Saturday, 6 December 2008

Pets (essays)

I love animals, especially cats. I have three cats, but I am going to write about the youngest and smartest of them, named Pićuka.
When I was coming home from school one day, I saw a small cat in trouble. It was being chased by a dog. I quickly grabbed it and saved it. It was so frightened.
At home, my family and I agreed to call it Pićuka, because it is funny. Pićuka is a male. He has large, green eyes and a small head. His fur is black and white.
Remember whan I said that he was the smartest cat? I am going to explain you why I think so. He jumps on a handle and opens the door, so, thanks to him, all the cats get in. Whenever he is thirsty, he goes to the bathroom and when we hear, ’Miaow, miaow,’ we know that we have to give him water.
Sometimes, he is not so smart. When my grandmother is in the kitchen he goes round her legs... Many times I have seen Pićuka fly. My grandmother helps him to fly with her leg or with a broom.
Pićuka is not just my pet. He is my friend, too. I know that he has a perfect life... if we count out my grandmother.

Boris Škapik, VIII2, October 2008
My favourite animal is a dog. I like dogs because they are very intelligent, faithful and obedient. They can be taught many things and they listen to their masters.
I have a dog. His name is Lunja (=Tramp). My pet is about four years old and everybody in my family likes him. But it seems to me that I am his favourite person in the family, after all. When I come back from school he is very happy. He barks and jumps and I can see that he loves me very much. He is a part of our lives and a member of our family too. I cannot imagine my life without him.
Everybody says that my pet is not only faithful, but funny too. I think my friends envy me on my dog.
Because of him, the air is full of joy. When I am sad or worried, he makes me laugh and tries to comfort me. Sometimes, when I play with my friends and do not notice him, I can see that he is jealous.
In my opinion, every child should have a pet. All animals are very interesting and they bring happiness into our lives. They also make us better people, because we learn how to take care of them. All in all, I think that a dog is really a man’s best friend.

Marko Draško, VIII2, 3 December 2008

For my thirteenth my father gave me a beautiful little dog. I named it Lilly.
She has beautiful, big, brown eyes and white and brown, soft fur. She is absolutely beautiful. She always runs around chasing our neighbours’ cats or even her own tail. Everybody in my family loves her.
I have always wanted a dog for a pet. I feed her, take her for long walks to the park and brush her fur. When my friends come, they love to play with her. Sometimes, we go to the park where we let her run around and enjoy the company of other dogs.
I have even convinced my father to make her a wooden dog house, and buy her a number of toys to play with while I am at school.
When I got a pet, I didn’t know how many responsibilities I would have, because having a pet is not an easy thing. If I forget to feed my dog, she will be hungry and unhappy. But now I don’t find it hard to take care of her, because I have learned to be more responsible and she makes me and my family happy. We already think of her as a member of our family.

Milica Pašić, VIII2, 3 December 2008

I have a lot of pets: a cat, a dog and fifteen fish, but my favourite pet is a pet called Maza (=Cuddly). She is the brightest, sweetest, loveliest and the most skilful dog I have ever had.
When I got her I called her Maza, because she was very cute and quiet. But now she is not so quiet, in fact, she is quite the opposite. I wanted to change her name, but have not done it.
Maza is a terrier. Her fur is as black as coal. She has brown eyes, a small muzzle, very sharp teeth, and very cute ears. Her legs are very long and thin. When I got her, her tail was cut down, so she has a short tail now. I feed her well, so she is not slim. She is about one year old.
Maza is a very silly dog. Behind my house, there is a pile of bricks which she uses to climb on the roof! Can you imagine a dog on the roof?! But she is not alone on the roof. There is a tom cat, with whom Maza spends most of her time. They sleep and eat together, and they cuddle each other. It is all great until I come back from school. Then Maza starts attacking him and he runs away. I do not know why, maybe because she is jealous.
Sometimes, I am angry at her, but I still love her. The sweetest thing about her is that she always knows when she has done something wrong. In those occasions she crawls back to me, and waits for the cuddle.

Smiljana Karadžin, VIII2, 3 December 2008

I’ve had a lot of pets: three dogs, a rabbit and a turtle. The dogs’ names were Švrća (=Scamp), Maza (=Lady) and Lunja (=Tramp), the rabbit’s name was Srećko (Happy), and the turtle’s name was Gile.
Now I have a cat called Marko. He’s a three-year-old domestic cat, which means that he isn’t very clever (I’m sorry for saying that, but it’s true). He’s completely white, with one black dot on his stomach. His tail’s black with a brown spot. His head’s small and white, but sometimes very dirty. We can’t shower him, so he can’t go inside the house.
Marko’s also fat, like Garfield (but not orange). I weighed him yesterday and he has four kilograms.
There’s a strange thing about him. He doesn’t want to drink milk. I don’t know why. Marko just eats fish (when my brother and dad catch them), meat and bacon. You now know why he’s so fat. So, if someone knows something that will help me, please call me.
Marko has a girlfriend, too. That’s our neighbour’s cat. Her name’s Šaca. She’s black with three dots, on her head, stomach and tail. We know that Marko loves her, because he gives her his food.
Some time ago, Šaca had kittens. We don’t know what to do with them, so we’re going to give some away.
I love Marko and I wouldn’t give him for anything in the world.

Milica Bozitovac, VIII2, 3 December 2008

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