Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Activity Share Competition

The Macmillan Team has chosen my favourite classroom activity as the winner of their Activity Share Competition. I'm sure my pupils will enjoy reading the books they've sent.

'The Fruit Party' is just perfect for the first day of school. At least I do this activity with my pupils then. First, I ask my pupils to write the numbers from 1 to 5, one below another, in their notebooks. Then, I ask them to think of a basket with all kinds of fruit and pick one. They should write the name of that fruit next to number 1. After that I ask them to think of their favourite childhood toy. They should write its colour next to number 2. Shortly, I ask them to guess how many pencils they've got in their pencil cases and write their answer next to number 3. Later, I ask them to write where something they're wearing was made next to number 4. Then, I ask them to think of a letter and write the job starting with that letter next to number 5. Finally, I reveal my pupils what each number stands for (1 = their name, 2 = their surname, 3 = the number of pets they've got, 4 = the country they come from, 5 = their job) and ask them to pretend that they're at the party and meet the others. The activity includes all four skills, plus a lot of fun and mingling.

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