Thursday, 24 September 2009

Seasons Change (kids singing)

Here's another super song from our coursebooks, enjoyed by my pupils.

The lyrics are as follows:

When spring is here, the world is new
The grass is green, the sky is blue
When summer comes, it's very hot
We can play and swim a lot

The seasons change before our eyes
Each season brings a new surprise
The seasons change, they bring such joy
For every girl and every boy

When autumn's here, there's wind and rain
It's time to stay indoors again
When winter comes, the world is white
Snow is such a lovely sight

The following clips show the performances of my classes VI3 and VI1 in September 2009.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


At the beginning of every school year, we try to agree on some rules to follow in the lessons. We also discuss the ways of treating those who break the rules (usually a warning, but if the behaviour continues, the pupil is asked to write down the past forms of 10 irregular verbs).

Here's a list of some rules we've come up with in the last few years:

* Listen

* Try to speak English as much as possible

* Don't shout

* Bring your books

* Don't be late

* Raise your hand when you want to say something

* Do your homework

* Switch off your mobile phones

* Don't eat or drink in the class

* Don't be rude

All the rules are then signed by everyone: