Friday, 12 December 2008

Big & Small (song)

Here's a cute song from our coursebooks about sizes, with a few animal sounds, enjoyed and performed by my class I5 in December 2008.

And, here are the words:
GIRL: Hey, mum, look mum! Dogs, dogs, dogs.
MUM: A big dog, a small dog, a brown dog, a black dog.
They all say bow-wow-wow.

GIRL: Hey, mum, look mum! Cats, cats, cats.
MUM: A big cat, a small cat, a black cat, an orange cat.
They all say meow-meow-meow.

GIRL: Hey, mum, look mum! Birds, birds, birds.
MUM: A big bird, a small bird, a green bird, a blue bird.
They all say tweet-tweet-tweet.

GIRL: Hey mum, look mum! Hey mum, look mum!

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