Sunday, 8 June 2014

Bedum ... Bedoo

This is 1 of the most favourite new songs of my younger pupils. It's perfect for expressing likes and dislikes:

I love fishing,
I love flying kites,
I like taking photos,
I like riding bikes.
I love fishing!
Bedum ... bedoo.

I love swimming,
Playing hockey too,
And I love painting,
With the colour blue.
I love swimming!
Bedum ... bedoo.

I don't like driving,
Or flying in a plane,
I don't like cleaning shoes,
I don't like running for a train!
Bedum ... bedoo.

I don't like cooking,
Or playing the guitar,
I don't like badminton,
Or cleaning my dad's car.
I don't like it!
Bedum ... bedoo.

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