Thursday, 21 May 2009

Friends (essays)

Almost everyone has got many friends, but just few friends are the best. They help you in trouble, laugh with you and spend time with you.
I’ve got three best friends. They are Ivana, Dijana and Smiljana. This time I’ll describe Ivana.
Ivana is a tall, fourteen-year-old girl, who lives in Kikinda and is in the same class with me. She has got straight, brown hair and brown eyes. When she reads, she wears glasses. She is a pretty, friendly and gorgeous girl who has a younger sister. In her free time, Ivana likes listening to music (pop, rock and r’n’b), going rollerblading, sleeping or hanging out with her best friends. She also likes going shopping or to a café with us.
Ivana’s favourite colours are red and black, and she would like to have a tattoo. When she grows up she wants to be a psychologist or a translator.
Ivana is very direct and sincere. She likes helping people – when I need some help, she is there for me. She is very friendly and likes making new friend. But she is very stubborn and panicky. When she has a test, especially Maths test, she gets into a panic, a lot, and then she makes a lot of stupid mistakes.Ivana likes sport, too. She used to play volleyball and tennis, and do karate, but not anymore.
Ivana is my best friend, because she is great, loves having a lot of fun and laughing and she always tells me what she thinks. It is beautiful to have a friend like her, because she is always there when I need her.
Everyone should have friends like Dijana, Ivana and Smiljana, because they are really the best friends for life.

Aleksandra Kantar, May 2009

I have got many friends. I have met them in many different places: at school, on volleyball trainings, in music school, in my neighbourhood. They are all very important to me, and I am sad because I do not have enough time to be with them as much as I would like to. Although I often say that they are all my best friends, I actually have just one best friend. Her name is Ivana.
We have known each other since we were babies. Now we go to the same school and class – we even sit at the same desk. People often say that somebody must have the same interests as you to be your best friend. I think that is not true. Ivana and I are very different – that is the secret of our ‘long lasting’ friendship.
Ivana is my best friend, but I do not go everywhere with her. I have a friend for everything – for talking about serious things, for talking about boys, for parties…
Unfortunately, I do not have any male friends. All my friends are girlfriends. It is mostly like that with the girls of my age. I hope that it will not be like that when I grow older.
Although my friends are the same age as me, I like being with younger girls, too. They always ‘fresh me up’ with their stories and their own problems. It is because I sometimes want to get away from my friends and from the stories that have already been told for a hundred times. I like listening about the people I do not know very well. It sometimes makes me change my opinion about them and it makes me ask myself if they are really like the others show them.
I like meeting new people. It is interesting, exciting and challenging. That is why I am looking forward to attending new school the next school year.

Dunja Ilić, May 2009

I have got four best friends. Aleksandra, Dijana, Smiljana and Jelena are the people I most like to spend time with. I am going to describe Aleksandra.
Aleksandra is tall, with long, brown hair and brown eyes. She is very thin. Aleksandra cannot eat sweets or anything which contains sugar, because she is a diabetic. I am very sorry for her.
Aleksandra is always there for me when I ask for her help. She is very generous, nice and polite. I owe her a lot, honestly. She is also very friendly. She likes going out and hanging out with us. Her flaw is that she is very nervous. She easily gets mad, and at some stupid things. When we have exams she is always scared that she has not learned the lesson very well, but she knows that she has.
In her free time, Aleksandra likes reading books, rollerblading and listening to music. Her favourite types of music are r ’n’ b and pop, and her favourite singers are Rihanna, Britney Spears and Enrique Iglesias.
Aleksandra likes going shopping. I can freely say that she is a shopping-maniac. When we go shopping, she buys almost everything she can.
She also likes watching sports, like volleyball and tennis. Two years ago she played volleyball, but not any more.
It is very important to have friends, because they will always be there for you, and I know that Aleksandra, Dijana, Smiljana and Jelena will always be there when I need them.

Ivana Grubišić, May 2009

I have many friends, but many girlfriends. I have some friends at school, in my street, on the volleyball team... My best friends are Dunja Ilić, Milica Bozitovac and Ivana Vuletić. I spend my free time with them.
Ivana is fourteen years old and she was born in December. She is of medium height, with short, straight, brown hair.
She has a very pretty smile. She is also very moody, intelligent and interesting.
Ivana has been playing the piano for five years. She is good at school, too. I go to school with her and visit her nearly every day.
Dunja has short, black hair and black eyes. She is of medium height and very pretty.
She plays volleyball and the piano. She is very good at school, especially Serbian and English.
She is a very good sportsperson, too. We play on the same volleyball team.
Dunja is a very good friend who always helps me.
Milica is fifteen years old. She was born in May. She has long, black hair and black eyes. She is as tall as Dunja.
Milica is a great girl! Her favourite colours are orange, yellow and green. She likes being a good-looking girl. She is very good at English, too. She often goes rollerblading with me. She is very cute and caring.
I like my best friends very much, because they are kind and always help me.

Katarina Marojkin, May 2009

Real friends are people who are there when you need them. I have three such friends: Dijana, Aleksandra and Ivana. But, my best friend is Dijana.
She is short, with brown eyes. Her hair is long and brown. She cares a lot about her hair. She does not like it when somebody touches it. If that happens she gets nervous and starts yelling.
Dijana is willing to help me whenever I need her help. But she often gets nervous (because I cannot understand her).
She is a very friendly person. She likes to hang out and meet new friends. When I am ill, she always brings me the homework and explains me the things I do not understand.
She loves animals and she has two cats called Caca and Tasha at home. She cares a lot about them.
When she grows up she wants to be a vet. Once, when she found an injured cat, she took her home and gave her food and something to drink.
Dijana’s biggest fear is a high place. When we were at our friend Tanja’s apartment, Dijana was looking down at the street from the balcony, her leg slipped and she almost fell, but I caught her, just in time. Since then she has been afraid of heights.
We have a lot of things in common: we both love animals, we share the same fear, we listen to the same kind of music, and so on.
Dijana is simply my best friend, dear, interesting, funny...
She is an example of a good friend. I do not know what I would do without her.
It is beautiful to have friends.

Smiljana Karadžin, May 2009

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