Sunday, 18 April 2010

The Media (for-and-against articles)

Think about the advantages and disadvantages of different media. You may use the following ideas to write your article:
P1: Introduction - state topic 
P2: Advantages and reasons
P3: Disadvantages and reasons
P4: Opinion
Don't forget to use the linking words, such as: First, Second, In addition (list/add points), For instance (introduce examples), However (show contrast), To sum up (conclude), etc.


Television - we can watch a lot of interesting stuff on it, but is all that good?
To start with, there are a lot of channels on TV, not only from our country, but other countries as well. As a result, you have a bigger choice of programmes, films, TV series, different TV shows, and things like that.
However, TV can be bad for us because we spend a lot of time in front of it, instead of going outside with our friends. TVs are also very expensive, especially those with an excellent resolution.
All in all, we can find a lot of interesting and great stuff on TV, but we should learn to control ourselves.

Nataša Aranbašić, Snežana Vlajnić, Aleksandar Ćurčin and Ivan Pajić, VIII1, April 2010


A lot of people today have the Internet. They spend hours using it, but is this good or bad?
First, you can be in contact with your friends who live far away from you, chat with them, talk on the microphone, or watch them on your monitor via video camera. Second, you can search for information in other countries and regions. You can also listen to music or watch videos and films on the Internet.
However, the Internet can be dangerous for your computer. For example, somebody can hack or spam it with mail. Also, too much time in front of your computer is bad for your health.
To conclude, the Internet is a source of information around the world, but we need to use it sensibly.

Aleksandar Katai, Dragan Grbić and Maja Rofa, VIII1, April 2010


Today, each man or woman has a mobile phone. Even younger people have it. It is very useful, but has a lot of flaws, too.
One positive side is that mobile phones are useful for communication. For example, you can talk to your friend who is in Spain or some other country. You can also do a lot of interesting things with mobile phones. You can listen to music, take some pictures or watch videos, for instance. Moreover, you can get some interesting information on it.
On the other hand, mobile phones are very expensive. They can also crash fast. Another flaw is that if a mobile phone falls down, it breaks, immediately. And when it breaks, its repair is very expensive. In addition, people lose interest in other, smarter things, because of mobile phones. In fact they spend a lot of time using them.
To sum up, you would not be able to do lots of interesting things without mobile phones, but you should use them more responsibly.

Doroteja Živković, Jelena Sivčev, Željko Živkov and Mirjana Popović, VIII1, April 2010

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