Wednesday, 29 October 2008

The Dead of Jericho by Colin Dexter (book review)

The name of the book that I have recently read is ’The Dead of Jericho.’ It is a murder mystery, written by Colin Dexter, which takes place in the old part of Oxford - Jericho.

When Chief Inspector Morse met a beautiful woman called Anne Scott, he did not know that she would hang herself only six months later.

He hears about the sad news and investigates it, even if it is not his case. He finds out a lot of things – that there were no curtains upstairs, that the front door was unlocked... He interviews most of Anne’s neighbours and the city’s blacksmith. He manages to get the key from Anne’s back door.

One night he gets into the house and notices a lot of details. When he finishes investigating, he goes out of the house, over the garden wall and then he gets caught. He is pushed into a police car. The man who catches him is Constable Walters, the helper of Chief Inspector Bell, in charge of the case. They drive to Morse’s home and exchange information.

The next day, while Morse is on the Summertown Bridge Club talk, given by Charles Richards, the second murder happens in Jericho. It is Anne’s neighbour, George Jackson, who gets killed.

Morse is puzzled, but the Assistant Chief Commissioner wants him in charge of the case. Morse takes the case and exchanges information with Bell once again.

In the next few days, he finds out about a blackmail, some letters and a lot of other details. In the end, he catches the murderers – Charles and Conrad Richards, Anne’s lover and his brother.

The characters of this story are Morse and Lewis, his Sergeant, Charles and Conrad Richards, Charles’s wife Celia, some members of the Bridge Club, the Murdoch family...

The main character is Chief Inspector Morse. He is intelligent, but he has three flaws: beer, Mozart and women. He is very much like an ordinary person, not like an inspector. That is what makes him so special.

I liked this book very much. It is interesting and exciting, but sometimes it can be scary and that is what I like.

Dunja Ilić, VIII2, 26 October 2008

Saturday, 25 October 2008

Video games (project)

The following video clip deals with video games. The project was done by the boys in class VIII2, Pavle Mandić, Marko Draško and Marko Mišković, in October 2008. Although there are a lot of spelling mistakes, it's the effort that counts.