Sunday, 27 September 2015

European Day of Languages 2015

For this year's European Languages Day my colleagues and I prepared some interesting interactive quizzes, tongue twisters, associations and other language games. Traditionally, we celebrated this day with the representatives of other primary schools from our town and nearby villages.

We started our celebration with a short film showing different quotes about the importance of learning foreign languages, as well as mother tongue. It was followed by a fun activity called 'Getting to know you' in which two volunteers from each team tried to find their 'fellow countrymen' just by using gestures, without speaking. The teams then checked their knowledge of the languages spoken in Europe in the quiz about the alphabets, word origin, family of languages and language in general. We continued with the listening game called 'Look who's singing' and the teams were asked to guess the language they heard in the songs performed by the former winners of the Eurovision Song Contest. Then, in the association game called 'European Record Breakers' the participants and the audience found out a few interesting things about the European countries which broke records in different areas, while in the 'ABC game' they were required to order the given English words starting with the letter T as they appear in the dictionary. The 'Translation Workshop' was a real challenge because the teams translated messages by using the Braille Alphabet. The programme ended with another fun game - the students read tongue twisters in Serbian, Italian, German and English.

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