Saturday, 6 December 2014


On 22nd November 2014, round half past eleven, there was an accident in Žarko Zrenjanin Street. 
A car driver was driving down the street, when he had to stop at the red light, but his brake pedal cancelled. The driver panicked and lost control of the vehicle which led to its crash into a tree.
The eyewitnesses who were walking by saw the accident and immediately came running to help the injured. After a few minutes, the ambulance arrived and took the car driver to the hospital. Unfortunately, the driver broke his right arm and hit his head. He is recovering in Kikinda's hospital.

Stefan Vujić, VII3, 2 December 2014

Car accidents are scary, creepy, cost a lot of damage, and I hate when they happen to someone. Luckily, it hasn't happened to me, yet. 
My mum got her driving licence this autumn and I'm scared to drive with beginners. I've always wanted to drive a car. I love them, even though I'm a girl. But, after what I saw last year, I asked myself if I really wanted to be a driver.
My mum and I were walking home when we had to stop at the traffic lights, of course. They are usually at the crossroads. Suddenly, two cars crashed. One of them was nailed into the wall and another one was flattened. It looked like a piece of metal and not a real car. I was shocked. I couldn't believe it all happened in just one second. 
Luckily, no one got hurt, but what it looked like, I think that it was a miracle. Then, they called the police and everything was fine except the people that were in the cars. My mum and I were witnesses. I was angry because if people paid attention to the traffic and didn't act like they were the only ones in the world who drove cars, such accidents wouldn't happen so often.

Ninoslava Marinkov, VII1, 3 December 2014

Laura, age 10, was injured last Monday when a branch fell on her head. She was in the park when the accident happened.
The girl and her brother Tom were walking the dog in the park. After 30 minutes, it started raining. The weather was windy and it became colder. Laura's brother saw the lightning in the sky. Laura started to panic. Then, the lightning hit a tree, a branch broke and fell on Laura. Tom was trying to rescue his sister, but a branch was too big and heavy. He called an ambulance.
Now, Laura is recovering in hospital, because she broke her leg.

Tijana Varađanin, VII2 

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