Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Free Time (essay)

I’ve got little free time now, because I do many different things during the day.

My typical school day starts at half past eight, because i go to music school. I arrive home at about eleven o’clock, do my homework and study for my lessons. School starts at one o’clock and I usually have six classes. After school I am very tired.

Whan I have free time, I listen to music, play the piano, watch TV, read books and go to dance classes. Sometimes I visit my friends. I like music and I play the piano, but I would like to learn to play the guitar, too, so I am planning to go to the guitar classes some time in the future. I often listen to classical music because it relaxes me.

During the summer I have more free time and I spend it with my friends. We usually play badminton or go to the swimming pool. Even when I have little free time, I try to spend it in the best way.

Ivana Vuletić, December 2008

My spare time is when I finish my schoolwork and sports practice.

When I’m on my own, I enjoy listening to music or watching a good movie. I’ve got hundreds of songs that I like listening to when I’m bored.

However, I prefer spending some time with the people I care about. This often means talking to and spending time with my grandparents or calling my grandmother who lives away.

The rest of my free time, I enjoy spending with my brother and friends. We do different things together, depending on the season. In summer, we go swimming, cycling, we play volleyball and basketball, or other things.

Cycling has always been my favourite outdoor activity. I could spend every summer evening cycling round the town and just watching and seeing new things.

Volleyball is the sport I’m very good at. I also try to swim and play beach volley every summer.

During winter, my friends and I usually play indoors. We surf the Internet, or make pizzas, spaghetti or tortillas.

I really love late spring and summer when the warmth is great and when I have a lot of free time. Then I really enjoy.

Grigorije Grastić, December 2008

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