Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Fun activities

One of the 2-3-minute activities for practising word order, just right for the beginning or the end of the lesson, includes group work. I shared it with my students the first time I saw them after our summer holidays.

I asked them to organise groups of four. Each person said a random letter and then, as a group, they made a sentence with the words starting with the given letter. 

Here are a few interesting sentences my Year 8 students came up with:
JCAZ: Jump carefully around zebras. (Julijan, Bojana and Branislava VIII4)
KERB: Katy eats red bananas. (Kosana, Andrea, Tijana and Ivana VIII4)
SMND: Summer memories never die. (Dunja, Ivana, Miroslava and Emilija VIII4)
ETIA: Every tiger is amazing. (Elena, Tijana, Ivana and Anja VIII2)

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