Friday, 20 May 2011

Life in the future (opinion articles)

Hi, my name’s Aleksa and I’ll tell you what I think about the future.

In my opinion, the future will be a better place to live. Firstly, scientists will find many cures for dangerous diseases. Also, there will be no ozone holes and we won’t have any problems with global warming. Lots of national parks will be formed for endangered species. There won’t be any hungry people because politicians will find the way too share food with the parts of the world where famine rules. We will inherit some new kind of fuel that will not pollute the air. With new technology, we’ll have a new generation of robots and every rich house will have it, so we’ll have more free time. There also won’t be any crisis and we will live without any bigger money problems.

I think that the future will be a better and healthier place to live. I hope it will all come true one day.

Aleksa Konstantinov, VII2, 19 May 2011

Every person in the world thinks about his or her future. Also, the kids today are thinking about the future, but in a more colourful and interesting way.

Sometimes we wonder about the way our life will be as we grow older. Will it be good, or are we going to have a bad life? I think that the life in the future will be more modern, that there will be some new technologies that we can’t even think about now. I also think that if we don’t take care of the biggest problem of the whole planet, ecology, we will live in a filthy world and a planet full of garbage.

I’m optimistic, because I think that people will take care of their environment and that we will take care of it until we pass our assignment to the next generations.

Denis Nastovski, VII2, 19 May 2011

Soon, we will run out of all natural resources. We can use renewable energy, such as solar power, but in the further future, that won’t be enough.

We will develop the technology that uses far more powerful energy than solar energy. We could use nuclear energy, but what if we cause a nuclear disaster, so big that it destroys our whole planet. Where will we go, how could we escape, when the nearest Earth-like planet (Gliese 581c) is almost 20.3 light years away? The answer is: ANTIMATTER. Antimatter produces no radiation and one drop could power up a city of millions of people.

But, there is a down side. Antimatter is very difficult to create. To create five grams, you will need the biggest particle accelerator in the world, the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). Also, because antimatter is the opposite of matter, when they come in contact, they create a devastating blow. That one drop could destroy Kikinda and kill us all. Because of that, it needs to be held in vacuum all the time.

Antimatter could be used for energy in the future, but in the wrong hands, it could be a devastating weapon.

Filip Ivetić, VII3, May 2011

I think that life in the future will be more interesting.

It will be much better, because people will not have to do any manual labour. Robots will replace people in difficult jobs. There will be more fun and cooler toys.

But life in the future will be worse, too, because some people want this planet only for themselves. It will lead to the battle of good and evil, like it is fought now, only it will be much more dangerous.

Milan Reljin, VII3, May 2011

Life in the future is a big dream. But if the scientists worked hard, then our dreams would come true.

First of all, we will have greener sources of energy. Cars will have hydrogen power motors. They will not pollute our air, but the coolest part is they will fly or just hover. Secondly, computers will be so life-like we won’t know who’s a human and who’s a machine. Then, our house will communicate with us and it will insure that everything is running properly. The games will be in 3D. It will be so real that we won’t tell them apart from reality. Our phones will be made with nanotechnology. They will be self-cleaning, self-powering, they will have 3D buttons on the screen and they will even be able to tell us what not to eat.

Well, that dream may be far away, but the future life is just around the corner.

Čaba Kurunci, VII5, May 2011 

Ever since I read one of my first books, I started to adore Jules Verne and his stories about the future. And so some of his books have inspired me to write this article.

There are a few modifications like flying cars and stuff like that, but let’s start from the beginning...

First we will lose the space to build our houses, so we will build floating towns run on solar energy. Then, the spendable resources will get banned or melted, so in search for other resources we will explore other planets. The traffic will be moved to the skies. There will be flying cars and other floating vehicles, since the traffic will not be possible on the ground, because of the population of humans.

And that is why I adore the future.

Rastko Zamurović, VII2, May 2011

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