Friday, 20 February 2015

Grammar with Songs

Songs and films can be a powerful tool to learn vocabulary and grammar, too. That's why I've asked my pupils to find the examples of Direct Speech in their favourite songs or films and turn them into Indirect Speech. Here's a selection of their work:

I told you to stop this crazy talk, leave right now and close the door.

Andrea Ružić, VII4, 20 February 2015

'All of my doubt suddenly goes away,' Christina Perri says. --> Christina Perri says that all of her doubt suddenly goes away.
'I have died every day waiting for you,' Christina Perri says. --> Christina Perri says that she has died every day waiting for him. 

Anja Vučić, VII2, 20 February 2015

'Love is a ghost I can't control,' Christina Perri says. --> Christina Perri says that love is a ghost she can't control.
'I learn to live half alive,' Christina Perri says. --> Christina Perri says that she learns to live half alive.

Anja Kresoja, VII2

She tells me to shine bright like a  diamond. She suggests me to find light in the beautiful sea.

Emilija Mijandžić, VII4

'Just give me a reason,' said Pink. --> Pink told me to give her a reason.
'You bring me joy,' said Amelia Lily. --> Amelia Lily said that he brings her joy.

Ivana Varađanin, VII2, 20 February 2015

He says he wants success and he wants stardom. He says he wants life full of fortune and fame. He says he wants to dance in the spotlight, be number one and such a big star. He says he wants to shine like the sun. He says that one day he'll be on the front page, his work will excite and inspire. He says that people will know all about him and he'll set the whole world on fire. 

Kosana Jakonić, VII4

Wanz says, 'I'm gonna pop some tags.' --> Wanz says that he's going to pop some tags.
Colonel says, 'Can you hear me, Sargeant?' --> Colonel asks the Sargeant if he can hear him.

Kristian Balaž, VII2

Rocky's coach says, 'You have the eye of the tiger.' --> Mickey says that Rocky has the eye of the tiger.

Luka Važić, VII2

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