Saturday, 8 December 2007

My Favourite Person (essay)

My favourite person is my friend Pavle. He is my best friend.

He has black hair and green eyes. He is taller than me. He often wears bright clothes.
Pavle is a very helpful person, who helps everyone. My friend has helped me many times and I do not know how to repay him.

Pavle’s hobbies are fun. He plays the guitar and volleyball. In his free time, he plays computer games and basketball. Sometimes he comes to my house and we do the same.

He is very entertaining. I like him because he is almost the same as me. We like the same sports, films, computer games, and things like that.

I hope that we will be best friends forever.

Boris Škapik VII2, 27 November 2007

My favourite person is my friend Katarina. She is sixteen years old.

Katarina was born in Kikinda and she grew up here too, but when her mother got a new job she moved to Novi Sad.

Katarina is tall. Her hair is long and curly. She’s got beautiful blue eyes.

She goes to high school. Her favourite subject is art. She likes modern clothes and she also likes designing them.

Katarina likes sports. Her favourite sport is tennis and in her free time she plays it.
She likes music and she’s finished music school. She used to play the piano.

Katarina is really cool. She is very friendly and funny. She’s got a lot of friends.

She is also cheerful, and because of that I like her a lot.

Ivana Vuletić VII2, December 2007

Friday, 30 November 2007

My Future (essay)

When I grow up, I want to be a famous chemist. I will get various acknowledgments and diplomas. 

For a while, I will lecture chemistry at university until I found my own laboratory where I will do various experiments. I hope that I will create new medicines and improve the old ones. My biggest success will be the discovery of two new elements which will help all chemists in the future to understand better some reactions. One will be named after me and another after my hometown - Kikinda. 

For all these discoveries I will be rewarded a Nobel Prize and the best universities will be named after me.

Mankind will be grateful to me for making their lives easier and showing them a new view on chemistry.

Filip Bajilo, VII2, 27 November 2007

Thursday, 29 November 2007

My Family (essay)

My name’s Đorđe. I’m the youngest child in my family.

I’ve got one brother, Srđan, who is now sixteen. He is at high school now, studying medicine.

My mum, Mara, has got brown eyes and curly hair. She is a nurse in our town hospital. My dad, Aleksandar, is a machine engineer, and he has got brown eyes and dark hair.

I’ve got two aunts and one uncle. Aunt Mira, dad’s younger sister, hasn’t got a husband. She lives with my grandparents.

Mum’s older sister, auntie Mira, has got a husband, Milan. They work in the same office for administration documents. They have a son, Žarko, who is now eleven. He is very clever. Once, when I went to see him, he was making the rail for his wooden car. I love him because he is very interesting and fun. He has got brown eyes and long brown hair.

And then, the grandparents. Dad’s parents – grandma Spasa and grandpa Momčilo are very interesting. They live next to me and I can see them when I want to.

On my mother’s side I have got grandma Nada. She is a very good person and cook too.
I can write a hundred more papers because they are all interesting and fun. I love them and I hope they love me too.

Đorđe Milosav, VII2, November 2007

My name’s Katarina. I’ve got an older sister and a younger brother. My brother’s name is Lazar, and he’s the youngest child in my family. He’s ten now, and he goes to primary school. My sister’s name is Olivera. She’s fourteen years old and she goes to primary school, too. Olivera is in the eighth class and Lazar is in the fourth class.

My parents’ names are Branislav and Vesna. Dad’s forty-four years old, and he works in a chemical factory. My mum’s forty-three years old and she works in a post office.

I’ve got three aunts and three uncles. Mira, Bojka and Jasmina are my mum’s older sisters. Aunt Bojka and her husband, uncle Vujadin, are from Novi Sad. They’ve got one child, a son, Branislav. He’s thirty years old and he isn’t married. He works in a post office. Aunt Jasmina and uncle Bole haven’t got any children. Aunt Mira and uncle Zlatko are from Ostojićevo. They’ve got two children – one son and one daughter. Their son’s name is Dušan and daughter’s name is Marijana. Dušan plays table tennis.

My dad hasn’t got any brothers or sisters.

Then, there are my grandparents. I call my mum’s and dad’s parents ’Grandma’ and ’Grandpa.’ My mum’s parents are Danilo and Vata. My other grandparents, my dad’s parents, are Lazar and Mira. They live with us.

So, that’s all of my big family.

Katarina Marojkin, VII2, November 2007

I’m the youngest child in my family. 

I’ve got an older brother. His name is Ognjen, and he is eighteen now. He is at high school now.

