Wednesday, 30 December 2009

My Favourite Day (articles)

My favourite day is Saturday. It is a super cool day, because we can play all day long.
We usually play in my neighbourhood. I play with my friends. We go rollerblading, play soccer, or we trick the others, usually teenagers.
I sometimes take out my dog and everybody plays with him.
My friend Željko often wakes me up early and we play video games or watch comedy films. When I buy a paper called ‘Screen fan’, we dream about having those games. When he is with me we are best friends.

Stanislav Šegrt, VI1, December 2009

My favourite day is Saturday. I get up at ten o’clock, because I like sleeping in the morning. My dad makes me a big breakfast and he doesn’t go to work on Saturday.
I practise basketball for two hours and after that I get home.
In the afternoon I visit my grandma and we have a good time together.
In the evenings I sometimes play board games with my sister.
I always go to bed at around half past eleven.

Jovana Kojić, VI2, December 2009

Monday, 28 December 2009

A Film Review (articles)

Write a short article about your favourite film. Who are the main characters? What is it about? Why do you like it?

‘Twilight’ is a great film about a girl called Bella Swan and a vampire called Edward Cullen.

Bella loves Edward, but that becomes a problem for her. She is attacked by James, the evil vampire, and Edward saves her. Bella soon ends up in a hospital, in a coma.

The lead actors are Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan) and Robert Pattinson (Edward Cullen).

‘Twilight’ is a great film for everyone.

Teodora Plavšić, VI1, December 2009

My favourite movie is ‘Alien4.’

This film is a fantasy. The main actor is Sigourney Weaver. In the film, her name is Ellen Ripley.

It all starts on a star ship where scientists create a clone – Ripley, because she is dead. Ellen is on that star ship with a small crew. They discover that the alien is in that star ship. The crew decide to kill him. During the mission the crew discover that Ripley is a clone. They get on the other star ship and go to the Earth, but they activate a bomb and blow up the star ship.

The running time is 1hour 48 minutes.

I think that this film is great for all ages.

Filip Smiljanić, VI2, December 2009

’Spider-Man’ is a great fantasy film about a teenager named Peter Parker.

Peter Parker lives in a small house in New York City with his Aunt May. His parents died and some thief killed his Uncle.

Peter hasn’t got many friends. His best friend is Mary Jane.

One day, a spider bites Peter in a science lab and he gains incredible powers! Now he is strong, fast, he can climb walls and throw webs, like a real spider.

People love Spider-Man, but he’s got enemies, like evil Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus or Venom. Will Spider-an stop them? Watch all three movies and find out!

Filip Ivetić, VI3, December 2009

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Help around the house (a survey)

We spent a few lessons in November talking about different chores and activities around the house. I asked my pupils to do a survey among their classmates to find out how much they help around the house. It was an interesting way for everyone to say something about him/herself, let alone practise the present simple tense and adverbs of frequency. 

We've also compared the lives of Serbian teenagers with those of British teens. Here is how a pupil of mine, Filip Ivetić from class VI3, sees the former:

Teenage Life in Serbia

Families in Serbia are usually big, but sometimes small. The parents are very busy, but most teenagers do not help around the house, so the parents have to do the chores. In the evenings, they often watch some films on TV.

Here in Serbia we go to school in shifts. In the morning, school starts at 8.00 and finishes at 13.10, and in the afternoon, it begins at 13.00 and ends at 18.10. The teenagers in Serbia do not really like going to school, and find it quite boring.

Like all teenagers, Serbian teens love watching TV, playing computer games and surfing the Net in their free time. Most teens have their Facebook accounts. In Serbia, it is the most popular messager programme on the Internet. On Saturdays, a lot of teens invite their friends to come over and they have lots of fun!

Thursday, 12 November 2009


Hi, Mary!
What are you doing? I’m at home now. It’s raining cats and dogs outside. I’m eating a cheeseburger. Mum’s teaching Qurel, my teacher, the flipebdo charm. My dad’s showing my brother how to play quidich in the field. I hope the blogers won’t hurt them... We’re all busy. My sister Jinny has a herbiology exam. Her teacher, Miss Sprout was pretty disappointed with her last exam.
Mum’s bought Jene an owl. She was happy. Now she can send letters to her friends. Lucky her!
Thanks, I’m fine. How about you?
No, I don’t have any plans for Sunday. Do you want to go to the village of Hogsmith on Sunday with me?
P.S. I think your owl’s dead or something.

