Saturday, 20 December 2008

The Story of Santa Claus (rehearsal)

Since our first play, 'The Lost Lamp', was a great success, we decided to gather around another interesting play - The Story of Santa Claus. It was again a lot of fun.
Denis as Mr Claus & Milica as Mrs Claus

Generation 1997


Saturday, 13 December 2008

Hop, hop, hop (song)

This is one of the 1st songs that my young pupils learn. It's full of action they can't resist.

This time it was performed by my class I6 in December 2008.

Friday, 12 December 2008

Big & Small (song)

Here's a cute song from our coursebooks about sizes, with a few animal sounds, enjoyed and performed by my class I5 in December 2008.

And, here are the words:
GIRL: Hey, mum, look mum! Dogs, dogs, dogs.
MUM: A big dog, a small dog, a brown dog, a black dog.
They all say bow-wow-wow.

GIRL: Hey, mum, look mum! Cats, cats, cats.
MUM: A big cat, a small cat, a black cat, an orange cat.
They all say meow-meow-meow.

GIRL: Hey, mum, look mum! Birds, birds, birds.
MUM: A big bird, a small bird, a green bird, a blue bird.
They all say tweet-tweet-tweet.

GIRL: Hey mum, look mum! Hey mum, look mum!

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Point to the window... (chant)

Here's another action chant popular among my young learners.

The lyrics are as follows,

Point to the window, clap, clap, clap,
Point to the door, clap, clap, clap,
Point to the board, clap, clap, clap,
Point to the table, clap, clap, clap

(and we added - Point to the chair, clap, clap, clap)

Point to the window, stamp, stamp, stamp...

This is how my class I6 performed it in December 2008.

Saturday, 6 December 2008

Pets (essays)

I love animals, especially cats. I have three cats, but I am going to write about the youngest and smartest of them, named Pićuka.
When I was coming home from school one day, I saw a small cat in trouble. It was being chased by a dog. I quickly grabbed it and saved it. It was so frightened.
At home, my family and I agreed to call it Pićuka, because it is funny. Pićuka is a male. He has large, green eyes and a small head. His fur is black and white.
Remember whan I said that he was the smartest cat? I am going to explain you why I think so. He jumps on a handle and opens the door, so, thanks to him, all the cats get in. Whenever he is thirsty, he goes to the bathroom and when we hear, ’Miaow, miaow,’ we know that we have to give him water.
Sometimes, he is not so smart. When my grandmother is in the kitchen he goes round her legs... Many times I have seen Pićuka fly. My grandmother helps him to fly with her leg or with a broom.
Pićuka is not just my pet. He is my friend, too. I know that he has a perfect life... if we count out my grandmother.

Boris Škapik, VIII2, October 2008
My favourite animal is a dog. I like dogs because they are very intelligent, faithful and obedient. They can be taught many things and they listen to their masters.
I have a dog. His name is Lunja (=Tramp). My pet is about four years old and everybody in my family likes him. But it seems to me that I am his favourite person in the family, after all. When I come back from school he is very happy. He barks and jumps and I can see that he loves me very much. He is a part of our lives and a member of our family too. I cannot imagine my life without him.
Everybody says that my pet is not only faithful, but funny too. I think my friends envy me on my dog.
Because of him, the air is full of joy. When I am sad or worried, he makes me laugh and tries to comfort me. Sometimes, when I play with my friends and do not notice him, I can see that he is jealous.
In my opinion, every child should have a pet. All animals are very interesting and they bring happiness into our lives. They also make us better people, because we learn how to take care of them. All in all, I think that a dog is really a man’s best friend.

Marko Draško, VIII2, 3 December 2008

For my thirteenth my father gave me a beautiful little dog. I named it Lilly.
She has beautiful, big, brown eyes and white and brown, soft fur. She is absolutely beautiful. She always runs around chasing our neighbours’ cats or even her own tail. Everybody in my family loves her.
I have always wanted a dog for a pet. I feed her, take her for long walks to the park and brush her fur. When my friends come, they love to play with her. Sometimes, we go to the park where we let her run around and enjoy the company of other dogs.
I have even convinced my father to make her a wooden dog house, and buy her a number of toys to play with while I am at school.
When I got a pet, I didn’t know how many responsibilities I would have, because having a pet is not an easy thing. If I forget to feed my dog, she will be hungry and unhappy. But now I don’t find it hard to take care of her, because I have learned to be more responsible and she makes me and my family happy. We already think of her as a member of our family.

Milica Pašić, VIII2, 3 December 2008

I have a lot of pets: a cat, a dog and fifteen fish, but my favourite pet is a pet called Maza (=Cuddly). She is the brightest, sweetest, loveliest and the most skilful dog I have ever had.
When I got her I called her Maza, because she was very cute and quiet. But now she is not so quiet, in fact, she is quite the opposite. I wanted to change her name, but have not done it.
Maza is a terrier. Her fur is as black as coal. She has brown eyes, a small muzzle, very sharp teeth, and very cute ears. Her legs are very long and thin. When I got her, her tail was cut down, so she has a short tail now. I feed her well, so she is not slim. She is about one year old.
Maza is a very silly dog. Behind my house, there is a pile of bricks which she uses to climb on the roof! Can you imagine a dog on the roof?! But she is not alone on the roof. There is a tom cat, with whom Maza spends most of her time. They sleep and eat together, and they cuddle each other. It is all great until I come back from school. Then Maza starts attacking him and he runs away. I do not know why, maybe because she is jealous.
Sometimes, I am angry at her, but I still love her. The sweetest thing about her is that she always knows when she has done something wrong. In those occasions she crawls back to me, and waits for the cuddle.

Smiljana Karadžin, VIII2, 3 December 2008

I’ve had a lot of pets: three dogs, a rabbit and a turtle. The dogs’ names were Švrća (=Scamp), Maza (=Lady) and Lunja (=Tramp), the rabbit’s name was Srećko (Happy), and the turtle’s name was Gile.
Now I have a cat called Marko. He’s a three-year-old domestic cat, which means that he isn’t very clever (I’m sorry for saying that, but it’s true). He’s completely white, with one black dot on his stomach. His tail’s black with a brown spot. His head’s small and white, but sometimes very dirty. We can’t shower him, so he can’t go inside the house.
Marko’s also fat, like Garfield (but not orange). I weighed him yesterday and he has four kilograms.
There’s a strange thing about him. He doesn’t want to drink milk. I don’t know why. Marko just eats fish (when my brother and dad catch them), meat and bacon. You now know why he’s so fat. So, if someone knows something that will help me, please call me.
Marko has a girlfriend, too. That’s our neighbour’s cat. Her name’s Šaca. She’s black with three dots, on her head, stomach and tail. We know that Marko loves her, because he gives her his food.
Some time ago, Šaca had kittens. We don’t know what to do with them, so we’re going to give some away.
I love Marko and I wouldn’t give him for anything in the world.

Milica Bozitovac, VIII2, 3 December 2008

Friday, 5 December 2008

The Chronicles of Narnia (book review)

C.S.Lewis wrote a lot of books. Between 1949 and 1954 he wrote 'The Chronicles of Narnia', the seven-part novel. I have read four parts so far, but I prefer most a part called 'The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe'.

At the start of the Second World War, four kids, Peter, Edmund, Susan and Lucy are evacuated from London to the house of Professor Kirke. 

One day, they discover a magic wardrobe, which is a passage to Narnia. There, they meet a faun (half-man, half-goat), a family of talking beavers and other interesting creatures.

Edmund meets the White Witch without the others and makes a deal with her to bring the others to her. At the beavers' house the children find out that they are destined to come and help Aslan, the great lion to defeat the Witch.

They are soon hunted by the wolves sent by the Witch. They nearly escape. Little by little, they are on the run to Aslan's camp. On the way there, Father Christmas gives them some weapons. At the camp, they meet Aslan. They all fight against the Witch's troop and win. The Witch then arrives claiming that Edmund is her property, based on the 'Deep Magic' of Narnia. It says that the traitor belongs to her as a lawful prey and that she must kill them on the Stone Table. Aslan negotiates with her and sacrifices himself for Edmund. He is humiliated and stabbed to death, but is resurrected because there is deeper magic than the Witch knows.

Aslan then brings all the available troops for the final battle. They win again and the White Witch is killed. All four kids are pronounced kings and queens of Narnia.

This is my favourite book because it is very easy for reading and is very imaginary.

Pavle Mandić, VIII2, 3 December 2008

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Free Time (essay)

I’ve got little free time now, because I do many different things during the day.

My typical school day starts at half past eight, because i go to music school. I arrive home at about eleven o’clock, do my homework and study for my lessons. School starts at one o’clock and I usually have six classes. After school I am very tired.

Whan I have free time, I listen to music, play the piano, watch TV, read books and go to dance classes. Sometimes I visit my friends. I like music and I play the piano, but I would like to learn to play the guitar, too, so I am planning to go to the guitar classes some time in the future. I often listen to classical music because it relaxes me.

