Thursday, 29 November 2007

My Family (essay)

My name’s Đorđe. I’m the youngest child in my family.

I’ve got one brother, Srđan, who is now sixteen. He is at high school now, studying medicine.

My mum, Mara, has got brown eyes and curly hair. She is a nurse in our town hospital. My dad, Aleksandar, is a machine engineer, and he has got brown eyes and dark hair.

I’ve got two aunts and one uncle. Aunt Mira, dad’s younger sister, hasn’t got a husband. She lives with my grandparents.

Mum’s older sister, auntie Mira, has got a husband, Milan. They work in the same office for administration documents. They have a son, Žarko, who is now eleven. He is very clever. Once, when I went to see him, he was making the rail for his wooden car. I love him because he is very interesting and fun. He has got brown eyes and long brown hair.

And then, the grandparents. Dad’s parents – grandma Spasa and grandpa Momčilo are very interesting. They live next to me and I can see them when I want to.

On my mother’s side I have got grandma Nada. She is a very good person and cook too.
I can write a hundred more papers because they are all interesting and fun. I love them and I hope they love me too.

Đorđe Milosav, VII2, November 2007

My name’s Katarina. I’ve got an older sister and a younger brother. My brother’s name is Lazar, and he’s the youngest child in my family. He’s ten now, and he goes to primary school. My sister’s name is Olivera. She’s fourteen years old and she goes to primary school, too. Olivera is in the eighth class and Lazar is in the fourth class.

My parents’ names are Branislav and Vesna. Dad’s forty-four years old, and he works in a chemical factory. My mum’s forty-three years old and she works in a post office.

I’ve got three aunts and three uncles. Mira, Bojka and Jasmina are my mum’s older sisters. Aunt Bojka and her husband, uncle Vujadin, are from Novi Sad. They’ve got one child, a son, Branislav. He’s thirty years old and he isn’t married. He works in a post office. Aunt Jasmina and uncle Bole haven’t got any children. Aunt Mira and uncle Zlatko are from Ostojićevo. They’ve got two children – one son and one daughter. Their son’s name is Dušan and daughter’s name is Marijana. Dušan plays table tennis.

My dad hasn’t got any brothers or sisters.

Then, there are my grandparents. I call my mum’s and dad’s parents ’Grandma’ and ’Grandpa.’ My mum’s parents are Danilo and Vata. My other grandparents, my dad’s parents, are Lazar and Mira. They live with us.

So, that’s all of my big family.

Katarina Marojkin, VII2, November 2007

I’m the youngest child in my family. 

I’ve got an older brother. His name is Ognjen, and he is eighteen now. He is at high school now.

My parents’ names are Đurica and Gordana. My father works in a family firm ‘Amentes’ and my mum is a teacher. When I was younger, my mum and I went to school at the same time, but now she goes to school in the morning, and I go in the afternoon. We are together in the evenings only.

I’ve got two aunts and two uncles. Auntie Ljiljana is my mother’s older sister. Her husband is Dragan, and they have two children, a daughter, Nevena, and a son, Nikola. They are the same age as my brother and me. We cannot play together very often, because they live in Novi Sad. During summer holidays, they come to Kikinda, and it’s fun.

My father has a younger brother, Vladimir. He is married. His wife’s name is Natalija. They’ve got two children, a son, Filip, and a daughter, Simona.

All the children in my family do some sports: volleyball, football, tennis or ballet.

My grandparents are Stojan and Sava, Ljubica and Dara. I think I am a lucky child. My family is big and I still have two grandfathers and two grandmothers. They are happy when I go to see them.

Grigorije Grastić, VII2, November 2007

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