Thursday, 14 December 2006

Animals (article)

Describe your favourite animal. Don't forget to write where it lives, what it looks like, what it eats, or how long it lives.

My favourite animal is a tiger. It is a member of the cat family. It can live for twenty years. It lives in Asia. The tiger eats meat. It hunts animals like a deer, buffalo and wild pig. It can run very fast. It can swim very well. Tigers can be four metres long and one meter tall. It has beautiful orange fur with brown or black stripes. It has got a long tail. I like this animal very much, because it is fast and beautiful.

Ivana Grubišić, VI2, December 2006

My favourite animal is a lion. It lives in Africa. It has a long tail. It has got a big head. It has got brown eyes. It is yellow. It has got short legs and can run fast. It eats meat. It sleeps a lot. Lions live for about twenty years. I live lions, because they are big, yellow and live in the jungle.

Aleksandra Kantar, VI2, December 2006

My favourite animal is a giraffe. It lives in Africa. It haas got a long neck and a long tail. It has got a brown body with black spots on it. It is very tall. A giraffe is very fast. It can run 50kph. It always lives in a small or big group. A giraffe eats grass. It lives for twenty years. I like giraffes because they are big and very friendly.

Dunja Ilić, VI2, December 2006

My favourite animal is a kangaroo. It lives in Australia. It lives for about twenty years. It does not run; it jumps. It can jump about fourteen meters up. It eats fruit, vegetables and grass. It has got big and strong legs. It has got a big and strong tail, too. It is very fast. It is tall, too. I like it because it has got a beautiful head.

Boris Škapik, VI2, December 2006

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