During the summer I have more free time and I spend it with my friends. We usually play badminton or go to the swimming pool. Even when I have little free time, I try to spend it in the best way.

Ivana Vuletić, December 2008

My spare time is when I finish my schoolwork and sports practice.

When I’m on my own, I enjoy listening to music or watching a good movie. I’ve got hundreds of songs that I like listening to when I’m bored.

However, I prefer spending some time with the people I care about. This often means talking to and spending time with my grandparents or calling my grandmother who lives away.

The rest of my free time, I enjoy spending with my brother and friends. We do different things together, depending on the season. In summer, we go swimming, cycling, we play volleyball and basketball, or other things.

Cycling has always been my favourite outdoor activity. I could spend every summer evening cycling round the town and just watching and seeing new things.

Volleyball is the sport I’m very good at. I also try to swim and play beach volley every summer.

During winter, my friends and I usually play indoors. We surf the Internet, or make pizzas, spaghetti or tortillas.

I really love late spring and summer when the warmth is great and when I have a lot of free time. Then I really enjoy.

Grigorije Grastić, December 2008

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Save the Elephants! (essay)

The African elephant is classified as a member of the order Proboscidea and family Elephantidae. 

It is the largest land mammal. It has a heavy, grey body, four legs and a short tail. Its head is large with two huge ears, two small eyes, a trunk and two teeth called tusks. These animals are herbivore. 

The elephant's eyesight is not very good and it uses its big ears for ventilation and communication. It can weigh up to six tons. The trunk is used for breathing, smelling, drinking water, picking food, breaking branches and fighting. 

Elephants are ready to mate at the age of 15 or 16. The mating pair will often separate from the herd for a few weeks. After 21 to 22 months, one calf is born.

The African elephants live in Africa, south of the Sahara desert, in tropical forests, savannah areas, deserts and river valleys. They are endangered, because poachers kill them for their ivory tusks. 

In the prehistory, there were about 300 species of elephants, and now there are only two! We must do something to save them. We can put them in game parks with cameras around their necks. The law can also help by preventing poaching. We can ban the selling of ivory. 

If we prevent the elephants from becoming extinct, we will save many other animals, too. That is how the nature works!

Dunja Ilić, VIII2, November 2008

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Sing a Rainbow (song)

This song has always been fun to sing, and here's how my 7-year-olds performed it in November 2008.
Here are the lyrics to sing along:

Red and yellow and pink and green
Purple and orange and blue
I can sing a rainbow,
sing a rainbow,
sing a rainbow too.



Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Deadlock by Sara Paretsky (book review)

This is a murder mystery and the main hero is Vic I. Warshawski. She is a private investigator in Chicago, USA.

People imagine private detectives to be tired-looking men in raincoats, but Vic is a female. She is tough, beautiful, carries a gun - and goes on asking questions until she gets answers.

When Boom Boom, a former ice-hockey star, dies in an accident by falling under a ship, the city mourns. Nobody suspects murder. But, Boom Boom was Vic's cousin and she was very fond of him. She wants to know how and why the accidents happened, because she does not understand how a strong young man can just slip and fall into the water like that. 

Then she finds Boom Boom's girlfriend going through his personal papers in his apartment. And, Vic did not even know that Boom Boom had a girlfriend!

Soon Vic realises that she is conducting a murder investigation. Somebody else knows it too, because another murder quickly follows, and some rather strange accidents as well. But, Vic has a very personal interest in the case. Nothing is going to stop her!

If you want to know what happens next, if Vic finds a murderer, you have to read the book. 

I enjoyed reading the book because it is a murder mystery and I like mysteries.

Ivana Grubišić, VIII2, 2 November 2008

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Dead of Jericho by Colin Dexter (book review)

The name of the book that I have recently read is ’The Dead of Jericho.’ It is a murder mystery, written by Colin Dexter, which takes place in the old part of Oxford - Jericho.

When Chief Inspector Morse met a beautiful woman called Anne Scott, he did not know that she would hang herself only six months later.

He hears about the sad news and investigates it, even if it is not his case. He finds out a lot of things – that there were no curtains upstairs, that the front door was unlocked... He interviews most of Anne’s neighbours and the city’s blacksmith. He manages to get the key from Anne’s back door.

One night he gets into the house and notices a lot of details. When he finishes investigating, he goes out of the house, over the garden wall and then he gets caught. He is pushed into a police car. The man who catches him is Constable Walters, the helper of Chief Inspector Bell, in charge of the case. They drive to Morse’s home and exchange information.