My parents’ names are Đurica and Gordana. My father works in a family firm ‘Amentes’ and my mum is a teacher. When I was younger, my mum and I went to school at the same time, but now she goes to school in the morning, and I go in the afternoon. We are together in the evenings only.

I’ve got two aunts and two uncles. Auntie Ljiljana is my mother’s older sister. Her husband is Dragan, and they have two children, a daughter, Nevena, and a son, Nikola. They are the same age as my brother and me. We cannot play together very often, because they live in Novi Sad. During summer holidays, they come to Kikinda, and it’s fun.

My father has a younger brother, Vladimir. He is married. His wife’s name is Natalija. They’ve got two children, a son, Filip, and a daughter, Simona.

All the children in my family do some sports: volleyball, football, tennis or ballet.

My grandparents are Stojan and Sava, Ljubica and Dara. I think I am a lucky child. My family is big and I still have two grandfathers and two grandmothers. They are happy when I go to see them.

Grigorije Grastić, VII2, November 2007

Tuesday, 27 November 2007

My Future (article)

Complete the sentences with your own ideas about the future.

When I grow up I want to be ... because ... . When I leave school I think I'll ... and then .... . I ... get married ... . I hope my partner ... . I want to live ... because ... . Most of all in my life I want ... . I don't want to be ... . I ... in the future the world ... . I think that people will ..., but I don't think that ... .

When I grow up I want to be an NBA player, because I love basketball. When I leave school I think I’ll go around the world and play basketball. When I retire I’ll live in Miami. I don’t want to get married before I’m twenty-five. I hope my partner will be good-looking and intelligent. I want to live in Miami, on the beach, because I love big cities and the sea. Most of all, I want to be very happy, famous and rich. I don’t want to be a thief, because I don’t like prisons. I hope in the future the world will be better and cleaner. I think that people will live longer and easier, but I don’t think that aliens will find our planet.

Borislav Tesla, VII2, November 2007

When I grow up, I want to be an English teacher, because I really like English and children. Children are sometimes noisy, but they can be interesting and smart. It’s fun to work with them, because there is always something going on. When I leave school, I want to go to university, and travel to some different towns. I think I’ll go to Novi Sad, and get a job as a teacher there. I don’t want to get married too soon, at least not before I’m twenty-eight. I hope that I will meet someone in Novi Sad and get married there. I hope my partner will be good-looking and intelligent. We’ll plan to have one or two children. I want us to have twins, a boy and a girl. I don’t want to be famous or rich. I just want to be happy. So, I think that I will live in Novi Sad or some other big town. In big towns there are better jobs and interesting people. I hope my dream will come true. I’ll do my best.

Milica Bozitovac, VII2, November 2007

Friday, 22 June 2007

Mr Tate's a teacher (song)

Here's another song from our coursebooks that my pupils found catchy. It's about Mr and Mrs Tate:
Mr Tate's a teacher.
He teaches all the long.
He reads and writes 
And sometimes shouts
And then he sings this song!

I'm a super teacher!
I teach all day long.
I read and write
And sometimes shout
And then I sing this song!

Mrs Tate's an artist.
She draws all day long.
She draws and paints
And cleans her brush
And then she sings this song!

I'm a super artist.
I draw all day long.
I draw and paint
And clean my brush
And then I sing this song! 


Monday, 18 June 2007

Doctor, doctor (song)

This rock-like song is a way of revising the days of the week and different ailments. Here you can see how the class VI4 sang it in 2007.

Here are the lyrics to sing along:

On Monday, I had earache.
On Tuesday, I had a sore throat.
On Wednesday, I came to see you again
And you gave me a doctor's note.

Doctor, doctor, I feel bad,
But I haven't got a cold, I haven't got 'flu.
Doctor, doctor, help me, please -
I'm so in love with you...

On Thursday, I had a headache.
You gave me a little blue pill.
On Friday, I had a temperature
But you told me I wasn't ill.

Doctor, doctor...

Sunday, 17 June 2007

Head and Shoulders (song)

'Head and Shoulders' is one of the most favourite songs of all my pupils, young and old.
This is how class III3 performed it in June 2007.

Saturday, 16 June 2007

I Can Sing a Rainbow (song)

This song is just perfect for learning or revising colours. You can sing along with my class III3, recorded in June 2007:

Friday, 15 June 2007

Five Fat Sausages (song)

One of the funniest songs and fingerplays for young learners of English is definitely 'Five Fat Sausages.' It's full of loud bangs that nobody can resist making. Here is how class III1 performed the song in June 2007.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

Cake Day 2007

Since the end of another school year was getting near, we decided to make the best of it and do something different. The pupils of my class VI2 agreed to have a Cake Day. They brought home made cakes to try and recipes to share. It was a fun day to remember.

