Saturday, 26 November 2005

My Family (essay)

My name is Tijana. I am the oldest child in my family. 

I have a younger brother. His name is Dejan. He likes to eat a lot and does not like to brush his teeth. He is really annoying. 

My mum’s name is Ljiljana. She works in the police station. Her job is really exciting. 

My dad’s name is Dragan. He is an engineer. He does not like his job and says that it is hard.

Auntie Dragana is my dad’s younger sister. She is married to Svetislav, who is a judo instructor. They have two children – two sons, Mateja and Srđan. Mateja is six. He likes watching cartoons, especially Tom and Jerry. Srđan is two. He is my second favourite cousin. He is practically still a baby. I do not visit them often because they live in Belgrade.

My mum has two brothers, Uncle Đurica and Uncle Željko. Uncle Željko is in America right now, working in a factory there. His wife’s name is Dobrila. They have two children, Jelena and Milica. Jelena is eighteen now. Every time I visit her, we talk about boys and our friends. Milica is five years old. She does not go to school. She likes animals, especially cats. She always tortures my cat.

Uncle Đurica’s wife’s name is Olivera. They have a son. His name is Stefan. He is my favourite cousin. He has a lot of toys and computer games. He is nine, but really smart for his age.

Then, there are my grandparents. I call my dad’s parents ‘Granny’ and ‘Grandpa.’ I do not like to visit them because I do not have friends there. I call my mum’s parents ‘Grandma’ and ‘Grandad.’ I do not like to visit them either because they have a huge dog, and I am scared of him. The dog’s name is Bingo. He can eat twelve pounds of meat.

So, that is my family.

Tijana Kovačević, VII3, November 2005

Sunday, 20 November 2005

The Person I Admire Most (essay)

Since I was a little girl there have been many people in my life I admired. But, Filip Križan is the person who I admire most.

Filip is a boy who has been training judo with me for six years. Two years ago he was elected the best pupil in my school. He is attending the second class of Dušan Vasiljev High School. He has many qualities for which I admire him.

Filip is very hard-working, and that is why he has become the junior and senior state champion. For seven years he has been the state champion, but he is only sixteen years old. Last year he took part in the Balkan, European and youth championships. Filip has more than a hundred medals. I watch carefully his every fight.

When we have a training lesson, we all want to practise and fight with him, because we can learn a lot. He is not only the best at sport, he is great at school, too.

It is fun to spend time with him. He loves music. He plays the guitar and the piano.

Filip is very friendly, too. When he comes to a party, I know that it is going to be fun, because he loves to sing and dance and makes everybody laugh.

He is the talk of the town because he is in every newspaper.

I am glad that I know Filip because he is a great influence and a really good friend.

Jovana Milešević, VIII1, November 2005

There are a lot of people in my life who I love, but I have to write about one person. This person is my sister. Her name is Kristina. 

I admire my sister because she is very optimistic, cheerful, very reliable, talkative, friendly, she always has time for everything, in one word - she is my idol. 

Kristina is in her old teens. 

My sister has short, curly, black hair. Her eyes are big and brown and her face is very gentle with thin lips. 

As for her personality, she is a social person. She enjoys the company of other people. She is also very talkative, which is not always good, because some people might think that you are boring. But I like the people who talk a lot. Thanks to these two qualities, it has always been so easy for her to meet new people and start new friendships. 

Some people think that she is reliable and I agree with them. I must confess that she is lazy and hardworking at the same time. She is lazy when it comes to housework, like cooking and cleaning, but she is not lazy for school, dancing, going out with friends and other things. Her dream is to become a famous dancer. 

I love Kristina so much because of her character, but especially because she is my sister.

Marina Trkulja, VIII1, November 2005 

There are a lot of people in my life. Some of them teach me to be a good person, but there are other ones. However, the person I admire most is very close to me, although she lives in Novi Sad now. It's Dijana, my sister.

Someone once said that your sister or brother is nearest to  you. Well, I share that opinion. Sister understands and supports you in every minute, because she is a child, too. In particular, my sister is a person like that.

Since she is older than me, she always gives me some advice no matter what the problem is. One day when I came from school I was very nervous, but my sister was there to cheer me up and make me happy. 

Another thing which I admire in her is that she is very sincere and honest. She is openhearted and always says what is on her mind. In that way she helps me to make real decisions. My sister believes in an honest world without lies and frauds. If she is in a situation to turn out fairness, she will do that. 

