Friday, 12 February 2010

Mysteries (notes)

It happened when I was ten years old. My parents were not at home so I was alone all day. I just finished watching the “Home Alone” films, made myself something to eat and surfed the Net for a while. Since I had to wake up early for school, I lay on my bed, but simply could not sleep. At midnight sharp something started knocking on my window. I was scared. I looked through the window and there was nothing. Suddenly, the door started to open... I could not move. A ghost appeared right in front of me. It looked like it was my grandfather who died ten years ago. I felt peaceful then. He laughed and showed me a book called “Ghosts, witches and monsters”. Just for a second I closed my eyes and when I opened them again my grandfather was gone. It was the sight which I will never forget.

Denis Nastovski, VI2, February 2010

I was nine years old if I can remember... My mum was going to work, when I had a strange dream.
It was a rainy day, my mum was riding a bike when suddenly she fell down and broke her finger. I was running to help her, but then I woke up. When I woke up, I got the phone as quickly as possible and called her.... Her boss answered the phone and told me that she was in hospital... I waited for her to come back home... When she came back, I saw that her finger was broken... I asked her how she did that and she told me that she fell down. For about four years I have been trying to solve this mystery, but I still haven’t. (Maybe, I need to call the MYTHBUSTERS!!!!).....

Filip Smiljanić, VI2, February 2010 

It was a dark and rainy night. I was having a bath when the phone rang. I went to the phone and answered it. I heard a scary, noisy voice on the other side, saying, ‘You’ll die in six days, six hours and six minutes!’ I was scared and couldn’t sleep all night. But the next day at school I found out that the scary voice on the phone was my friend Filip’s and that it was a joke. 

Milan Reljin, VI3, February 2010 

It was raining. Max felt bored watching through the window. He turned around and saw the house was in a mess... everything was covered with white sheets. He freaked out. He went to the kitchen and saw two monks sitting on the chairs. He sat on the rocking chair. One of the monks jumped up and pointed his finger straight to Max. Another one stepped on his foot and started singing and spilling water all around the place. At that moment, Max felt pain, like something was cutting him apart. Then he realized that those monks were getting rid of ghosts, and that he was probably a ghost himself. The monks then banished him. Spooky!

Rastko Zamurović, VI2, February 2010

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