photos of me, my sisters and my family. 
I love my room very much.

Luka Važić, V2, 14 November 2012

My bedroom is fantastic for me. it is small and does not have much furniture.
I have got a small bed, a chair, a desk and a wardrobe. My desk is under the windows facing the street. On my desk is a computer on which I can watch TV. My bedroom is always clean and everything is in its place. My bed is full of small bags of various colours. The walls are decorated with posters of my idols.
I like my bedroom very much. it is great!

Ivana Varađanin, V2, 14 November 2012

My bedroom is great. It is very big. Everything is blue.
I have got a bed, a desk, a bookcase, a chair and a wardrobe. My desk is between the wardrobe and the bookcase. My chair is next to the desk. I have got a poster inside my wardrobe. My dartboard is on the wall. My bed is next to the window. I have not got a TV, but I have a computer in my room.
I love my room very much.

Anja Berić, V2, 14 November 2012

My bedroom is great!
I have a bed, desk, two wardrobes, a computer and three windows. My bed is in front of the wall. I have  two paintings and one poster with a dragon. My wardrobe is next to the desk. The computer is on the desk and my TV is on the wardrobe. The windows are behind the desk. My shoes are in the wardrobe and my toys are on the bed. My soccer balls are under the bed. My chair is in front of the desk. My painting of my family is in my wardrobe. 
This is my bedroom. I like it a lot. It is mega!

Matija Kozić, V3, 14 November 2012

My bedroom is great! It's quite a big room and all the things are brown and green. 
In my room there is a bed, a desk, a TV, a wardrobe and a lot of toys. The desk is next to the bed and the wardrobe is between the door and the bookshelf. I have a big green carpet on the floor and the walls of my room are green too. Green is my favourite colour. I have a lot of posters on the walls. In the right corner, there is a guitar and in the left corner, there is a big teddy bear. 
I like my room very much. I cannot imagine my life without my room.

Julijan Cimerman, V4, 16 November 2012

My room is upstairs of my house. It is very nice and big. 
My room has got large windows with a fantastic view. There is a lot of sunlight during the day. 
There is also a bed, a desk, a wardrobe and an armchair. There is a computer and a lamp on my desk. 
In my room there are lots of LEGO toys and mini figures. I have got lots of books in the bookcase next to my desk. My old toys are in the boxes and planes are on the wardrobe. I have got a large castle with LEGO knights. There are also toys from the Indiana Jones films. I have got the Temple of the Sun and the figures of Indiana Jones and his father. 
I like my room very much.

Marko Dejanović, 16 November 2012

My room is great. There are two brown beds and a carpet. there is a guitar in front of the door. There is a shelf too and a computer on the desk. There is a globe on the shelf and a poster on the wall. My walls are green and my door is blue. I lovve my bedroom very much. 

Milan Jakšić, V2, 14 November 2012

My bedroom is pink and my bed is brown. It is big. I have got a lot of toys. My favourite toy is a bear. In my room, I have got a computer and a TV. My cupboard is white and my chair is pink. My lamp is a tree with ten flowers. My carpet is also pink.  There are posters and books in my room too. My room is very big. I like it because it is pink.

Nina Marinkov, V1, 14 November 2012

Monday, 5 November 2012

Favourite Characters (project gallery)

Marija Vezmar, Milica Marković, Dunja Sivčev & Miona Vujošević, V3
Anja Kresoja, Milan Jakšić, Milica Vesin, Marko Dukić & Đorđe Knežević, V2
Natalija Opačić, Marina Zarić, Valentina Petkov, Teodora Retek & Branislava Laković, V1
Mina Vidović, Teodora Volarov, Željko Tunić, Isidora Iličin & Anabela Varga, V1
Luka Goronja, Lazar Turudija, Jovan Radojičić & Adam Petrov, V1
Strahinja Jesić, V1
Igor Zagorac, Vladimir Obućinski & Stefan Reljin, V1

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Hallowe'en masks

Vanja I2

Saška I3
Aleksandra I1
Aleksandra I1
Anastasija I4
Anđelija I4
Barbara I1
Dajana I3
Darko I1
Dunja I1
Filip I3
Igor I1
Iva I1
Jelena I1
Jelena I1
Leon I5
Luka I3
Luka I1
Maja I1
Marija I1
Milica I1
Nađa I3
Nina I4
Nikolina I2
Ognjen I1
Ognjen I3
Radovan I1
Sara I4
Tamara I1
Tijana I4
Timea I5
Una I1
Uroš I3
Veljko I1
Violeta I3