The next day, while Morse is on the Summertown Bridge Club talk, given by Charles Richards, the second murder happens in Jericho. It is Anne’s neighbour, George Jackson, who gets killed.

Morse is puzzled, but the Assistant Chief Commissioner wants him in charge of the case. Morse takes the case and exchanges information with Bell once again.

In the next few days, he finds out about a blackmail, some letters and a lot of other details. In the end, he catches the murderers – Charles and Conrad Richards, Anne’s lover and his brother.

The characters of this story are Morse and Lewis, his Sergeant, Charles and Conrad Richards, Charles’s wife Celia, some members of the Bridge Club, the Murdoch family...

The main character is Chief Inspector Morse. He is intelligent, but he has three flaws: beer, Mozart and women. He is very much like an ordinary person, not like an inspector. That is what makes him so special.

I liked this book very much. It is interesting and exciting, but sometimes it can be scary and that is what I like.

Dunja Ilić, VIII2, 26 October 2008

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Video games (project)

The following video clip deals with video games. The project was done by the boys in class VIII2, Pavle Mandić, Marko Draško and Marko Mišković, in October 2008. Although there are a lot of spelling mistakes, it's the effort that counts.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Sausages with ice-cream (song)

This is probably the most popular song among my pupils. It's a perfect way to revise the food words. Here's how my class VI5 performed it in June 2008.

Here are the lyrics:

I like toast with cheese.
Katy likes chips with peas.
Peter puts pepper on his baked beans.
Edward likes raspberries
And Jessica loves strawberries,
But John likes sausages with ice-cream.

I like sticky toffee.
Donna likes a cup of coffee.
Daniel likes a nice fruit salad, it seems.
Wendy loves apple pie,
But nobody can tell us why
John likes sausages with ice-cream.

Friday, 13 June 2008

Let's Have a Picnic! (song)

This is how my class IV4 sang a lovely song from our coursebooks called 'Let's Have a Picnic' in June 2008.
Here are the lyrics:

How many eggs
And how much meat
Are we taking on our picnic?
Bring your glass and bring your plate,
Let's have a picnic!

How many girls
And how many boys
Are coming on our picnic?
Bring your games and bring your toys,
Let's have a picnic!

Thursday, 12 June 2008

At The Zoo! (song)

Here's another cute song from our coursebooks, sung by class IV1 in June 2008.

The lyrics are as follows:

We're at the zoo,
Me and you,
The lions are here
And the zebras too!
The hippos are happy,
The crocodiles are sad,
And look at the monkey!
It's smiling at Dad!

We're at the zoo,
Me and you,
The elephants and the tigers, too!
The dolphins are clever,
But they don't go to school,
They have all their lessons
Right here in the pool!

If you're happy and you know it (song)

Here's an unusual version of a popular children's song. It was performed by class V5 in June 2008, and the lyrics are as follows:

1 If you're happy and you know it,
Clap your hands.
If you're happy and you know it,
Clap your hands.
If you're happy and you know it,
And you really want to show it,
If you're happy and you know it,
Clap your hands.

2 Nod your head.

3 Wave your arms.

4 Scratch your nose.

5 Stamp your feet.

6 Do them all.

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

We're Having Fun! (song)

Here's another lively song from our coursebooks, performed by my classes IV2 and IV5 in June 2008.

And the lyrics are:

We are sailing on the lake,
On the lake, on the lake,
We are sailing on the lake,
We're having fun!

We are swimming in the sea,
In the sea, in the sea,
We are swimming in the sea,
We're having fun!

We are playing in the snow,
In the snow, in the snow,
We are playing in the snow,
We're having fun!

We are running in the park,
in the park, in the park,
We are running in the park,

We're having fun!

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

We Are Not Angels 2 (film review)

Write about your favourite film. Describe the plot in a few words and how it makes you feel.

With school, music school and my other duties, I don’t have much free time. When I find some time, I spend most of it watching movies. Generally, I like all genres of movies. I’m going to tell you about a movie called ’We Are Not Angels 2,’ the 2005 sequel to the cult movie ’We are not angels’ shot in the early 90s.

It’s a comedy directed by Srdjan Dragojevic, who also directed the original. Its stars are actors Nikola Kojo, Zoran Cvijanovic, a new star, young actress, Mirka Vasiljevic and several other famous actors.