Rastko Zamurović, VI2, September 2009

Hi Mary,
How are you? I’m at home now. It’s sunny outside, so I’m playing football. Mum’s cooking lunch. My dad and my brother are playing computer games. We’re all busy. My sister’s playing games with her friend. Lucky her!
Hope you’re OK.

Milan Reljin, VI3, September 2009

Saturday, 7 November 2009

My favourite character is... (notes)

My favorite character is Eric Cartman. He is short and fat. He is not clever. He can eat so much, but he doesn't like to work.

Mihailo Kozomara, VI1

My favorite character is Courage the Cowardly Dog. He is short. Courage is very clever. He likes his owner Muriel and to solve mysteries. But he doesn't like his other owner Eustace at all, because he is cruel to him. Courage can do the tricks, solve big mysteries and save his owners. He does things for love! He doesn't like monsters and other villains cause he gets really scared and then panics a lot.

Anđela Kovljenić, VI1

My favourite character is Harry Potter. He is thin. He is very clever. He can do magic and he doesn't like EVIL!!!...

Denis Nastovski, VI2

My favourite character is Ash Ketchum. He is an adventurer. He is of average height. He likes to catch pokemons. He doesn t like to lose. He is very cunning. His best friends are his Pokemons, Dawn and Brock.

Aleksandar Petrović, VI1

Friday, 6 November 2009

Incey Wincey Spider (kids singing)

This is a popular finger nursery rhyme, greatly enjoyed by my younger pupils. Here are the lyrics to sing along with my class II5:

Incey Wincey Spider climbed up the spout
Down came the rain and washed poor Incey out
Out came the sun and dried up all the rain
Incey Wincey Spider climbed the spout again.

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Hallowe'en 2009

In our English lessons, we also celebrate Hallowe'en. We talk about the holiday, sing songs, make masks, play games, eat sweets and things like that.


Now, try to match the words with their definitions:
1. Jack o’ lantern
2. pumpkin
3. treat
4. autumn
5. Hallowe’en
6. mask
7. Apple Bobbing

a. the season which comes after summer and before winter
b. a false face
c. a large, round, orange vegetable
d. an autumn holiday for children
e. a game with apples and water
f. a gift such as money or sweets
g. a pumpkin with a face cut in it

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Time for school (kids singing)

Here's one of the catchy songs about school, this time sung by class VI1. The lyrics are, as follows:
Bring your notepad, bring your pens
Bring your schoolbag, too
Bring your books, call your friends
Bring them all with you

It's time for school, hooray, hooray
Hurry up, it's my first day
It's time for school, it's lots of fun
School is great for everyone

English, Maths and History
Art and Science, too
Music and Geography
Are fun for me and you

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Time 4 Poetry

All Seasons Are Amazing

The year is full of seasons,
Some are hot and sunny,
Some are cold and freezing,
Some are rainy and windy.

All seasons are amazing,
I like them just like you,
Let's protect the flowers
This is their ground, too!

Seasons are wonderful,
Flowers are nice to see,
The pool is hot for swimming,
The ice is great for skating.

Ratko Stanković, VI1, September 2009,
inspired by a song called 'All Creatures Are Amazing' from our coursebooks


I like summer best
When the sun shines
And you have a rest.

You may swim in the river the whole day
And nobody asks you
How long you will stay.

Ana Šogorov, VI2, September 2009


Ancient temples,
Beautiful sea,
Wonderful music,
Which sets me free.

Lying in the sun,
Playing at the beach,
Buying souvenirs,
And eating a peach.

Vladimir Jakšić, VI2, September 2009

My friend

My friend's name is Lina
And she is from China.

She never gets mad,
But sometimes she is sad.

She is so pretty,
Like a little kitty.

Milica Marić, VI2, September 2009


Fairies are like girls with wings
I have many of these things.

They live with Mother Nature
Fairies can see in the future.

They have magic powers, too
Fairies can help you.

Dunja David, VI2, October 2009

A girl and a flower

A little girl playing in the park,
Saw a yellow flower before the dark.
She picked up the flower,
Kissed it for hello,
And took it with her
Wherever she had to go.

