Monday, 11 January 2010


The Elf and the Fairy

Once upon a time, in a small village called Elven, there lived a little elf, Monica.
Monica had super powers, bud nobody knew that. She was the protector of a crystal called ‘the Kiss of Eve.’
One day, while Monica was walking in the forest, picking berries, she heard some noise. Monica was scared at first, but soon realised that the noise came from the little fairy Susan. Susan had golden wings and she told Monica that she was her protector fairy.
Monica asked the fairy, ‘Can I talk to you, please?’ And they started talking… The fairy was so happy; she found her elf and a friend.
A few days later, when Monica woke up, she called Susan, but she didn’t come. Monica called out Susan’s name again, but there was no reply. So, Monica went to Susan’s place. But, Susan wasn’t there. Instead, she found a note saying, ‘If you want to see your fairy, bring me the yellow berry.’
Monica tried to find the berry alone, but had no luck. So, she had to ask a powerful wizard for help. The wizard offered to give her the yellow berry, but asked something else in return, ‘I’ll give you the yellow berry, if you give me the water potion of Aura.’
Monica could make magic potions, but this was the only one she couldn’t make. She tried to find it and had more luck this time. As soon as she gave the potion to the wizard, he gave her the promised yellow berry for the Demon.
It was a strong and smart demon, whose heart was pure evil, and nobody trusted him. But, Monica had to trust him. She went to the forest and called him out. The Demon came and Monica gave him the yellow berry. Then, she told him to release the fairy, but he couldn’t, saying, ‘She is in the hands of Devil Locke.’
Monica flew to Locke’s place and found him playing a game with Susan. The game was called ‘Play or pay’ and it was a cool and interesting game. Monica didn’t know what to do, but the fairy told her to sit and watch.
Locke was a master of tricks and jokes, and he had the first round. ‘No rules? I will still play fair!’ the fairy thought. But, Locke still cheated, and he almost won, but… at the last moment, she won. Monica was happy and the fairy was too. Locke told Susan, ‘Great game!’ and he flew away.
Monica and Susan decided to always be together and they lived happily ever after.

Milica and Stevan Marić, November 2009

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