Saturday, 28 September 2002

The Body Parts Chant

Here's a cute show-and-tell chant to learn or revise body parts. My 11-year-olds enjoyed it:

Touch your hair,
And wiggle your nose,
Touch your ear
 and tap your toes.
Open your mouth
And wink one eye.
Now close your mouth
And wave 'Goodbye'.

Saturday, 21 September 2002

The Numbers Chant

One of the ways to learn numbers is through a chant. Here's one my 11-year-olds liked:

One's a number,
Two's a number,
Three's a number,
Number five is under six,
And number seven's more!
Eight's a number,
Nine's a number,
Now we come to ten,
And, we're back to one again!

Saturday, 14 September 2002

Where's the cat? (chant)

My 11-year-olds found the following chant quite amusing:

Where's the cat?
Under the hat.

Where? Where?
On the chair.

Where's the cat?
In the box.

Where? Where?
Over there.