Doroteja Čikić, VI2, October 2009


What is love?
It's when you cry,
And when you want to die
Without any reason why.

It's hard to love,
Harder than to hate.
The best thing of all is
To arrange for a date.

Vladimir Jakšić, VI2, October 2009

We love

We love chocolate cakes,
Especially when mum bakes.

We love a lot of toys
For all the girls and boys.

We love lots of things,
But most of all pretty wings.

We love flowers
And four - leaf clovers.

We love a lot of stuff
We never have enough.

Milica Marić, VI2, October 2009


We love cats,
They are good pets.

Cats can be happy and playful,
They can be like a little girl.

They play with different toys
And give us lots of joys.

Vladimir Jakšić, VI2, October 2009


The 'Emerald Isle',
A beautiful place,
You may go there
If you have a good taste.

Cheerful music,
Tasty beer,
Happy dancers
All the year.

Doroteja Čikić, VI2, October 2009


That beautiful city
On the River Thames,
With lots of people
And places to see.

You may go there,
To work or play.
You may spend a lot of money
Every day.

Ana Šogorov, VI2, October 2009

Thursday, 24 September 2009

Seasons Change (kids singing)

Here's another super song from our coursebooks, enjoyed by my pupils.

The lyrics are as follows:

When spring is here, the world is new
The grass is green, the sky is blue
When summer comes, it's very hot
We can play and swim a lot

The seasons change before our eyes
Each season brings a new surprise
The seasons change, they bring such joy
For every girl and every boy

When autumn's here, there's wind and rain
It's time to stay indoors again
When winter comes, the world is white
Snow is such a lovely sight

The following clips show the performances of my classes VI3 and VI1 in September 2009.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009


At the beginning of every school year, we try to agree on some rules to follow in the lessons. We also discuss the ways of treating those who break the rules (usually a warning, but if the behaviour continues, the pupil is asked to write down the past forms of 10 irregular verbs).

Here's a list of some rules we've come up with in the last few years:

* Listen

* Try to speak English as much as possible

* Don't shout

* Bring your books

* Don't be late

* Raise your hand when you want to say something

* Do your homework

* Switch off your mobile phones

* Don't eat or drink in the class

* Don't be rude

All the rules are then signed by everyone:

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

My family (poems)

My mum is as wise as an owl,
But she uses an ugly towel.

My dad is as strong as an ox,
But he wears stinky socks.

My sister is as playful as a kitten,
But without me, she gets beaten.

I’m as slow as a snail,
But I can tell a great fairytale.

Rastko Zamurović, V2

My mother is as quiet as a mouse,
She keeps clean the whole house.

My brother is as stubborn as a mule,
And he doesn’t like school.

My father is as strong as an ox,
But my brother and I give him lots of shocks.

I am as playful as a kitten,
But sometimes I get beaten.

Igor Olajić, V2

My mum’s as pretty as a cat,

Because she’s got a hat.

My dad’s as strong as an ox,

And he always changes his socks.

My sister’s as quiet as a mouse,

Because she’s invisible in the house.

I’m as stubborn as a mule,

But I’m also clever and really cool.

Aleksa Konstantinov, V2

My mum’s as proud as a peacock,

Because she’s an excellent cook.

My dad’s as strong as an ox

And he can catch a fox.

My grandma’s as quiet as a mouse

And she likes sitting in her house.

My grandpa’s as busy as a bee,

Because he always helps me.

I’m as playful as a cat,

Cause I like playing with my pet.

Aleksandra Terzić, V3

My mum is as wise as an owl,

Because she helps me every hour.

My dad is as busy as a bee,

And he always worries about my sister and me.

My sister is as small as a mouse,

And she is always in the house.

I am as fast as a rabbit,

Because I always eat a carrot.

Ratko Stanković, V1

My mum is as busy as a bee,

Because she looks after my sister and me.

My dad is as strong as an ox,

Because he always crushes some rocks.

My sister is as gentle as a lamb,

And she always has something planned.

Dejan Kovačević, V2

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Cake Day 2009

The same place, the same people, but 2 years later. Class VIII2 and I had a sort of farewell party on 27 May. During the double period of English, we listened to some old CDs, played games, ate some delicious home-made sweets, and really enjoyed every minute.

No wonder everyone felt like singing a well-known song called 'Sausages with ice-cream':