Wednesday, 30 December 2009

My Favourite Day (articles)

My favourite day is Saturday. It is a super cool day, because we can play all day long.
We usually play in my neighbourhood. I play with my friends. We go rollerblading, play soccer, or we trick the others, usually teenagers.
I sometimes take out my dog and everybody plays with him.
My friend Željko often wakes me up early and we play video games or watch comedy films. When I buy a paper called ‘Screen fan’, we dream about having those games. When he is with me we are best friends.

Stanislav Šegrt, VI1, December 2009

My favourite day is Saturday. I get up at ten o’clock, because I like sleeping in the morning. My dad makes me a big breakfast and he doesn’t go to work on Saturday.
I practise basketball for two hours and after that I get home.
In the afternoon I visit my grandma and we have a good time together.
In the evenings I sometimes play board games with my sister.
I always go to bed at around half past eleven.

Jovana Kojić, VI2, December 2009

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