Sunday, 12 October 2014

European Day of Languages 2014

We started this year's language journey with the 'Getting to know you' game. Volunteers tried to find their 'fellow countrymen' in sign language.

The 'Language Quiz' followed. Seven teams tried to answer some trivia questions about European countries and people.

Then, it was time for the listening game called 'Who's that singing?'. The teams were asked to watch the videos, listen to some folk songs and guess the language. 

In the association game 'European record breakers' the contestants found out more interesting things about European countries. 

In the 'ABC game' they were asked to order the given English words starting with A as they appear in the dictionary.

'Translation Workshop' was a sort of a challenge for everyone, because the task was to translate several messages using Braille Alphabet.

Our journey was ended in laughter, since the contestants and some teachers read tongue twisters in different languages.

By the way, the teams of seven schools took part in this programme, including the students from Grammar School.

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