Saturday, 9 March 2013


Imagine you are on holiday. Write a postcard to your family or friends. Use the plan:

Dear ... ,
Greetings from ... . We're ... . (where?)
The hotel's ... . The weather's ... .
My friends are ... . I'm ... . (doing what?)
See you soon / Love and kisses,
(your name)

Dear Luka,
Greetings from Baška Voda. We're having a great time here. The hotel's great. We're staying on the ground floor. It's warm and sunny. Mum and aunt are sunbathing. I'm swimming with my uncle, granduncle and my cousin Luka. It's great fun.
See you soon,

Kristian Balaž, V2, 6 March 2013 
Dear Grandma and Grandpa,
Greetings from Halkidiki. It's hot here! I'm wearing my shorts and orange T-shirt. I'm playing volleyball. Mum and dad are swimming. My sister's sunbathing.
See you soon,

Lazar Turudija, V1, 8 March 2013

Dear sister Tamara,
It's very hot and sunny here in Australia. Mum is sunbathing. Dad is swimming and drinking lemonade. My new friends are surfing, playing beach volleyball and eating an ice cream. I am playing table tennis and eating a pancake. It's lots of fun.
See you soon!
Your sister, Tijana

Tijana Varađanin, V2, 6 March 2012

Dear Grandma,
We arrived in Budva, the old town in Montenegro. We're having a beautiful time here. 
The hotel's great. We're staying on the fourth floor. 
The weather's lovely, hot and sunny. Dad's fishing at the moment, Minja's swimming and Mum's sunbathing. 
There are lots of shops here. Mum can't wait to go shopping. 
In the evening we walk in the central streets. There are lots of restaurants and cafes. I'm going to taste great local food. 
I love Budva.
See you soon,
Milan Jakšić, V2, 6 March 2012 

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