This movie takes place in Belgrade, Serbian capital, in the year 2005. The fifteen-year-old Sofija (Mirka Vasiljevic) is starting to go out and gets interested in boys. This becomes a major problem for her dad (Nikola Kojo) during one weekend which they have to spend together while Sofija’s mother is away, on holiday. The over-protective father can’t live with the fact that his daughter is no longer a small girl. Sofija, on the other hand, doesn’t like the fact that her own father is spying on her.

I like this movie because it reminds me of my dad and me. This film is interesting and funny too and I really like it.

Milica Pašić, VII2, June 2008

Saturday, 31 May 2008

A Letter to My Friend

Dear Slavko,

How are you? How’s it going? I hope everything’s OK with you.

Guess what! I went on a school trip on Friday. We went to a nature reserve called Emperor’s Swamp. It was great. We were on a boat, too.

The boat trip was thirty minutes long. We saw many animals: turtles, snakes, birds and others. Our guide was happy to tell us about all the things in Emperor’s Swamp.

We asked our teacher if we could take a walk through the forest. She told us we could. We were very happy.

The forest was beautiful. We took many pictures of it. When we got back from the walk, it was time to go.

From there, we went to Rusanda Spa. There were a lot of benches in the park. We had a rest there. Later, we spent some time checking out the place. We played a game of chess too. Then we went home.

What about you? Have you been anywhere lately?

That’s all for now.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,


by Boris Škapik, VII2, 28 May 2008

Dear Stephanie,

How are you? How are things? Hope everything’s OK.

Guess what! I went with my friends to Old lake on Friday. It was incredible! We were sitting on the bench, looking at the water and chatting, when suddenly a good-looking boy looked at my friend. While he was looking at her, he wasn’t paying attention wher he was going and what he was doing, so he fell into the lake! Everybody started laughing at him, especially we! It was a really funny day... How did you spend your weekend?

This week I’m going on a trip with my class. We’re going to the Danube Gorge and I hope that it’ll be great.

Have you got any plans for the summer? I still don’t know where to go for the summer... Probably with my parents... Maybe to the seaside...

Well, that’s all for now. Hope to hear from you soon.

Your friend,


Ivana Grubišić, VII2, 28 May 2008

Dear Johanna,

How are you? How are things? Hope everything’s OK with you.

Guess what! I went on a school trip on Friday. We visited a nature reserve called Emperor’s Swamp. We took a boat ride, which lasted about two hours, and then we saw some lizards and spiders. It was great! I was in the wood with my friends and we explored it, but when we saw a snake, we went back! It was so funny when we ran back!
By the way, I’m going to spend my summer holidays at home, at my cousin’s who lives in Novi Sad and on some mountains with mountaineers. I like summer holidays because we don’t go to school and it is warm and sunny so we can go to the swimming pool.

How did you spend your weekend? What are your plans for the summer?

Well, that’s all for now. Hope to hear from you soon.

Your friend,


Aleksandra Kantar, VII2, 28 May 2008

Dear Jasmine,

How are you? What’s new? Hope everything’s OK with you.

I have some new things to tell you. Guess what! I went on a trip on Sunday. It was great! I went to Novi Sad with my parents. We often go to this town because I have some cousins there. My parents and I love to pay them a visit.

I really like Novi Sad. It is a beautiful town. I love everything about it and I love the people who live there. They are so generous, funny and kind.

In this town I really like the Petrovaradin fortress. This is the most beautiful fortress in Vojvodina.

I would like to spend my summer holiday in my favourite town. That would be lovely!

And how did you spend your week? Do you like trips and what is your favourite destination? Where are you going to spend your summer holiday?

Well, that’s all for now. I really hope to hear from you soon.

Your friend,


Andrea Tiri, VII2, 28 May 2008

Dear Sanja,

How are you? Is there something new? I hope everything is OK.

Guess what! On Friday I went on a one-day school trip to Carska Bara (Emperor’s Swamp). Emperor’s Swamp is a natural reserve, which is only forty-five minutes ride from Kikinda. As soon as we arrived, we got on a small boat. We rode about forty-five minutes through the swamp. Then we stopped and watched some birds. A man told us some interesting things about Emperor’s Swamp. Later, we ate our sandwiches and went for a walk through the woods. I really liked Emperor’s Swamp.

About one hour later, we went to Rusanda Spa. We had some time to relax there and then we rode back to Kikinda.

In a few days I’m going on another school trip, to Djerdap – the Danube Gorge. By the way, have you seen or done something interesting lately?