And, the perfect song to back up all this was 'Sausages with Ice-cream.' 
Here are the lyrics:

I like toast with cheese.
Katy likes chips with peas.
Peter puts pepper on his baked beans.
Edward likes raspberries
And Jessica loves strawberries,
But John likes sausages with ice-cream.

I like sticky toffee.
Donna likes a cup of coffee.
Daniel likes a nice fruit salad, it seems.
Wendy loves apple pie,
But nobody can tell us why
John likes sausages with ice-cream.

Saturday, 5 May 2007

The Person I Admire Most (essay)

The person I admire most is my friend Boris. Boris is my neighbour and my best friend.
Boris is a 12-year-old boy. He goes to Vuk Karadžić Primary School. Boris wears glasses and he is short. Boris is blond with blue eyes. He usually wears tracksuits and sneakers. He also likes to wear T-shirts.

I admire Boris because he is always there for a friend. He is always ready to help you. Even if he has to study a lot, he will be there if any of his best friends needs help. He truly is a good friend.

Boris is always in a good mood. He is always ready for parties. That kid really likes to party!

He loves to tell jokes, too. His favourite jokes are those with a bunny. He is always there to make me laugh when I am sad or feel lonely.

I also admire Boris for being such a good footballer, although he is not interested in it. His favourite football player is Oliver Kahn, the German goalkeeper. It is a real pity that he does not like football. He could be a real pro. But, he is interested in swimming. He has been taking swimming lessons since he was five years old.

Boris has been my best friend since the day I moved to my new house. I think that we will be best friends forever.

Tijana Kovačević, VIII3, 3 May 2007

The person I admire most is my dad. There are many reasons why I admire him most, but I will tell you only a few of them.

I admire my dad because he is a very good fisherman. He goes fishing almost every day. He went fishing this morning and came home with lots of fish. I asked him how he had made it and he told me that he had used one of his own techniques.

The second reason is that he is not interested in all that new hi-tech things. He can barely use his cell phone. Unlike me. I could not live without them. I once tried not to touch my cell phone for one, single day and it was impossible.

The third reason is that he is a very humorous person. He likes to laugh and make jokes. But sometimes, when he is not in the mood or when he is angry, you cannot talk to him. Fortunately, that does not happen very often.

My dad is a great person and I will try my best to become just like him.

Slavko Šljapić, VIII3, May 2007

Everyone has their idols, were they singers, actors, sportsmen, family members, or others. I admire my grandfather, Aleksandar, for several reasons.

He is a sixty-year-old thin man. He has got green eyes and brown hair. My grandmother always says that he was a beautiful man when he was young, and he still is.

He likes sports, especially swimming, diving, running and fishing. His hobbies are walking, watching TV and gardening.

The first reason why I admire my grandfather is because of his knowledge and wisdom. He always gives me some clever advice and helps me with everything.

The second reason is the fact that he has travelled around the world and knows many things about different cultures and nations. He tells interesting stories about his journeys and adventures.

The third reason is that he is always patient with me and my problems. I can tell him everything that troubles me and he always has time for me.

Everybody thinks that he is cool and funny. I agree. He can make me laugh when I am sad or ill.

Family is very important to him. He is never in a bad mood.

I love my grandfather very much and I want to be like him when I am older.

Aleksandra Đurđević, VIII3, May 2007

Saturday, 24 March 2007

Regional Foreign Languages Competition 2007

Aleksandra Đurđević, one of my oldest students, took part in the Regional Foreign Languages Competition on 24 March 2007. Only one point was missing to take her to the State Competition.

The exam consisted of 3 parts: reading and listening comprehension and grammar tests.

Saturday, 24 February 2007

Municipal Foreign Languages Competition 2007

Municipal Foreign Languages Competition took place on 24 February 2007. One of my oldest students, Aleksandra Đurđević VIII3, tried her best in completing the grammar test and good results followed. With 29 points she won the third place.

The competitors were asked to:

- circle the correct option to complete the sentences,
- complete the text with the appropriate form of  the given verbs,
- fill in the blanks with suitable words,
- find and correct the mistakes in sentences,
- complete the sentences with the appropriate form of the words in brackets and
- make three Wh-questions for a sentence.