When I was younger I spent most of my time with my sister, playing together. Although she had her obligations she always separated some time for me. I feel that she did it with pleasure. 

Now, my sister and I spend time thinking of fashion, music, going out, etc. We are not little babies any more. 

I think that it is very important to have at least one brother or sister. Who can be the best friend for you, if they can't?

Tijana Velemirov, VIII3, November 2005

I like to write on a topic like this. There are a lot of people I can write about, but I am completely sure that my father is the man who deserves my admiration.

His name is Dušan. He is forty-six years old and has been married to my mum for twenty-one years. He is tall and thin. He is an electrician in Toza Marković tile factory.

I admire him most for his wisdom and knowledge. He always helps me when I have difficulties with school. We do Maths and Physics together. He knows how to explain the problems to me. 

My grandfather was a carpenter, so my father learned to make various things. Sometimes he makes us things. He once made a shelf for my room and a chest for my toys. I would like to be able to make such things. 

My dad is also very witty. I like his jokes and think that he is very funny. He can make me laugh when I am sad. We used to play a quiz on the radio and he got a prize for being the funniest.

In addition to all this, he is very thoughtful. He always buys flowers for my mother and me and helps my mum with the housework. He likes to work with fruit and vegetables. After family, animals are the most important to him. 

I love my father and I will always love him.

Svetlana Ugrinov, VIII3, November 2005

There are a lot of people who I love, but the person I admire most is my mother, Nada. She is the best person I have ever known. There are a lot of reasons why I respect her.

My mum is a good person. She has always been there for me. when I am ill or sad, she is always by my side. 

When I was a kid, she helped me with my homework. Whatever bad thing I did, she forgave me.

She has only two conditions. I must have good marks in school and I must behave well. As for my behaviour, I have disappointed her a few times. When I was a kid and now when I am fourteen years old, I always made and still make some problems. She never yells at me or hits me. We can decide everything only through conversation. 

My mum is one of the persons who has my full trust. She is the best keeper of my secrets in the world.

My parents work hard to give my brother and me everything we want. I have a great childhood thanks to my parents. My dad is really close to me but mother is mother and she is closer.

When I came to Kikinda a few years ago, my friends did not accept me at first. Thanks to my mum and her advice I overcame that problem. Now I am very good with all my friends. 

I am sorry I have made so many problems to the  persons who have done really good things for me, my parents. 

For the end, I just want to say that I think that my mum is the best person in the entire world, not because she is the same blood as I am, but because she is a kind person, the keeper of secrets and a great friend in trouble.

Dragoljub Grujin, VIII4, November 2005

Every teenager in the world has an idol. That might be a music star, some actor or actress, but for me that is my dad.

I admire him because he is successful in life and he does what he loves for living. He is hardworking and always tries to do everything the best he can. 

He has a strong character and sticks to his designs. He has proved that many times before. Once he decided not to sell something to one man and he did not change his mind. Because of that he went to court.

My father is so brave in some situations and he wants to get all the best things for his family. 

He is a very fast-thinking man. When we watch some quiz on TV he is always the first to answer. 

I can write about my dad for a very long time because he has so many qualities, like fair play. He is always ready for a deal. He really hates liars and criminals. When I once lied to him, he was very mad and I could not go out and play with my friends for a long time. That shows how strong character he has.

With all those virtues, he is the best father and I will love him anytime, anywhere.

Marko Grbić, VIII4, November 2005

The person I want to write about is my father, Radivoj. He is the person I admire for a lot of reasons.

Firstly I admire my father because he has had the courage to start a whole new life. He has moved to Australia even though he is forty-eight years old. He needed a lot of different documents so that he could go to Australia, and he managed to get them all. Some of his friends used to tell him that he would not succeed and that he was better off staying here, but he still made his dream come true. I have realised that it is important to believe in yourself and when you do so, you will make it through anything. 

I also admire my father because of his knowledge. He is very good at what he does. His profession is electric engineer and he always keeps improving himself. He had a computer a long time before a lot of people had something like that in their homes. Because of his knowledge, he is now doing a really good job in Australia.

My dad speaks three languages fluently and in his life he has visited at least fifteen countries. He has been to Norway, France, Great Britain, Russia, Singapore and other countries. He has had a good time everywhere he went. he is a good man so he has no trouble meeting and sociallising with the others.

I have written about my father because I think that he is a great man. I would like to learn things from him and to travel the world like he did.

Damjan Fijat, VIII2, November 2005