I can’t wait for the summer holiday to start! On 25 June I’m going to Spain with my mum. What are you planning for your summer holiday?

With love,


Dunja Ilić, VII2, May 2008

Dear Kelly,

How are you? Hope everything’s OK with you.

Unfortunately, I have a problem. My marks at school aren’t so good. I’m not very satisfied. My mother’s a teacher and she always says that I must study more. The only problem’s that I don’t love studying much. It’s often boring. However, history classes are interesting for me. Reading the history book’s always interesting, because I can see a lot of history programmes on television, too, and I can understand everything better. Films sometimes show some historic events and I can understand better when I read something for the class.

On the other hand, subjects like maths or physics are difficult, because I sometimes don’t understand things. One day, when they make an interesting programme about maths, I’ll like it, I hope.

By the way, my parents are making plans for the summer holiday. We’ll probably go to the seaside. I’m very happy because of that. I like swimming and sitting in the sun. When we go to Greece, I’ll be able to practise my English. It’s always exciting. There are many people from foreign countries and we talk to them and play with them. Maybe we’ll write letters later. What are your plans for the summer?

I must do my English homework now. I hope I’ll see you soon.

Best wishes,


Grigorije Grastić, VII2, 28 May 2008

Dear Suzie,

How are you? How are things?

Guess what! I went on a school trip on Friday. We visited the nature reserve Emperor’s Swamp. It was great! We took a boat ride on a small boat through the Swamp. We saw a lot of birds which are very rare. We had a lot of fun. What about you? Were you on a school trip too? Was it interesting?

Next week, on Friday again, I’m going on another school trip. We are visiting the Danube Gorge. We are staying there for two days. I hope we will see a lot of interesting things, and that it will be great. What about you? How are you going to spend your next weekend?

By the way, what are your plans for the summer? Are you going somewhere? I am going to stay at home, read a book, go swimming, or something like that.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,


Smiljana Karadžin, VII2, 28 May 2008

Dear Jana,

How are you? What's happened in Kikinda for the last two weeks? Is there anything new or interesting?

I'm at the seaside and I'm having a great time! The weather's wonderful so I'm sunbathing the whole day. I also swim a lot and play volleyball. 

Guess what happened a few days ago? While I was diving near the shore, I found a golden necklace stuck between some rocks. My mum was very happy about it. She liked it very much. 

The only bad thing about this holiday is the food. Since we're at the seaside, the main food is fish. And, as far as you know, I'm not very fond of fish. But, luckily, the ice cream's excellent and it's not very expensive.

I'm enjoying it here, but I miss my friends. 

I hope to meet you soon, but until then, you can write to me.

See you soon,


Viktor Grabić, VII2, 28 May 2008

Sunday, 9 March 2008

My Dream Holiday (essay)

If I could choose, I would like to spend a dream holiday with my friends at the seaside. I would also like to learn how to dive. It would definitely be some exotic beach in the Bahamas.

This archipelago consists of many exciting islands. They are situated in the Atlantic Ocean. The most exciting thing is that they have a tropical climate, wonderful sand beaches and an incredible sea flora and fauna. I would like to learn how to dive to be able to explore the underwater world. 

After the long and exhausting diving tours I would have  to relax.  And, since the sun shines so bright in the Bahamas, I could not do anything but sunbathe and doze. 

Local people are very friendly, especially the cafe owners who are keen on telling you all about the sights and the local customs. I have been told that all guests are welcome down there. 

So far, I have not been on holiday with my friends. This would be my golden opportunity. 

I imagine myself taking a tour along the islands, shopping and sightseeing. I would buy all those beautiful handmade souvenirs for me and my family. My friends and I would have an amazing time in the Bahamas.

This holiday is perfect for me because I want to spend time with my friends, to have a lot of fun and also to learn something very interesting.

Viktor Grabić, VII2, March 2008

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

A Year In Our Lives (project)

This whole-class project was done by my class VI5 at the beginning of 2008.
Generation 1995

Thursday, 31 January 2008

The Lost Lamp (play)

Since a lot of my pupils have shown artistic skills in the classroom, it was natural to gather them in a Drama Club. We have had a lot of fun ever since. We have not only acted and sung, but also played games, made up scenes and costumes.
Generation 1997
Our first play, called 'The Lost Lamp,' was a great success. It was performed by my 10-year-olds during the celebration of our School Day in 2008. The little ones in the audience were just sitting, clapping or singing with the actors and waiting for more.
a scene

Vlada as Tom

Vlada as Tom & Dušan as Masid, the genie