Sunday, 29 September 2013

European Day of Languages 2013

As usual, my colleagues and I prepared a number of interesting games on 26 September.

The programme started with the 'Getting to know you' game, where participants tried to find their 'fellow countrymen' in sign language.

We continued with the 'Language quiz' in which the teams answered some interesting questions on European languages ​​and learned a lot they did not know before.

This was followed by a listening game called 'Who's that talking' where the teams' task was to recognize the language they heard. Our contestants and the audience had some problems at first, but there was a little flag - help, so all the teams won the maximum number of points.

The 'Picturesque association' game was an opportunity for the teams to visit famous European sights.

In the 'ABC game' each team was asked to order the given English words as they appear in the dictionary.

Particularly interesting was the last game, 'Translation Workshop', where teams translated several messages, using sign language alphabet.

By the way, representatives of eight primary schools joined our celebration and gave us a positive feedback.

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