Sunday, 9 March 2008

My Dream Holiday (essay)

If I could choose, I would like to spend a dream holiday with my friends at the seaside. I would also like to learn how to dive. It would definitely be some exotic beach in the Bahamas.

This archipelago consists of many exciting islands. They are situated in the Atlantic Ocean. The most exciting thing is that they have a tropical climate, wonderful sand beaches and an incredible sea flora and fauna. I would like to learn how to dive to be able to explore the underwater world. 

After the long and exhausting diving tours I would have  to relax.  And, since the sun shines so bright in the Bahamas, I could not do anything but sunbathe and doze. 

Local people are very friendly, especially the cafe owners who are keen on telling you all about the sights and the local customs. I have been told that all guests are welcome down there. 

So far, I have not been on holiday with my friends. This would be my golden opportunity. 

I imagine myself taking a tour along the islands, shopping and sightseeing. I would buy all those beautiful handmade souvenirs for me and my family. My friends and I would have an amazing time in the Bahamas.

This holiday is perfect for me because I want to spend time with my friends, to have a lot of fun and also to learn something very interesting.

Viktor Grabić, VII2, March 2008

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