Saturday, 7 November 2009

My favourite character is... (notes)

My favorite character is Eric Cartman. He is short and fat. He is not clever. He can eat so much, but he doesn't like to work.

Mihailo Kozomara, VI1

My favorite character is Courage the Cowardly Dog. He is short. Courage is very clever. He likes his owner Muriel and to solve mysteries. But he doesn't like his other owner Eustace at all, because he is cruel to him. Courage can do the tricks, solve big mysteries and save his owners. He does things for love! He doesn't like monsters and other villains cause he gets really scared and then panics a lot.

Anđela Kovljenić, VI1

My favourite character is Harry Potter. He is thin. He is very clever. He can do magic and he doesn't like EVIL!!!...

Denis Nastovski, VI2

My favourite character is Ash Ketchum. He is an adventurer. He is of average height. He likes to catch pokemons. He doesn t like to lose. He is very cunning. His best friends are his Pokemons, Dawn and Brock.

Aleksandar Petrović, VI1

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