Friday, 6 June 2014

It's morning

This song is great for revising parts of the day, meals and food. Although we hadn't come up with any choreography, my younger pupils enjoyed singing it.
It's morning, it's morning.
We're having breakfast with our mum.
Bread and milk, bread and milk.
It's morning, it's morning.

It's lunchtime, it's lunchtime.
We're having lunch with our friends.
Egg and chips, egg and chips.
It's lunchtime, it's lunchtime.

It's afternoon, it's afternoon.
We're having tea in the garden.
Chocolate cake, chocolate cake.
We're having tea in the afternoon.

It's evening, it's evening.
We're having dinner with mum and dad.
Chicken and rice, chicken and rice.
It's evening, it's evening... 

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