Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Time 4 Poetry

All Seasons Are Amazing

The year is full of seasons,
Some are hot and sunny,
Some are cold and freezing,
Some are rainy and windy.

All seasons are amazing,
I like them just like you,
Let's protect the flowers
This is their ground, too!

Seasons are wonderful,
Flowers are nice to see,
The pool is hot for swimming,
The ice is great for skating.

Ratko Stanković, VI1, September 2009,
inspired by a song called 'All Creatures Are Amazing' from our coursebooks


I like summer best
When the sun shines
And you have a rest.

You may swim in the river the whole day
And nobody asks you
How long you will stay.

Ana Šogorov, VI2, September 2009


Ancient temples,
Beautiful sea,
Wonderful music,
Which sets me free.

Lying in the sun,
Playing at the beach,
Buying souvenirs,
And eating a peach.

Vladimir Jakšić, VI2, September 2009

My friend

My friend's name is Lina
And she is from China.

She never gets mad,
But sometimes she is sad.

She is so pretty,
Like a little kitty.

Milica Marić, VI2, September 2009


Fairies are like girls with wings
I have many of these things.

They live with Mother Nature
Fairies can see in the future.

They have magic powers, too
Fairies can help you.

Dunja David, VI2, October 2009

A girl and a flower

A little girl playing in the park,
Saw a yellow flower before the dark.
She picked up the flower,
Kissed it for hello,
And took it with her
Wherever she had to go.

Doroteja Čikić, VI2, October 2009


What is love?
It's when you cry,
And when you want to die
Without any reason why.

It's hard to love,
Harder than to hate.
The best thing of all is
To arrange for a date.

Vladimir Jakšić, VI2, October 2009

We love

We love chocolate cakes,
Especially when mum bakes.

We love a lot of toys
For all the girls and boys.

We love lots of things,
But most of all pretty wings.

We love flowers
And four - leaf clovers.

We love a lot of stuff
We never have enough.

Milica Marić, VI2, October 2009


We love cats,
They are good pets.

Cats can be happy and playful,
They can be like a little girl.

They play with different toys
And give us lots of joys.

Vladimir Jakšić, VI2, October 2009


The 'Emerald Isle',
A beautiful place,
You may go there
If you have a good taste.

Cheerful music,
Tasty beer,
Happy dancers
All the year.

Doroteja Čikić, VI2, October 2009


That beautiful city
On the River Thames,
With lots of people
And places to see.

You may go there,
To work or play.
You may spend a lot of money
Every day.

Ana Šogorov, VI2, October 2009

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