Thursday, 20 January 2011

My hometown (emails)

Dear Jimmy,

I’ve got your e-mail. Thanks.

How’s it going? I haven’t seen you for 3 months. Hope everything’s alright.

So, how was your football tournament? Did you win an award?

As you already know, I live in Kikinda. It’s in north of Serbia, in Vojvodina. It’s not a big town, so everything’s close at hand. There are plenty of cultural sites and monuments in our town, like a theatre, cinema and others. The best attraction in the town is our mammoth, Kika.

You can find a lot of entertainment, too. If you’re a party person, you’ll like our clubs, cafés and discos. Or if you enjoy peace and quiet, you’ll like our Big park and Old lake, where you can go for a walk or relax.

I hope I’ve thrilled you and you can’t wait to see what else our town hides and how this beautiful place looks like. You need to know, you’re always welcome.

Best wishes,


Aleksa Konstantinov, VII2, December 2010

Dear Wanja,

Hi! How’s everything going? Thanks for your email and the lovely pictures of your place. Now it’s my turn to write you something about my hometown.

The name of my place is Kikinda. Kikinda is in the north of Northeastern Serbia. There are not many impressive sights to see here. We only have our theatre and the Kikinda museum. But, there is one thing we can be proud of. In 1996, a great archaeological discovery was made. The well preserved remnants of a half-a-million-year-old mammoth were discovered on the outer edge of the town area. We call her Kika.

I guess you think of Kikinda as a boring old town, but my friends and I can always find some fun things to do. Why don’t you come and stay with me for a few days, or even a week?

Write back soon!

Take care,


Filip Ivetić, VII3, December 2010

Dear Alex,

Hi! How’s everything going?

My hometown is Kikinda, and it is in Northern Banat, in Serbia. There are many sights to see, such as the Museum, Theatre and so on.

There are many shops and banks. We have a bank at every corner. In our museum is Kika, the mammoth, our biggest treasure. In the theatre, we have many beautiful shows. Our town has the oldest library on the Balkans. Every Friday pupils from the fifth to eighth classes from all schools have a party in disco ‘Paun’ which is in the hotel ‘Narvik.

I would like you to come to Kikinda, and I hope we will see soon.

Write back!

Take care,


Teodora Plavšić, VII1, December 2010

Dear Daniel,

My hometown is Kikinda. I have been living here since I was born. And I think that it is beautiful.

We have a museum and inside it is a mammoth named Kika. There is an old lake. The people are nice and the water tastes like tea.

There are lots of fun and old things like the old mill. So, it’s my Kikinda. You won’t regret it if you visit it.

Lots of love,


Sintija Gabor, VII5, December 2010

Dear Jack,

My hometown is Kikinda and I think that it is great sometimes, and here is why I think so.

There are lots of fun places like the pool, the Old Lake and the central park. There are lots of schools and mine is called ‘Sveti Sava’. There are two churches.
The bad thing is that there are a lot of banks and Chinese shops. Some people are mean and the water is brown. It is gross.

If you want to visit, bring some bottled water.

Your worst enemy,


Čaba Kurunci, VII5, December 2010